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What?! No manga ratings?

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amari May 11, 2009

no problem. i also did my abitur in that time^^

ow yes i didn't like the ending of soul eater either...that maka i a weapon stuff is just...omg. i thought "What's THAT?! Maka a weapon? Oooo allright." and she killes kishin with the fist of justice oh yeah....

well i'll stick to the manga...

amari Mar 20, 2009

ow yep qq soul eater is so great! i love it. i'm curious how they will end the anime since the manga isn't finished yet.

but after that the new Fullmetal Alchemist Anime will start (also from the same animation studio(BONES)/the manga appears in the same magazine) i love fma! fma is love. i have high expectations of the new anime x) since you like soul eater you'll like fma as well...i guess.

maybe i start watching toradora once again since i have much free time from april onwards ^^

since you have no top5 anime, what anime do you like most? =D

amari Mar 19, 2009

hm I just didn't like it... I don't really like those harem everyday school life stories.

And I watch so many anime at the moment I had to set preferences xD My first impression wasn't good enough to keep watching it^^

maybe you like it, if you like that genre. it is quite funny.

valondar Dec 24, 2008

Well, you can submit reviews through the forums here:


Though be sure to write in a pre-existing thread - use the search function to find it. Only create one if it doesn't exist.

As how to actually write reviews, well... there's no special secret. In my case I analyse an anime as I watch it, then I digest and think about what I saw. What did I like about the story/sound/animation/etc., and what did I not like? Then I write that down. Then I organise it. If that sounds rather banal and obvious, I guess that's because it is. You keep doing that and you keep getting better at writing your opinions. Read a lot of reviews, get a good sense of how other people word their opinions (especially handy for reviews of shows you've already seen - do you agree with the review? Disagree? Agree with parts but not others?).

Anyway, I hope this was helpful. I'm quite the newbie here myself so feel free to take everything I said on the subject with a grain of salt - other reviewers may give you better advice.