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Motto To Love-Ru

Motto To Love-Ru as you can probally tell from the name is the sequel series to To Love-Ru (What is it with these Japanese and such random names...motto?)

Rather than the flowing straight forward plot of TLR Motto instead follows a format of each episode consisting of 3 mini continuityless mini-episodes. Much like the OVA Motto has a lot of stuff taken from the manga which was never explained in the anime- ghost girl's physical body, Run's idol career, Celine the plant girl and to a lesser extent (they were sort of explained in the OVA) Lum....sorry, La La's sisters.

The animation quality in this series is top notch. The theme tune is pretty good (though nothing on the previous one) and it really looks very different and more advanced from the get go. The actual entertainment value of the series however....that is a more debatable matter.

As I said each episode is actually three episodes of six-eight minutes. Not much time for a full story huh? Yup. The stories all seem to follow one of two plot lines:

1: Supporting character mutters about Rito, has some time alone with him, comes to realise how he's really awesome.

2: Supporting character mutters about a flaw in their life; something like not understanding friendship or whathaveyou. Has an encounter. Realises the thing they were missing is important. Oh well.

It really is a very shallow series. And not in the awesome fun way of the original series. Its kind of entertaining. Some funny moments. But don't go expecting this to be a proper series 2. I just hope if there's a 3rd series of To Love Ru made they do it properly.

4/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Siddyus says...

Its actually less random than the original To Love-Ru and im not sure if you watched the entire season or were paying attention the entire mini eps. but it did have some continuity despite the episodic format. Nonetheless it was a lot more enjoyable than the first IMO. 9/10 overall.

Jun 28, 2015
ProjectBlackRai says...

MyNiceIceLife is correct. The title translates literally as "More To Love-Ru." No technically about it. lol I'll take what you wrote into consideration but I don't usually make a decision to watch something based off of what I read. If I did that, I would have missed out on Stellvia, which turned out to be friggen awsome to the extreme.

Nov 7, 2011
MyNiceIceLife says...

"Motto" in Japanese means more.  So technically it's More To Love-Ru, which actually makes sense.

And yea the series is very random, but I still enjoyed it.


Jan 20, 2011