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Yay Cake!!

12 FEB

So my older sister came back for the weekend from college. She walked through the door before I woke up Saturday morning. It was a nice surprise. There are some good and bad sides to her visiting.

The Good-

She made cake. Its nice to have some cake through out the day. It makes the day brighter.

Parents are nicer when she is around. They like to put on a false look of happiness. What lies.

We go for random drives for Starbucks. Who does't love coffee.

The Bad-

She makes me do my homework. Have to get use to switching screens on the computer. Started reading Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou so of course I am not doing homework. its pretty interesting. Its about a werewolf.

She looks down on my music. Most of the music contain language and some are base on just one word.

Too much talking. I like to do my homework alone and coming in to talk messes me up. I am now behind on my government essay.

Writing this blog is also wasting time. :/ I really need to do my essay. I hate homework.

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