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Hey there fellow anime-lovers! Welcome to my bio, where you can find out about me (maybe a bit more than you wanna know) and find a list of spanking good sites for your anime-purposes!

First my bio:

Ive been watching anime since I could remember; my first ones being Crayon shin-chan, Doraemon, and Dragon ball Z. I started watching anime in a more dedicated otaku fashion around early 2006, starting with Shaman King. Then i stopped watching anime (sacrilegious indeed) for a bout a year, before i discovered the gospel that was Death Note, which truly steered me back into The Path (of Otakudom) Ever since then, I've been in love with anime, manga, visual novel and related 2D goodness ^.^

Since about Spring (in Japan) 2009, I've been watching a lot of the Currently Airing shows, as well as downloading about 80% of everything that airs/gets released. But more on my collection later~ ^^

Finally, if you're bored or got an exam coming up, may I suggest a fine way to procrastinate is to look through my list of Watched Anime and suggest some of your own favourites that I havent yet seen. I'd love to get recommendations from fellow anime-lovers :)

See you all around! <(^.^)>

P.S. One thing I really LOVE about anime are the Opening and Ending songs. I know some friends who are also into anime, but I haven't found many who enjoy the songs as much as I do, so if you like the OSTs as much as I do, do write a comment and we can talk anisongs till the space cows come home~!!!

And just for fun, here's my wn little "Fans of ANIMusic Club" (members in alphabetical order ^^)

alykay93, aritentd, DarkMagicianGirl, DeDaan, Entrility, mentalstatic, PeaceStarM, Phenom2, PhilipAres, sovok, wickedshizuku

If you love anime songs too, LET ME KNOW!!!   (>^^)>

Here is my favourite OP of all time, from a series that I never ended up watching because the lol-story of season 1 was already too unbearable for me. It's JOINT from Shakugan no Shana II:

Thanks very very much to Zaig for showing me how to embed it!! (>^.^)>

I'm also a very avid collector of anime (amongst other random things ^o^) and right now my collection is: 915GB + 763GB = 1678GBs of animu, every bit of which i am very proud of~!! (>^.^)>

I also have a few Visual Novels, namely Clannad, Fate-stay Night, Little Busters EX, Planetarian, Utawarerumono, Yume Miru Kusuri. But i've only actually played FSN, LB, and Uta, and no where even near finishing any of them, lol.


----------------------------------------ANIME SONGS--------------------------------------------

Over the years of scouring the internet to download anime songs, the following is a list of my favourite and list of sites to get anime OSTs, they each are good for a specific type of song, or timing, so do read my description of the site ^.^: - my personal favourite coz the files are already fully detailed with singers and year and which show its from. Its a community site so you can request songs there too actually :) Also, the Lyrics are uploaded by users as well, which is very very cool as you can now sing along out-of-tune with your favourite anisong.

Be warned that Gendou often has "scheduled maintenance", so the site would be down for 5-10 mins. Gets annoying when you REALLY want that song, so try the following 2 sites too.

Also, as of 2010, the webmaster of Gendou seems to be very busy and doesnt update the songs uploaded by users very often... This is clearly a huge and unfortunate setback to what was and still is, a fantastic site upheld by the community. In this sad circumstance, if the songs you're after arent on Gendou, please try the following sites. -  Nyaatorrents' page for OST singles. I use this when i get impatient and want that song REAL bad. They're often (all?) rips from the tv eps, so its good and bad. Good coz its fast as hell. Bad coz sometimes bad rippers do bad quality songs. I use these for my "TV Size" ones, and wait till the proper CD is released in Japan, at which point I grab it from here: - The ultimate final destination for my anime song needs. This is where wonderful kind-hearted people who have bought the CD, either in Japan or shipped it, upload the contents to the net to share with the rest of the anime community <3 They even do all the scans of the CD case cover and the CDs' designs. Now THAT's dedication. This site gets updated VERY VERY frequently, eg if the CD gets released in Japan today, it'll most probably be on Nipponsei tomorrow.

BEWARE!!!: These are some BIG files at Nipponsei - "Singles" are around 60mbs whereas Original Sound Tracks are a whooping 100-150mbs!!! DX Oh yeah, and they are torrents only, no direct download.

Also note: Nipponsei has the songs (singles really) uploaded much faster than Gendou, so go to Nipponsei if you're an enthusiast, but go to Gendou if you're "just enthusiastic" about a particular song~ ^.^ (got some older songs, incase u cant find it on gendou - prob coz gendou wasnt formed when the song got released or something - otherwise Google helps XD)

------------------------------------ANIME SONG LYRICS--------------------------------------- - has lyrics of new albums, in both romaji and kana/kanji. Unfortunately, often not in english trans. :\ - also new songs, but this time with eng trans as well as romaji and kana/kanji. These are often not just albums, but also has the Op/Ed song of currently airing shows. -   Has lots of "older" songs, by that i mean, often series wont be uploaded here until the next season after they've finished. But once it's on Animelyrics, this is probably the best place to look, coz they have both romaji and english trans side by side. Kana/kanji is often linked on a diff page, AND they occasionally have video clips of the Op/Ed sequence. AND AND they have OSTs (songs related to the anime, but not the Op/Ed themselves, eg Insert songs and etc).

And i dont know if im overboard but I usually (read: ALWAYS) get the album cover art as well for my anisongs, to put on my ipod, lol. So if you're crazy like that too, here's a site to grab the cover: (everyone's favourite site, Amazon, BUT IN JAPANESE! XD) (another site i used to use, but now i just grab everything from Amazon)

----------------------------------INFO ON ANIME & MANGA------------------------------------

(the ones with *'s are my HIGHLY recommended sites:)

* (obviously this site comes first ^.^)

* (another wonderfully detailed site)

* (yet another great site for info, this one is ESPECIALLY good for fansubbing groups comparison, coz it lists what group has done which eps, and has user-ratings for the groups) (great indepth reviews, slightly not so good on the general details/info)

--------------------------------DIRECT DOWNLOADING ANIME-------------------------------

* (a bloody fantastic site thats got all the lastest shows - great site, updated every millisecond - no exageration ;)

* (its got almost every show there is/ever was, especially good for older shows, or if you want different qualities/formats)

--------------------------------------TORRENTING ANIME-------------------------------------

* -  has very well seeded torrents for completed series. Prob my first stop for grabbing completed shows. But if its not on here, see the sites under the section titled: OMNIPOTENT TOOLS FOR THE CONDEMNED OTAKU

---------------------------------------STREAMING ANIME----------------------------------------

* (Its got pretty much everything i tried to find; be it new or old stuff. Plus it MOSTLY uses VeohPlayer which is easily ripped offstream - good stuff!)

* (its got a sidepane listing all the OngoingSeries, then it shows info about the show, its got rating for the show, then on the ep its got the SubGroup in the files' name, AND it mostly uses VeohPlayer - easily ripped offstream by most ripping-programs~!! PURE AWESOMENESS!!! XD OH BUT its a relatively new site, so it doesnt have much older stuff, so if you want a VERY COMPLETE list of anime to stream, use the next link; Anilinkz!! ^.^)

----------------------------------DOWNLOADING MANGA--------------------------------------

* (so far this site has given every and any manga that i needed to download, so i never really bothered to find other sites. But then again, i tend to read most of manga online, so....  But yes, id much appreciate it if anyone has another good manga downing site to suggest, coz i dont like to rely on just one site - might close down any day... Dx)

------------------------------------READING MANGA-------------------------------------------

* - died around 2009-2010 but came springing back to life. Possibly one of the best sites around for reading manga new or old. I know it's my personal favourite :)

* - like it's anime counterpart, MangA has a lot of stuff, but is a tiny bit slower to update than MangaFox. But regardless, it's still a fantastic site.


* - has charts of all the new shows coming out each season. Really awesome that it's got next NEXT season's too. Updates on the 27th of every month.

* - this used to be my (and i think for everyone as well) number place for charts, until the bastardly demon known as RL came to bite the webmaster, so there was a prolonged drought of anime foresight around mid-2010 for half a year. Then Cartdriver (above) valiantly rose up and took the helm of driving anime fans across the globe into the future. So basically, Chartfag is old now; go to Cartdriver. But it's here in honour of its courageous service since 200X.

* - i just discovered this site a bit back, and it's very good. It's got news on a lot on and around manga stuff, like what's been recently greenlit for an adaptation etc etc. They've got next-season-charts too as well as links to PV (promotional videos/Previews) which is great. Cant really say who's charts are better, between Cartdriver and Moetron, use both :)

* really cool that it's a live countdown to when the next episode airs. I've default it on the "Sort anime by Day of Week" so i know that Monday = X anime day, and Tuesday = Y anime etc. Adds a pinch of 2D happiness to my daily life. Btw, that's a funny url "mandragon" :)

* - shows a calendar of all the shows that are currently airing, as well as the dates that each episode comes out. Kind of outdone by Countdown in some aspects, but AnimeCalendar goes further and tells you whats airing NEXT month and so on and so forth, in a very clear manner. Also tells you when something will have it's last episode, so you have a silent vigil at your computer, waiting for its release.

------------------------OMNIPOTENT TOOLS FOR THE CONDEMNED OTAKU------------------

* - THE Google/torrent for any and all anime/manga/other jap related stuff like dramas and the like. It has everything ever made and ever will be made. Seriously a great omipotent tool. Oh, but it links, so it doesnt ACTUALLY host stuff.

* -   Nyaa on the other hand, hosts the torrents that are often linked to by Tokyotosho. So you could actually just come here instead, lol.

* - HF is a bunch of forums and threads, but the community there is very focussed on delivering awesome links to downloading lots of awesome anime/manga/visual novel/etc/etc stuff. Seriously, there's threads for almost everything you could ever need there. In fact, it's so big, i tend to just Google "hongfire" and the name of whatever im looking for. I find that tends to be the quickest way to get something slightly obscure and hard to find on any of the sites I've listed above.


Enjoy, hopefully these sites will help someone ^.^ Pls do let me know if you find any of these sites useful, that'll encourage me to update this list more often (like once a year) ^-^

Well, cya all around~!!!    d(^.^)b

last updated: 18.2.2011

Im really lazy and dont update this once a year, so some of the recommended sites may be dead when you click on them, lol

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shadowds Mar 3, 2009

i think Fruits Basket might be good one that your looking for but i'm till trying to remember that one show they you say you want something like school life and. I know a very good one but i can't remember the name i post to you soon i remember enjoy. ^^

blackphoenix1419 Mar 2, 2009

to love ru is awesome. i saw the previews for it when i was in Japan. if you like that then you might like Rosario to Vampire and Rosario to Vampire Capu2. it is funny a great comedy and romance anime. 

shadowds Mar 2, 2009

Try watching Negima! and Negima!? they are good show but if you looking for something better just ask me and i try to help you.

Starhime Mar 1, 2009

Sorry about the late reply!

Thanks for the suggestions!! I'll take those into mind! ^^

Kira27 Feb 23, 2009

Well, it's kinda the same for me, I watched Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin! when I was little...

Regarding Hayate... well I started to watched it about 8 months ago, then the site were I download it run into some dificulties and I just restarted to watch about a month ago, so far I'm in episode 14 because of the lack of time, but seems to be a really funny story