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Pandora Hearts

Apr 9, 2012

Overall I really enjoyed pandora hearts. The charactor design was wonderful and the clothing design was some of the best i have ever seen in an anime. Also the soundtrack was very beautiful and held my attention through to the end. Sadly these were what caught my attention instead of the story. this might be just me, but i believe that some of the charactors were rather bland, generic, and not deep (such as alice being that charactor that eats massive amounts of food and is just loud all the time ect.). This wasnt all of the time though because Oz seemed to have quite a few scenes that were very good, and it made his charactor very interesting to watch but sadly he seemed to take most of those scenes. (a few for break were pretty good) Many of the plot twists were obvious from the get go. i am not going to ruin it, but the final twist in the last episode i guessed right from the begining. The anime takes alot of influence from alice in wonderland which i am also a huge fan of so that was really cool. I only wish that they went alittle further with it, because it seemed to be lacking. (i would have really like to see the Cheshire Cat to be less just cat like and more like the book with its riddles and such. i think that that is another example of how boring the charactors were.) The concept of the story itself wasnt really too bad. there were a couple of dark scenes that were very interesting and enjoyable. though the charactors were very generic and boring, the banter between them was VERY good. The way they lightened scenes with their slapstick was very comical. They would be right at the end of a serious scene and then after a short pause Raven and Alice would look at eachother and you would here "BAKA!" this and that while other charactors would be still discussing plot.

The bad-

Boring charactors, obvious plot twists, not enough alice in wonderland, instead of being either a light anime or a really dark one it kinda was just alittle of both.

The good-

somewhat intersting plot, beautiful animation (ecpecially with clothing and props), great soundtrack, hilarious banter and slapstick.

As i said overall i REALLY enjoyed the show. I have not read the manga (yet) so i cant really complain about the ending. Also, i am sure that the charactors were probably explained much better as well in the manga but we will see. It is my opinion that if they had taken the show and went in more of a single direction, whether it be adding in more alice in wonderland stuff, or if it was more dark throughout, or SOMETHING, it would be an anime worth top ranks

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
8/10 overall
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