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Snow-white haired, Tea Loving Pirate Captain of the North. Wandering the hills by night in search of his long lost love...

Or in not so fancy terms.

I'm your not so average teen boy residing in the currently fridgid north of Canada. I do love tea, it keeps me healthy and strong. Yipee! And yes, I am a Pirate Captain.

The story behind that is when Naruto became ever so popular once it hit the YTV air waves, EVERYONE fell in love with ninjas. I'm a lover of fine ninjas myself, but not a lover of giant crowds of the same thing. Which resulted in the quickly thrown together, mis-matched pirate crew "GTFO Lolz".

Is my hair really white? Well, not naturally but I like it dyed that way so yes. It is white.

And I'm not so much searching the hills for my love. We're just temporarily out of arms reach of each other. But thats oki, we've been the mess we are together for a good 3 years. It's always good to have someone who can put up with being a soundboard for those 3 years. I'm a horrible ranter ><!

I'm currently a student finishing my final year of highschool and proving great strengths in Social Studies 30-1 (history) and English 30-1. I'm basically good at anything very opinonated. I'm a very opinonated person.

And I love to talk. With anyone, about almost anything.

I get EASILY distracted so if you DO choose to hit me up for a conversation, realize that anything you say or do, or anything behind you says or does, can trigger another thought and cause me to idea bounce. It's what makes me so entertaining apparantly.



WATCHING: Well, its obvious. I'm watching it. It's definatly a series thats caught my attention and I full intend on watching the entire thing. And yes I balance multiple animes at once because sometimes I find myself just not in the mood for the one I'm currently watching.

WANT TO WATCH: Once again, pretty obvious. It's something that I've seen a clippit for at Animethon (the anime convention in Edmonton, Alberta.) Someones mentioned it. Or somehow the title has come in my line of view and seemed interesting enough to pick up.

STALLED: I started it, something happened, I got busy, and forgot about it but want to finish it. One day. But the chances of that happening...get slimmer and slimmer.


WON'T WATCH: Don't even bother trying to force me. Once my minds set on something. It's stuck. It's not budging. Don't even bother. Maybe if left on my own, I'll poke at it but other then that, I'll walk away if you try to force me.

And it seems like I speed through animes. But, well, I actually do in a way. Its because I'm on a dial-up internet connection at home. So if I'm online talking to someone (probably Eric), or waiting for something to load, or text rping and waiting for the other to post, or just doing something, I'll usual have a series playing on the left side of my computer. Does this mean I'm actually watching it? YES IT DOES!!! While I am always busy, I'm a multi-tasker of the finest quality and its the only way I get things done.                                                                                                               


Anyones welcome to hit me up for conversation on either here, add me to MSN or yahoo. I'm open for it. I'm not ALWAYS around but I am around  a fair amount of the time.

But realize that while I share the same passion for anime as you do, and we're both part of this anime site. There are going to be other things I want to talk about. Not just anime. Like if I get really into a series, and you get really into a series, and it creates great ground for a heated conversation about anime. SWEET! But I do like to talk about other things to. Life. The World. Tea. Friends. Ideas. Alternative Thought. Fashion. Music.

and and I? We're going to like different things.


Name: Max

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Practically Married.

Occupation: Artist and General Labor.

Location: Canada

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Waccios Feb 6, 2008
ye thnx :) YES clannad is really something i whould recomend that you watch. its a really good serie so far and i got high expetations on the serie so go and watch it! ^^
fireydarkness Feb 6, 2008

Yo! Thanks for the comment, you seem to like alot of the same stuff I do. I was surprised to get a comment so soon after joining... but thanks.

sothis Feb 6, 2008

Hi twobell! Just ran across your profile and thought i'd say hello ^_^

Ddbill Feb 3, 2008

lmao. yea. cause i watched sign first, and after that, i saw that twilight, and was like "wtf have they done with the show!!" then almost a year later, i saw roots and was like "why the hell not? might as well see what they screwed up." to my suprise, they kept true to the story pretty well, but at the very end, i saw balmong, orca and tri edge at the end of the series and i got the goose bumps. god i was so suprised that i just HAD to see the twilight series just to know wtf happened to them!

Ddbill Feb 3, 2008

oh yeah. ive watched the .hack//sign and roots and both were pretty good. but because of what i saw in roots, i had to watch twilght. cause i want to know what happens to balmong, shuko, and orca. :P so dont mess up the ending for meh!!