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You probably accidentally found this page while in search for cool people to talk to, I can assure you, I'm easy to talk to and possible funny, but I'm not cool or anything special so don't get your hopes up!   


I'm 16 and am in 12th grade of my High School (being a senior is not as good as I thought it'd be!), and since I've said things that don't matter, I'm pretty short, I like sweets and my favourite animals are cats and foxes! 

I began the quest of watching as many shows as possible before my untimely death, in 7th grade, just after entering high school and realising that I literally have no friends and sport definitely was not my thing and I had nothing to do but laze about my room!


So basically I have been watching anime for 4-5 years!

I used to have a top three but I think I've changed my mind and I just can't even think to compare all the anime to each other.. so if you wanna know what I like or whatever ask me, or silently stalk through my watched list, I'm fine with either way! 

That's about all there is to say, I hope you leave a comment so we can become friends! I'm only a little annoying....       

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danieatsbooks says...

WHAT! Everyone talks about Lemony Snickett, and I'm such a terrible person, because I haven't read any of his books. I've been meaning to, because they sound so good. I like to read children's stories sometimes, haha. 

Ooh, a triple-wedding, or a... uh, poly wedding? How would that even work with the "you may now kiss the bride"? Haha. Don't worry! I kind of get really distracted by cute band members~ (One of my best friends lovingly calls me a band slut because I listen to so many bands and know about so many of them.) I don't think I'm gonna have any insta-love with band members either, but it's  nice to appreciate band members! 

See! There is an exception to every rule! ^_^ Haha, it's a-okay. I say I don't like stuff all the time and then end up eating my words. xD

Hahaha, oh no. I feel like Arctic Monkeys isn't really that hipster? To me, hipster music is way more folk-indie. But! I have a theory about Top 100--label companies pay a lot of money to have songs by a certain select few artists played constantly, hence they make it to the top 100. Not ALL of those songs are by the same people, and so sometimes there are gems. Really, it's just them overplaying OKAY songs. It's frustrating to me. 

Like I said, I listen to a lot of music! Also, thanks for the compliment~ If you're growing up to be me, you will eventually get over the shyness. (I had it really bad in my school days... wow I sound like an old fart, where's my cane?) 

YES MUSIC. I get really excited about people liking music because I'm usually the one showing music to my friends. :D

Good! I will always reply eventually~ Even if I'm distracted by a cute boy who reads books. 

Jan 19, 2015
danieatsbooks says...

Talking about books with boys is the way to the soul.. or something? haha

I would never be able to eat a kangaroo. In America, most people don't eat weird food, but it also depends on where you go. In the south, they eat small game like rabbit and deer (is that small game?) but in most places it's the basics, like cow and pig and chicken. I tried to not eat so much when I was in middle school but I like the way meat tastes. >.<

What book did you read where someone stole a statue? I like fiction because the writer's imagination is allowed to go nuts! They can write anything :D

I would ask if you said hello to Matty Healy, but I think you might have died if you talked to him, 

Not all rap is Drake! I promise. xD I really like Watsky and Twenty One Pilots, because they don't really rap about those things. :3  

I still like Britney Spears' music on occasion, but I'm much more into rock genres than pop music. We listen to a lot of the same music, that brings my little heart joy! I love Ed Sheeran and Arctic Monkeys! AHH YOU LIKE THE RAMONES? *heavy breathing* Theyre one of my favorites. I kind of go nuts over punk music--in a good way. I used to be really into Paramore! I like Daughter and Bastille too! Ahh! I also used to be really into SWS and Pierce the Veil. I had band t-shirts and everything. Ahh, memories. :D 

That list wasn't boring. I love talking about music! ^^

Sorry it took me a while to reply~ I got distracted. :3  

Jan 19, 2015
KonaIzumi says...

Konnichiwa Tsumiki-san ~~

Parasyte - Yeah, is interesting to see how different the parasytes can be. As we got to see in the episode when Shininchi meets Mamoru, Joe 'raised up' watching japanese dorama and sad movies while Migi studied a lot xD. We could even say that's pretty much like us, humans. Depending how we drive our life, we will have an status or another :P But still, Joe is really nice and the way he is :D

Death Parade - Deshou? I'm really enjoying this anime *-* 

A lot of things were explained. Since I watched the first episode I couldn't know if going to the void was a good or bad think (even if it sounds bad already). Now we know the difference between one and the other elevator.

Decim and Nona seems to not be human beings, but what do you think about the other girl with black long hair? She doesn't have the same eyes as the others, but she doesn't seems to be just a normal human who died and appeared there. 

At the beginning of the second episode, she was lying in a small tree and Nona was there with her, like waiting for her to wake up. I don't know but ... it sounds to me like if they've the 'power' (or something) to maybe create something.

Since I watched Death Billiards I though those people hanging down behind the bar were not real, don't ask me why :P I just had that through and I wasn't wrong at all :D

And ... don't you find the opening way too happy and cheerfull for the kind of things you see after in each episode? x)

Yuri Kuma Arashi - When I watched the first episode and saw the big wall to protect from bears, I imagined HUGE bears. But when I got to see the little kawaii bears I was like 'whaaaaaat..? no one can kill them? seriously?' xDD

Is the worst anime from the ones I'm currently watching. Even so, I'm gonna keep watching it till the end hoping for something better in the next episodes.

The anime is starting to be a little repetitive. As when Kureha receives the phone call, goes upstairs, see the bears, mysteriously falls downstairs from a non existed stairs behind of her and then we got to see that judgment ... >_< And now everybody seems to be a bear in that school =O

I also want to play that Tokyo Ghoul game! but I'm afraid it may be only available for people in Japan =/

Jan 19, 2015
prigon says...

haha you got a really good sense of humour . sounds interesting aliens maybe i would walk my way to them and then let you know

i read your hugest boring paragraph according to you but i enjoyed and you are right about studies i got alots f work to do for my finals  

and i am from india having winters here which i enjoy i fyou want come here i would prepare a igloo for you

and for the interesting questions 

fo you really think  i would be that smart after all of this 

so just go and ask me umb questions so ican answer them my way 

and the last thing can i know at what time you are online so maybe we can chat more ^_^

Jan 19, 2015
prigon says...

thats not fair you are a long way ahead of me

but still i dont care how much you write 

you know i dont write alot because i am kind of bad at this but i will try my best to write more 

and anyway i am in 10th grade ^^

Jan 19, 2015