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Finally finished Da Capo Second Season

24 NOV

I dont know whether i liked this sequel. On one hand it started out A LOT better than the first season, but then again, it wasnt exactly a difficult feat, seeing how mundane the first 17eps of Da CRAPo was. However, that isnt to say Second Season started mediocre, not at all. Infact i was quite excited to watch each and every episode because of the amusing character interactions, and the steadily progressing plot of Aisia at the beginning.

Then Nemu made a come back and the drama kicked in and i was REALLY excited. This made me expect great things from the show, with the Kotori's conflicted emotions taking centre-stage for a few eps, and Aisia noticing all the love pentagons arond Junichi. I really thought there would be some DORAMA scenes.

Then Sakuranbo made her comeback, and the imminent revival of the magic of the sakura trees really seemed to get the ball rolling. "Seemed" is an important word here.

The show basically beated around the bush for the last 6 eps with Aisia wanting to "make everyone happy" and trying to bring back the trees, and her noticing the feelings of the other girls and etc etc. It all seemed to suggest the next episode something amazing would happen, but it didnt. Not until the end of the FRICKEN SECOND TO LAST EPISODE, does the DORAMA happen. But by then, i'd grown sick of it, from that 6episode long "build up".

And then the last ep was a trainwreck. The sudden painful attacks of Junichi and Nemu were reminiscent of the plot device used in First Season, and infact, the way they ended this second season was really a recycle, just with a different character.

And it was executed worse than in first season, leaving heaps of questions unanswered. Why did Aisia have to go? Why did Aisia even remember about Junichi and Nemu's love?? WHAT THE F WAS UP WITH THE SUDDEN TIME SKIP TO A WEDDING!?!??! Why has no one grown older (apart from that child of Shirakawa-sensei)? Why did Junichi remember Aisia? If Aisia was that determined not to interfere with their lives anymore, why did she jump into his arms at the end?

Frankly, i was diasppointed in this second season even more than the first. At least in the first, the last 6 eps tried to make up for the crap of the first 18 eps. In here, the second season, they put all the crap right before the ending, which was further crap. I hate to say it, but if all they could think up of was such crap, they should at least save the least-crappiest stuff for the ending eps, to leave us on a good note.

Or better yet, just make the damn thing shorter, and cut the crap.

Hopefully that's exactly what they did for DCII and DCIISS, with these being 13 eps long. Before watching DC and DCSS, i was saddened that the sequels were shorter than the original, but now that ive seen them, im very grateful that they're only 13 eps. At worst, ive only got 26 more eps of Da Crapo to go~

EDIT: But SERIOUSLY, DCII SS BETTER be as good as people say it is. That season is pretty much the main reason i started going through these 51 eps (DC and DC SS) of crap...

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Liquidator avatar Liquidator
Feb 22, 2011

You're opinion about the anime is the worst thing after Justin Bieber's birth. You say you watched all episodes, but it seems to me that you just skipped some episodes, because you seem to not fully understand the anime. You call it crap, but you gave Da Capo a 2.5 and Da Capo S.S. a 3.5 out of 5. Oh wait, so you were just trolling here? That explains a lot. And why would you watch Da Capo Second Season if you think that the first season is a failure? And at last, why are you asking such rhetorical questions? It's not neccessary to ask them if you watched the Anime completely.

Sorry about language mistakes. After all, english is not my native language.

lanaa avatar lanaa
Nov 24, 2010


This sounds just as bad as the first season ukato ._.

Lesson learned: Never trust forums

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