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Konnichiwa minna!


I'm 16 years old, and I adore anime, as most people on this site do! 

I love all genres, if it's a good show and I like it then that's that, whether it's horror, sport, fantasy or whatever, if there's an anime you love please share it with me so I can watch it too, maybe I'll like it as well :)

I began watching anime, as most people do, at a young age, mostly just Pokemon, Astory Boy, Power Puff Girls Z, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, and, well you get the drift, I was a pretty cool kid! (lying)

If I had to pick my top 3 shows I have ever seen, they would definitely, with out a doubt be:

1. Kobato 

2. DN Angel

3. Clannad (and Afterstory)

I love those three so much because they are the first shows I watched a 2-3 years back that got me back into liking anime, not to mention they all have amazing storylines and the character are beautiful, and the shows are filled with laughs and tears and happiness and pain and I love that kind of a show!

Well that's all for now I guess.

Please leave me a comment :)

I-it's not like I l-like you or anything, b-b-baka!!  (total tsundere or what?! )

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Madoka says...

Hmm i always feared you might stray the path of the postmaster, i understand in a way, i mean... it's a postmaster!!! unfortunately i can't allow this D: i know right now your arming yourself with sticks and stones and moo's but you are destined to be the next prime minster, it is my job as your unofficial advisor (who isn't a advisor o.o) to correct your ways D:

Yeah im in agreement there. I loved Clannad as much as everyone else but i do think Anohana is sadder, you grow more attached to the characters but because it was based around the death of Meiko (sorry if you rather call her Menma, i just think the name Meiko sounds adorable) and the grieving so yeah, anyway i just found it sadder/loved it more, still love clannad of course xD Yeah i had only recently watched the movie (from my last message time) but even though it's alike the series it still was just amazing and sad, It always gets me near the end when she leaves the messages to everyone :( Though i always love the one for Jintan, "i Like you as in marry like" dwaa them two would be a perfect couple :'( i hope people here don't read our messages now, or we have just ruined a amazing series for them xD

Well you see, once upon a time there was a fairy, who just so happen to end up making me eat trees, it was a hard and unavoidable fate, stuff happened and we moo'd. If that didn't help im sorry but the story if secret, that was of course just a random summary of the great story i intend to publish as a world bestselling novel D:

Of course short isn't bad! mainly because i wish to be small, i am the smelliest of my siblings but i always said them small people are adorable and wanted to be one ._. and yes see Konata understands, Yuuichi (from Kanon) also understood the benefits of being small, Childs ticket on busses and trains, movies ect. Heck even Mao (GJ-BU) was proud of being small, she ordered kiddie meals and loved it so yeah, small is the best! Small for life! Hmm i don't think it's illegal... probably xD I mean if you pretending to be older it is, but surely younger isn't... probably xD Hugging rampages do sound fun, i mean, surely people can't be THAT bothered by us... i hope xD

The image of yui crying doesn't work anyway D: it's almost impossible for me to imagine anything but that adorable smile on her face... maybe i find too many things adorable? D: well who cares, i love Yui, she is the best!

See you just volunteered to feed me >:D i got food already sorted now, im fully set for becoming a dog, please your mistress, teach me how to become one, before i turn into another animal first (the probability is quite likely i will change into one sometime soon).

I knew leaving my ghost needs in your hands would be a wise move, arigatou gozaimasu Christ-san (sorry couldn't resist). Hmm if your eaten by a cow this could be a issue, who will meet my ghost needs then D: Hmm that's quite mean, i mean i will come let you know everything about my death, you know fill you in because im sure you would love the details, and yet you won’t share your details, but instead, haunt me... well not to worry, i misplace stuff way too much anyway, chances are i won’t notice you moved stuff D: Sorry to say this but, i already have placed sticks in your fridge, but if your gonna throw my in the fridge... then i will die there D: you will come open your fridge and my body will be there just in a waving position like "hello~", how creepy would THAT be! Gives me Goosebumps just imaging opening to a fridge to my face o.o

"Penguin place" - you sure are descriptive xD hehe sorry i couldn't help myself there, you set me up! Anyway i love story time so i will continue reading on like a good little boy. Hmm she was speaking penguin eh? by crying, i-it's not like im jealous of her or anything, a-and i most certainly will be trying myself, s-so don't think for a second i will okay?! Anyway i loved the random last line which had nothing to do with anything - strong winds vs seagulls xD Hmm clearly Panda speech is something we should research, they love bamboo so i think that means they do infact talk quick in panda language, i mean it's bamboo... (i don't get it either o.o). Hmm but then again they chew their bamboo quite slow which would mean surely they talk slow? D: Come Tsundere-chan, we should investigate this and reveal panda secrets to the world, our lifes depend on it!

Hmmm, you said your doing Alice in wonderland right? When you said you wont be doing anything too bad though i just pictured you as a tree... you know like Yui from K-on? xD i just imagined you standing there like that the whole time and then bragging about how awesome you was (rightful deserved of course, the tree is the main role). nuuu i can't get the image of Yui as a tree from my head D: moo. It's not like i wanted to be a tree when i was at school... no never i never wanted to have such a role or anything like it! What's with this collection of cardboard cut out trees i have, you ask? well... i-it's not like it's related to the topic at hand or anything anyway. go be a tree, i will just sit here jealous in my room eating grass D: show off D: as for if a outsider is reading this message... i really do wish i could be a tree... so much i cry myself to sleep sometimes.

Don’t worry, i read it as a witch laugh, a girly laugh would have to have been ehehe, yours was ehehehehe, notice the extra(s) "he(s)" in there? it makes a world of difference when we are talking girl laugh vs witch laughs... i sound so stupid sometimes with my logic. Sticks aren't needed for my health so i should pass here... this time.... maybe.

I called my doctor a Paedophile once... not seem him around recently, wonder where he went D: hmm yes i see your point cake is tempting... something about cake making you fat? psh it's just old legends, we all know cakes actually slim us down D: (Warning: Advice from the user Madoka is 99% of the time incorrect or pointless, it is strongly recommended to never follow this users words). Hmm a intermission cut into my post, wonder what it says D: Hmm what if it's someone who wants to buy your love, make you live in a SMALL house and only eat cake in moderate quantity? o.o Not even Mahou Shoujo form will save you there, and to top it off, you won’t have stick on hand o.o Wait, you collected slugs D: you touched slugs and collected them, the imagine is gross xD i used to poor salt on them as a kid to see if they really exploded... i was disappointed :( come to think of it, i was like a demon child x.x

Hmmm cuteness to the extreme? Does that mean like, moo'tastical cuteness? D: good thing my memory was erased this morning so i don't know what's cute outside anything associated with the country Japan D: 

Hmm tsundere moment eh? i would love to go kuudere here but one can't do that in text, it's a voice trait only im afraid. Yandere would endanger the whales so i will have to pass there, w-well it's not like we wanted you to join our ranks or anything anyway, so go ahead, destroy our whale speaking clan, it's not like i will care. Tsun can counter tsun D: Whale clan live on forever, forever as we speak whales and understand them we stand proud o.o Even your imouto/nee-san (i forgot which it was xD) understands the path of whales and the light we must moan at (whales make weird moans, i think that's what whale experts call them?) to become whales our self.

Hmm i think i could be a PE teacher actually, okay sure i might be fired due to not being a pedo or perv, but in my short time before that happens i will teach kids how to become whale swimmers, brain wash them to oppose pervy teachers and become one with whales... i have issues with whale... i know .___. I think PE dropping is a thing, it was the first subject i knew i would drop, needless to say i wasn't the only one thinking that xD Im actually a summer person, im sensitive to cold, very sensitive and even in summer get cold by slight breezes (one reason me and the ocean never see eye to eye, sadly), so i grew to love summer xD Being in england it rained like 90% of the year so ye, it's always wet and hottest we see is like 30 degrees, and that is rare, normally 20 average in summer, maybe 25 on VERY hot days, i like them days... except the fact guys wear like next to nothing, that's kind of.... off-putting ._. i can assure you, there is no need for it! Though anyway, you sound like my brother, he loves winter and cold weather x.x

Hmm what a odd mix of subjects to choose from, of Media arts is boring? is this a bad time to mention i study advanced digital media developments? hehehe my friends always said i had a eye for boring subjects, now you are repeating D: ahhh my life is dying, goodbye world, goodbye moon (because why does no one say bye to the moon? pfft), goodbye weird guy who has been cutting his grass for hours over the road... goodbye cow from across the field who chased me today... oh screw it, dying is too long, i guess i can live doing boring stuff xD Ahem back on topic, Textiles... tile making? LOL sorry that was just great though xD i noticed there is no animal study listed though... so like, can you not study how to turn into panda's or something? i could kind of envy your knowledge then. so, dares i ask which are the other subjects you selected?

hmm you just don't think you have a long enough neck, im sure things will work out somehow, like when you become one it will grow long in a day D: Though then again, a giraffe with a small neck would be kind of awesome just because it's different D: Yes they was awesome animals, i selected them with the up most care to create the perfect critter... in english that means i picked some random things which came to mind xD

Hmm i disagree, i always started a race close to full speed, simply because it gave me small short seconds of fame and glory xD Seriously when one had races in PE at school (oh god, PE round 2 ._.) i enjoyed the 30seconds -1min glory of being first... not like i cared because i hated 90% of people participating/watching anyway xD oddly enough, im fast (never saw that coming). As such my hands NEED to fly across the keyboard because see i have this curse, if i don't type at fast to lightning speeds, i loose a finger... and im a big fan of my finger at the current time so i need to be super speed. Though i can't of course doubt your wise knowledge, Sensei, what is my foots weight? you would know of course, being so wise and smart >:D

Now now, i can only approve of your actions to convince that guy to wear Ayumu's clothes, see this world needs a Ayumu so.... i will pay a large sum of dust if you are able to turn someone into Ayumu D: also, i will become his best friend, of course if he refuses, ima have to think about setting the whales loose.

Gomen ne, i just wanted Hitlet-kun to myself, him and his glorious moustache, im so envious <3 Hitler-kun ga dai suki desu~. Your tsundere love for hitler wont win him over so easy, i mean, Hitler doesn't strike me as one to go for Tsundere people, okay i imagine he is happy with anyone, as long as he can make a friend out of them xD Hitler is coming to my house this week for cake and some kind of meal which doesn't involve letting a cow sit with us at all (i lied... the cow asked to join, what else could i saw).

Well, i was just happy seeing Chiaki really does care for her, though i can't say i would of expected any less, they obviously get on quite well considering when Haruka isn't around (normally after school) they seem fine (for short lasted moments) around one another. Awww i felt really bad seeing him on his own, both actually when they was flower gazing but also when they had that BBQ, poor Housaka, sure he is a little weird but he must be so lonely sometimes :( Though, im weird... i could totally become him, i just need to become a pro chef and err make creepy comments and have some weird sweat fetish and strip my shirt... oh screw it, i don't want to do any of that D:

Well half the stuff we speak is actually encrypted in a confusing language, you can only understand it due to being so wise, hmm you have cracked mine, Hitler-kun and the cows secret language so fast? ohh this isn't good, QUICK, retreat to Hitlers house o.o

what is the larger value, 21.34% or 85.675%... sorry i didn't mean to fail your exam with such a hard question, honestly the whales set me up, i just wanted to write about my love for the number 88 ._. no one will ever understand sadly though, that's when the whales began to step in ={

Hmm so it was your evil scheme, hmm i see, so your was creating a cute factor to steal the world's cuteness with the simple phrase "ne ne"? hmm simple but effective, you truly are one smart evil genius D:

muahahahaha you googled it, of course fooling into my trap of err... googling it ._. well whatever not to worry, you think it wasn't all that entertaining... for now but secretly in your mind your are as happy as a dog getting scraps and your heart is jumping for joy, that is the true beauty of googling of course o.o


"partly like death" muahaha, no wait wait, what o.o what the heck are you eating, them aren't no apples girl! (haha i totally have been calling everyone Boy or Girl, it works quite well... sounds horrible but meh), Sounds like your eating peoples feet again, the tag is nothing more than a sticker to say "dead foot"...

I keep picturing myself cosplaying a penguin, hmm are we both maybe hinting i should get my hands on a penguin outfit asap? Santa penguin? tempting, if i get some free time i will see what my (not so) artistic hands can create (sorry if i make a hitler penguin .__.). 

muahaha, nah i don't think people have smokers voice... probably... yet. Who knows, you might for all i know, for all i know you might be a sheep chewing grass, tricking me into becoming a sheep fan instead of the cows, tis a dangerous world out there, damn sheep! Ahem on my topic, point proven, everyone has troubled understanding what i say xD

Ohh you made them fight? i expect no less from the next prime minister! A display of your strength and power, making the dinosaurs cower in fear... actually that makes you sound like a overlord xD well whatever, if i get a VIP pass to hug the dinosaurs anything works fine for me xD 

Them cows are not poor! okay here is the story of a cow killing me (or wanting to), it took place... well i mentioned earlier xD So i was walking my dog through the field full of cows, i got some running at me which is normal, but they all back off when my dog jumps at them (he is on his lead but it scared them away), well anyway this fat one was right next to me then starts charging, got me worried with how close it was, dog jumps and it continues, not afraid and about hit him, got me picturing poo symbols in my mind now, fortunately i rose my hand to slap it (hoping they would understand) it seems it did, it stopped, so i told it off (or yelled for it to get lost) and it decided to eat grass, so, i jealously walked away thinking myself lucky it didn't continue to run me over xD -Thus it was a mean cow, making me imagine poo, and well yeah i do not like that cow now and i am not being friends with him/her now, they was too mean :(

Well i decided i could pull being a girl off, i would abuse my new power as a girl to... errr... oh, can't think of much girls can do what i can't... im sure there was something in my mind but it's gone blank... well whatever, i could make a super cook girl anyway.

The power of typo's is like comparing the power of my socks vs a tank, the tank doesn't stand a chance... wait, i don't get that metaphor? urgh i never understand... myself xD Anyway i want a personal chef as well... you need to share, you have two and want more, gimme one >:D you and your chef hat wearing parents... im not jealous of there hats or anything, i think they are err dumb and would never (always) want to wear one!

Hmmm well, if you steal my identity ima steal yours! yeah 2 way game now, i can totally do like... err ohhh umm... what can one do with another identity... my mind sucks ._. Well i will throw stick at people and the police will believe im you, ha D: And umm yes i am in fact your long lost cousin, im living with some random girl who i forced to be my friend and i actually still love sword fighting, just you didn't really suggest we have a fight so i felt awkward asking for one, trust me, next time you see "me" attack "me" with a sword, it will all work out. Muahahaha i didn't ask what you name is... because i knew would you tell me, oh yes i predicted that you would feel obligated to tell me, it's my mind control power see, i need ask for nothing when i can make people tell me everything hohoho (santa?).

So Christ it is o.o well now im jealous, that guy from angel beats was awesome you all along you was him in disguise well, i will admit i never would of guessed. So your full name is, Christ Christie-lee Christie? Interesting name, very easy on my mind to remember it as well :D

I have already begun mastering the art of becoming a cow, i moo even more and stand around chewing grass, moo through the windows of houses and scare people, all i need to do now is paint myself black and white and make myself smell horrible and i will surely be accepted amongst the cow race. If not im joining to panda's to rebel.

Your non-existent fan club already throw sticks at me, and well they killed me with their full power sticks, im actually dead right now, im just in zombie mode, guess something went wrong as im sure i wanted to take the role as a ghost ._.

ne-ne, nee-san, i don't think i should answer that o.o

Computers on 0%, i would just moo at it and i bet it would become 10% then o.o

Jun 18, 2014
XcanaXalberona says...

That's good to hear ^^ I've been doing fine myself, thank you :)

I started watching No Game, No Life and Hamatora. They're pretty interesting, though the ecchi part of NGNL is... erm, annoying...

I also finished K Project and I absolutely loooved it!

What about you?

Jun 18, 2014
XcanaXalberona says...

Long time no talk, Tsumiki-san ^^ Ho've you been?

Jun 17, 2014
LetsGetCherryPie says...

I still have to finish K-on!! and Haruhi Suzumiya! I'm gonna have to start my DVD collection soon! :D

Jun 3, 2014
GotenMadDog says...

I am fine :D listening to lot of jazz music and watching all of pokemons npw xD hey i have new girlfirend, i broke up with last one because she said that she likes 3 more dudes besides me , i said ok this is the end and after few days i i talk with my good friend and he told me that this one girl likes me , and i realized that because she is always smiling when she is with me and everything , so right now i am very happy because i can make someone smile :D  

Jun 3, 2014