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Finally finished Asobi ni Iku yo

16 NOV

Okay, the first 3 episodes had me go "wow wtf, i thought this ecchi moe harem, but its got guns and cars too, cool! Hmm, i hope they dont trainwreck this though", and in the final ep i saw the trainwreck. Heck, i saw it coming from the time they tried to have a "plot" back in about ep 10, but shit this was bad. I mean, yay polygamous end that's slightly better than indecisive-pairing end, but damn Kio's retarded or something (or he plays innocent - FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES).

And wtf was that Gundam-esque fighting in space? And that sudden end with the robot christmas tree "Space Elevator" bringing a white christmas, wtf!? Oh, and that Dogisian commander getting beaten up by Eris in a space suit on a space hovercraft WITH AN ELECTRIC/LASER WHIP, WTF?!!>!??? DX


Though i guess, despite my ranting, this series was *slightly* better than Shukufuku no Campanella. At least the OP was awesome and each girl had their own ED. And some eps early on were kinda cool. Hey wait, who the hell was that Chika girl, the one with those talisman...?

Eh, never mind, at least im one step closer to clearing my backlog... ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

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ukato avatar ukato
Nov 18, 2010

Yeah, "inconsistent" is a good way to describe the series. I think they tried too hard to avoid being generic, but they ended up slapping together ecchiharem with action and sci-fi and it just turned to custard...

JRavanna avatar JRavanna
Nov 18, 2010

I mainly found the series inconsistent. At first, we have our harem and fanservice, then we have our drama, then we have our OMG TIME TO SAVE THE WORLD. And of course...holes everywhere. But meh. People don't watch shows like that to ponder the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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