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Konnichiwa minna!


I'm 16 years old, and I adore anime, as most people on this site do! 

I love all genres, if it's a good show and I like it then that's that, whether it's horror, sport, fantasy or whatever, if there's an anime you love please share it with me so I can watch it too, maybe I'll like it as well :)

I began watching anime, as most people do, at a young age, mostly just Pokemon, Astory Boy, Power Puff Girls Z, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, and, well you get the drift, I was a pretty cool kid! (lying)

If I had to pick my top 3 shows I have ever seen, they would definitely, with out a doubt be:

1. Kobato 

2. DN Angel

3. Clannad (and Afterstory)

I love those three so much because they are the first shows I watched a 2-3 years back that got me back into liking anime, not to mention they all have amazing storylines and the character are beautiful, and the shows are filled with laughs and tears and happiness and pain and I love that kind of a show!

Well that's all for now I guess.

Please leave me a comment :)

I-it's not like I l-like you or anything, b-b-baka!!  (total tsundere or what?! )

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jaja03 says...

Oh I'm very sorry ! Just been busy with everyting, and in my own world :3

The weather here have been great :D So much sun :)

And I'm really fine ^^ How are you ?

I have watched date a life 2 ;) Hope there a third season :3 And watched a lot of fairy tail :3 And I really like it :3 and I also started watching kuroshitsuji; book of circus :3 How about you ? watched any good animes ?

Favorite animal. ehhhh :3 Well probably horses, cats and rabbits :3 But the list goes on and on xD 

Some people call me Janne ;) And I maaay like that name (really like it xD) :3 So what can I call you ? ^^

Jul 31, 2014
Shivichan says...

Hiya! (●´ω`●)

High five, I also hated the new updates at first! But when you go look at the animes and their description, the photos are much more HD and the site seems hi-tech now xD But I will always have a place in my heart for the older layout T^T

Vacation? Sugoi! Where did you go? :3 

Jul 28, 2014
wolfbankai says...

Sorry for late reply~

Haven't replied in 11 days , wow.

You love cold? I guess it's usually very hot in your country , Do you have snow there?

It's funny that I smashed my keyboard? LOL.

Nothing really , What about you?

Jul 26, 2014
DreamMonster says...

Well ...  I'm sorry to say this but someone really should give your friend a wake up call.  If he keeps on like this, he won't ever survive the real life that he has to return to sooner or later. I understand that watching anime is a nice hobby (or whatever you want to call it)   but hobby should be a hobby.  You know ... something you do when you have free time not something you do all the time.  Seriously if he is waisting his life away this way right now, he might regret ever watching anime  later when he has grown up. And then it might be too late to do anything to change anything ... 

Jul 25, 2014
markofcold says...

I love your avatar, Chii is so cute! You have good tastes. 

Jul 25, 2014