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18 APR

Do you feel strangely empty and sad after finishing a great book or great anime? This is what's happening to me right now. Yesterday evening I finished watching final season of Nodame Cantabile - Nodame Cantabile Finale. I love that story. For me it is the kind of story you want to spend your life with. You want to watch your favourite characters grow forever 'cause there's so many situations you want to see them in. 

The story isn't complicated. You don't have to bother with the future of the world which lies in the hands of orphaned hero who spend all his life fighting for his place in a world. No... In my point of view, the strong point of Nodame Cantabile is that it follows "complicated" lives of classical music students in Japan and later in Europe. You really don't fear for their lives. You know they will survive through the story. 

It took me really long time to take courage and start watching the final season 'cause I knew how I would feel in the end.

I fell in love with story immediately after I started watching the first season. Great main characters, beautiful music and amazing supporting characters. There wasn't even one character that would annoy me. I also loved the colorful expression of music especially in the final season. 

I loved the way Nodame and Chiaki grew closer to each other... the way their relationship grew more intensive even though it stayed in that cute romantic platonic sphere. The way especially Chiaki started to care about Nodame. But the romantic side isn't the only thing I loved about it. It was the humorous part as well. I cannot deny the fact that meaningless "Mukya!" and "Gyabo!" screams have become my favourite words. 

And now... it is gone... I feel like my great old friends that I have spent so much time and have had so much fun with have gone away. Am I being silly? Yes, I'm very well aware of that but still... I cannot help but hope that some day there will be new season of this wonderful story and that I can meet my old friends again.

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MageOnx avatar MageOnx
Apr 20, 2011

I felt the exact same thing after finishing D. Gray-Man, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kuragehime, Letter Bee Reverse, Death Note and many more perfect anime that I've spent so much time with. I also felt the same way about some of the books that I've read (once again, exactly as you said at the begining). ^-^

theAlien avatar theAlien
Oct 9, 2010

I think you just described my feelings perfectly! I absolutely adored Nodame Cantabile. It's one of my faves. I've been trying to get everyone I know to watch it :D

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