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Finally finished Fate/Stay-night


After starting this some time last year, i've at last seen the infamous VN-turned-anime Fate Stay night, and boy, can i appreciate its fame.

Having NOT yet played the VN, i read around lots of site prior to starting to watch the anime, and i picked up a lot of rage about how the anime failed to deliver all the awesomeness of the original material. However, seeing how highly rated the anime was around AnimeDB, MAL, and A-P amongst other sites, i half-expected a poorly-made, lame excuse adaptation that was a mockery of the game. It wasn't.

The anime stands very well on its own as an independent story. Just from judging the anime alone, i felt a very good story had already been delivered - regardless of how much "awesomeness" from the VN was ommitted. It's obvious that no adaptation can ever match the original material, and the experience will be different; obviously, because it's an adaptation. If people wanted to get the exact same experience, they might as well just stick to the game :\

From what i roughly know about the 3 routes in the VN (Fate, UBW, HF) the anime SEEMED to have followed Fate almost entirely. I've heard people say there were bits and pieces from UBW and HF, but having not played the game myself, im not sure. At least, the "route" that the anime delivered worked very well in its own universe, and for that i think it deserves a round of applause. I know they took Archer's use of UBW from the UBW-route, into the anime adaptation, but i found that a very clever decision as it made his show-down that much more epic.

Although i do have to complain about the pacing of the story. The first... quarter or maybe even half of the anime, started rather slow. Make that VERY slow actually, which is why i took about a year to finish it - i stalled on episode 6 or so for ages (the 2-part ep titled "魔術師二人" - The Two Magicians, where Rin and Shirou duke it out). I felt all that school-setting stuff at the beginning was rather meaningless, and absolutely redundant when the "real" story started rolling.

However, episode 14 was seriously amazing, it would definitely be my favourite episode in the entire series, even better than the finale. I won't mention what happens in that ep coz the unexpectedness was half of what made it awesome (and the other half is that, with the glorious power of animation, stuff MOVES!! as compared to the VN's static images - albeit cool static images)

Well, that's enough ranting from me about this well-deserved, epically famous title. I wasnt sure about it before watching, and i felt disappointed at the beginning, but man, did it pick up once the plot started hitting thick and fast. And what a wonderful ride it has been.

I seriously look forward to the MOVIE adaptation of the Unlimited Blade Works route, which i will be watching in..... about 1 minute after i post this ^.^

EDIT: Oh yeah, there's the TV reproduction too. I guess i'll just have a quick flick through it, and see how they can cram into 2 episodes, a 24-ep storyline, that couldnt cram into a 40+hour game, lol.

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