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Finished watching Myself; Yourself, and sola

28 JUN

Wow, these were both really good shows

Both shows started a bit slow for me, but i guess that was fine for sola coz the story wasnt really that complex, but i feel Myself yourself wasted too much time at the beginning that they could've used to better do Sana and Nanaka's arc, instead of just rushing it all in the last ep. Not that it was bad, but i think they could've made it more emotional.

Sola got really good about ep 8 for me, when the tension settled in between Matsuri and Aono. I liked Yorito's in the last ep though, a good character. Mana was also an awesomely realistic character that they could've used more, but i felt she got enough screentime for an osana najimi-esque chara, so its all good.

Thats enough ranting for now - onto Air we go!!!

Oh, and the sola ovas were good, i like how they had the pool/onsen ep afterall, and then the last ova ep being a kind of prologue to the whole series was a very neat way to end the show. All in all, sola was a good albeit simple story, and Myself; Youself was a neat real show, that i feel could've been even better-ly done if the series was longer, or (preferably) the setting-up at the beginning didnt take so long. Like in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, the first 2 eps in that show is my fav example of awesomely executed set-up.


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