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When I heard this film existed I knew I had to watch it.

Despite initial misgivings I really grew to like the Haruhi Suzumiya TV series, its one of my favourite animes probally.

Yes, most of the second series was an absolute annoying chore to watch, and yes, I know that was the point (they took it quite a bit too far though...) but otherwise Haruhi is quite consistantly engaging.

So...a feature length film. How would that work? Interesting times are ahead.

Spoilers incoming:
The plot of this film is in a way a typical stock sci-fi plotline. Kyon wakes up to find the world around him has subtly changed, he is now in a world where he never met Haruhi. Even stranger, Yuki and Mikuru seem to absolutely not be themselves, they are instead utterly normal school students. Ryoko, the girl who tries to kill Kyon in one of the early episodes of the series (she was one of Yuki’s people, Yuki kills her, been a while since I watched it but I vaguely remembered who she was!) is alive and well.

The plot unfolds in typical fashion with Kyon trying to find out what is wrong with the world and how he can get back home.

Now....halfway through this film I was very satisfied with it indeed. It seemed to be an absolutely amazing, very dark plot, What I believed to be going on was that this was the way the world should be, unaltered by Haruhi. Yuki was meant to be a nice, shy, bookish girl; Mikuru was meant to be nothing more than a too cute for her own good student, Ryoko was meant to be alive and well....only through Haruhi’s selfish desires for a different world were their lives stolen from them (utterly in Ryoko’s case) as their very being was altered to make up the characters she desired in her perfect world....

As it turns out my theory was wrong. The whole situation is down to Yuki’s programming going awry and her somehow stealing Haruhi’s powers and altering the world. There’s still a sort of sweet undertone in her having done it to make Kyon happy and the little budding romance between human-Yuki and Kyon but...nyeah. It just doesn’t leave me as satisfied as my theory.... But oh well. Still a very good film. Obviously a must watch for anyone who has seen the TV series. If you haven’t seen the series though...then you probally won’t get it at all.

As an added plus the animation on this version is rather different to the TV series...very high quality. Which is nice.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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