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I never really know what to put in a bio so I usually just fill it with a large amount if gifs 

My name is (not really) Tsumiki

I like all kinds of anime but my favourites are Romance and School Life

The very first anime I watched was Ouran High School Host Club 

My forever changing top three anime are;

1. Kobato

     2. Minami-ke

3. K-On! 

I 100% reccomend Kobato, it's very underrated and probably my most rewatched show! And the story line is pretty unique I am yet to find a similar anime (although I haven't really looked that hard) 

I'm pretty bad at keeping up with what's currently airing due to being in my FINAL YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

 I would still love to hear what you guys are watching or any recommendation I just might be slow at actually watching the series... or replying...

Hopefully this has convinced you to leave a comment, I get so lonely

I'll be waiting


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prigon says...

you must be busy after all you got lots of work to do 

i am just glad i heard from you 

i am very well now that i am having holidays

Apr 6, 2015
LetsGetCherryPie says...

Managaaaaaarrrrrr-san! Where aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrre you? I'm staaaaarrrrrrrrrting to get really worried about you T^T That was a lie...I've been really worried for a while...I just wanted to aaaaarrrrrrr again....

Apr 4, 2015
Kyononaplane says...

Tsumiki-chan!!!! :D

Apr 2, 2015
Madoka says...

Oh hi, i was in the neighbourhood and thought i would drop by and say hello... HELLO!

sorry i couldn't reply with long reply from before... been so busy it's unreal :'( heck even this week is exam week (NOO!!!) but i thought i would drop by... because i felt like logging in at 3am just to say hi...

I-it's not like i was feeling guilty from not replying or anything

Mar 28, 2015
MasterGarrus says...

Hi :) first of all, I just want to say WOW, that's a lot of anime.

I'm new to this site, and kinda new to anime (I watched it when I was a kid, and have recently picked it back up) and I was wondering if you have any reccomendations for me, and if you wanted to talk about anime. I enjoy most types of anime, but I'm not a big fan of mechs. Or Naruto. I'm not sure why, I simply don't like it.

Mar 24, 2015