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just consider the following, 

╔══╗ ♥ ♫ ♥♪♫ ☆
║██║ ♫ ♥ ♫☆
║(O)║☆I love music!

i lost a bet, and now i will be starting to comment on every char there is , in every anime i have seen so far, ( Damm you ! but i am a man of honour and my word so i will be doing it ) 

any questions you can ask , just dont come to me with the overhyped shit , like do you watch this and that, that pisses me off

more to come that i will fill in.

My likes

oh no i like anime, you never saw that one comming huh ?

Movies , i tend to devour movies with the tenthfolds ( not really but i love a good movie now and then )

games , ( ofcourse this is also a curse and a bliss )

Kendo , ( i practice Kendo , one of my all time favorite things to do as a sport this is great )

Going out with friends ( movies / bowling / paintballing / relaxing , the usual )

music , ( i have grown up with music , and i collect music with my father , and yes i love everything from music from the 40's to metal to rock etc. etc)

travelling , i love to travel around the world , i have seen alot of country's already and i tend to see alot more , so if you know any place what seems like a good place , give me a shout about it.

Books, ( before you scream bloody murder and nerd , there is nothing wrong with a good book , cause the your fantasty can take over at any time and you can go deeper into the story then a anime or manga persee , most people dont tend to get that , a book is a freedom of fantasy )

Television, ( i not really dislike it or like it , i just watch the news and the weather report , and if there is a REALLY good movie then that 2 , other then that it sits here idle, im still also rocking a old school Digital TV )

Computers, ( i just love working on computers , laptop's and other eletronics )

People , ( not the kind that act retarded to seem 'cool' , but people who i can have a good talk with , who are more on a intelectuel lvl and some sort of maturity, there is no reason for being a stupid while smart is better ;) )

Going to conventions and going to concerts and festival's for example ( lowlands / pukkelpop / Quake con / Facts / made in asia ) ( facts and asia are 2 awesome cons about Anime/games/movies etc )

yes i dislike 



Death Note

chars that get overhyped or over attention cause they just look good, people there is more then looks , ( even in anime ) story , char depth , ideals , thoughts , how she acts reacts.

i dislike Heavy Metal and Screamo music

who gives crap about people heritage, im half dutch half english , i got grown up in 'flat ' ( flat = the term giving to a language thats being said by a rural village town on how the pronouce things ) so i know pretty damm well how different somebody can be lol

cancer , ( yes i dislike that , i hate it that people can get it , ) so never joke around with that )

Smoking / drinking and drugs , im strongly against it all , smoking doenst make you cooler , drugs wont make you happier , and drinking will only fuck your organs more.

other crap i cant just think about yet.

you can also find me on these platforms / sites / apps / community's

http://www.youtube.com/user/TUDmonk?feature=mhee  ( youtube )

where i post regular ( but not often , some AMV's i make in my spare time , you should go check them out or even give me a idea about one , i also take requests to make amv's for people )

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015456043   ( steam )

http://www.xfire.com/profile/goldenshowerman/  ( Xfire )

( facebook will be linked somehow if i feel like it haha ! )

im the leader of also the TUD clan , a clan that focus on gaming / lan party's / social events / i also handle the new recruits, so intrested give me a shout or send me a message on either of the platforms or visit the Community page on steam , 


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Letiger says...

To be honest, I didn't even notice the pun I made until I actually looked up what episode 10 was named.

But, yeah, about her. She was, what I called, the "voice of reason" within the series. The one character who didn't give in to whatever the hell was attractive about Makoto.

Nope. That's gone too. But look on the bright side, Makoto has a nice boat now.

Feb 23, 2012
Deer50 says...

I usually don't have a new favorite animebecause I'm so picky with anime. I only have all time favorites My favorite on would be princess tutu. Sounds girly right? It's way more than it seems. I was planning on watching school days it was on the long list of stuff I was going to watch sooner or later.

I just have a pic of a deer cause I don't like the way I look. lol?

I like deer way more than my pic. xD

Feb 22, 2012
Deer50 says...

It's nice to find someone else who doesn't like overhyped anime. (Those are hard to find lol)

I do find it strange that I dislike harems yet like reverse harems. I think there are a few reasons behind it like:

1. I dislike most anime girls because loads of them are whiny or have the same generic personality types. Making most harems nearly the same. You don't find alot whiny guys in reverse harems.

2. I prefer to see hot guys than hot girls cause I'm not into woman lol.

I'm not saying I hate all harem. I 've enjoyed two called Sora no Otoshimono and Dears. But as for others... not so much.

Lately I've dislike reverse harem because now that I've explored more of this genre. I can see that most of them aren't as good as they seem. I just recall liking 2 of them. So I guess that's off my fav genre list...

Nice talking to you. ^^ 

Feb 21, 2012

Yay, finally someone who dislikes overhyped crap like bleach and naruto. I, too, hate those animes. Well, more because they're too long. K-on is slice-of-life, just for you to know. It is actually one of my favortie animes.Plus, A character in K-on by the name of azusa won Saimoe 2010. Kanokon was pretty good. didn't watch sengoku basara though, just not my type of anime. Though I did play the game. I am currently watching Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai season 2 (the world only god knows) and Hana-saku Iroha. I also just skip around animes, like when I discover an anime, I watch a few episode of it, then watch another one, then come back to the old one, so I'm not really in any specific animes now other than the first two listed.

May 26, 2011

Well, Laura wasn't exactly "bad", she was just too serious about becoming the best of the best. From the begining I knew she was just a tsundere that would become part of that idiot Ichika's harem. And I really hate people like Ichika. They are too "good" and just seems unrealistic. An example, there is a tidal wave, a girl is about to get swallowed by it, the "good" protagonist throws himself in front of her trying to protect her, then they both die. Plus, Ichika is dense! Perhaps that is the only way to maintain a harem. Oh, and I liked Laura from the moment she appeared. Btw, did you watch K-on?  

May 25, 2011