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I never really know what to put in a bio so I usually just fill it with a large amount if gifs 

My name is (not really) Tsumiki

I like all kinds of anime but my favourites are Romance and School Life

The very first anime I watched was Ouran High School Host Club 

My forever changing top three anime are;

1. Kobato

     2. Minami-ke

3. K-On! 

I 100% reccomend Kobato, it's very underrated and probably my most rewatched show! And the story line is pretty unique I am yet to find a similar anime (although I haven't really looked that hard) 

I'm pretty bad at keeping up with what's currently airing due to being in my FINAL YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

 I would still love to hear what you guys are watching or any recommendation I just might be slow at actually watching the series... or replying...

Hopefully this has convinced you to leave a comment, I get so lonely

I'll be waiting


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4nime4ddict says...

I'm in the exact same position!! I have so much school work I've had to leave the welcoming committee, and watch barely any anime! Very sad times :( xo

Mar 8, 2015
LetsGetCherryPie says...

I can't believe it's really you! *hugs* What do we do now that we've saved the world? 

It's so annoying! I do understand that it is hard for the people translating it, but it's so frustrating >.< I actually thought about learning how to do that kinda thing so I could help out but that sounds like a lot of work xD It does sound like it could be fun now that I think about it...I will! You stay away from them too! I don't wanna lose you to some creepy school ;~; 

Thank you for the encouragement! I will somehow manage to put strings on my guitar and I will practice hard! Then I will join a band and become a famous rock star and everyone will love me and little kids will look up to me and I'll be a pro at putting strings on my guitar! Wait...I never wanted to be a rock star...You can't give up either! You'll be a great violinist one day!

I just finished it this morning and I couldn't stop the tears! I hate when all the senpais leave T^T It's just like K-on except the senpais aren't going to study together! I actually got a little happy when Haru-chan started shouting and getting angry at everyone because his voice is amazing *O* I want Nobunaga Shimazaki's voice autograph! The kids that Mako-chan was teaching were so damn cute >.< I never see any kids like that though! They're all rude and mean! The ending was really great! I'm so happy that everyone is working to achieve their dreams and still staying friends ;~; I'm really curious about those letters though...

That makes me feel a lot better! I'll definitely marry you if you ask!

Lalalaalalalalaalaaaaaa I can't hear you! *puts headphones on and listens to playlist of Australian voice autographs*

That is kind of skipping! You shouldn't kind of skip class! I kinda started thinking that being a teacher would be cool but I don't think I'd be hired because I'm not aggressive or creepy :/

That's not weird at all! If anyone says they don't have a crush on The Baron, they're lying!

That sounds pretty confusing >.< I think it's just our grades that decide if we can go to university or not, I'm not really sure though :/ 

I was gonna watch it last night but my cat made me go to sleep! I might watch it today but I have a lot of school work to do -_- I'm not sure if I'm ready yet though...When they were all crying I just wanted to hug them >.< The ending was really great, I was not expecting it to be like that at all! I can't believe there's no more Houkago Tea Time T^T Wait! If I watch the show over and over again, it'll be like it never ended!


*watching K-on for the 567789th time* Hahahahahahaha that's so funny, Yui-chan! Houkago Tea Time will always be together! Hahahahahahaha *weeping*


That isn't even cold! It is?! Can't I ask for it to look a little better? I really hope I do because I only look in the mirror once in the morning and then I don't look again until after school, so if I do look weird I don't sort it until I'm home xD

You went on a trip across the country?! Why didn't I hear about this?! It sounds like it was fun! I read 7 volumes and I'm too scared to read on >.< Futaba-chan is about to confess and I don't know if it's gonna work out! The guy who likes Futaba-chan is kinda cute (even if he is kinda getting in the way) but I can't stand Kou's friend! She is so annoying and she just ruined everything completely! I hate the way she's just relying on Kou for everything, I understand that it must be hard for her but she's just causing trouble for him and his friends! How far have you read? So other people might be able to smell my shampoo? Maybe I should change it...Mine smells kinda weird...I think I understand what you mean, is it like when you go into someone's house and it has a smell but they don't even notice it? Not like a bad smell but like a house smell :/ I don't think this makes any sense xD 

They just don't make any sense! This is why I prefer Flame! (Even if he did try to kill me once...or twice...)

I don't know! I was going through the 4 times table (I can't remember why) and then 28 popped up and I was like "wait...WHAT?!" I don't know why but that just doesn't seem right...Sorry for talking about maths! Maths can be fun sometimes though! Even it is confusing and hard :/ 

I don't know :/ So a lot of people do say it?! That's so cool! If I ever visit I'll just say "no worries" to everyone and they'll accept me in no time! 

Mar 7, 2015
Naruto66n says...

I haven't talked to you in a long while!! ^_^ like about a year? anyway.. guess what i started watching? Tokyo Underground. You've seen it before right?.... At the moment i'm really disappointed in the main character since his like... weak? But besides that point i'm enjoying it :D

Mar 7, 2015
MariaTimeBomb says...

Hey! :)

I love Future Diary!I finished the series in 3 (school) days xD and it was so good!I loved Yuno and Yuki's relationship and how it evolved throughout the show.The gore scenes were also a big plus.

It's funny 'cause I didn't know what to expect about this anime since I decided to watch it after seeing that viral "yuki yuki yuki" video on youtube xD Now Yuno is one of my all-time favorite characters.I just loved how unpredictable she was.

Yuki was kind of annoying but he redeemed his cowardice in the last 4 episodes.

But the ending was so sad :( All in all,Future Diary is the most fucked up and the saddest thing I've ever seen xD

Mar 7, 2015
Naruto66n says...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I haven't been on here for quite a while!!! and you've changed your page soooooo much!!!!! >_< It looks sooo awesome!!!! :D I'm feeling quite jealous :P How have you been? :D Oh the Yuru Yuri OVA was quite interesting :) and funny :D So i hope you watch it soon ^_^

Mar 6, 2015