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My name is (not really) Tsumiki, I'm super cute and lots of fun so if you're looking for someone to talk about the greatness of a cute character, epic anime, or even just anything in general you my friend have come to the right place! 

I like all kinds of anime but my favourites are Comedy and School Life, I like cutesy anime with moe characters, and a loli or two!

I like meeting new people so please leave me a message so we can talk! I get so lonely all on my own!

I'm terrible at keeping up with airing anime, and my watching and stalled lists are so long BUT I STILL TAKE RECOMMENDATIONS!!! It'll just take me a while to watch some shows


I also really like vocaloids, my favourites are Hatsune Miku, Rana, Yukari Yuzuki, IA SeeU and Nekomura Iroha! 

That's about all I have to share! Thanks for sticking around to read this, and don't forget to talk to me!



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MrTripStack Jun 1, 2015

I'm sorry! I just Googled "anime gif crying" and that one seemed to fit.

I liked Dekomori, too! Which reminds me, I still need to watch the second season of Chuunibyou. I really enjoyed the first season, but I feel like I watched that ages ago and I have no idea why I never got around to the second season. I'll have to bump that up towards the top of my list!

I definitely have issues choosing my "favorites". A lot of the time, I finish an anime that I thought was great, I immediately want to throw it into my Top 10, so I'm trying to teach myself to take a step back and think about it for a week before deciding if I actually liked it that much or if it was just because I recently finished it.

Oh, no worries! That type of stuff doesn't really bother me, but I appreciate your warning nonetheless.

KonaIzumi May 31, 2015

Tsumiki-nya ~~ !!

Three days ago I completed watching the first K-On! season, and also K-On! Live House and K-On Ura-On! I loved everything from the beginning till the very end! :3

The last time they all go to for a camp training to Mugi-chan rented house, was way too funy x) I couldn't help it and I made this gif about that episode because I couldn't find it anywhere.

Poor Mio-chan! But Ritsu-chan is so funny hahaha :P I also made this other gif from the same episode before going to there.

And once again Ritsu-chan! Hahahaha :P Just amazing ~~

You're right! Mugi-chan isn't getting enough love in this chat! But actually ... there weren't lot of 'no-normal' things to talk about it in the first season :( But seeing her working when she comes from a rich family was really sweet! Who wouldn't like to have a Mugi-chan taking your food order? *.*

Sawako-sensei is pretty amazing as well, I love every dress she prepare for the band! Even if some of them are not really suitable for the band (like the school swim dress, or the bunny dress Mugi-chan weared) xD. I love the yukata dress they all weared (except Yui-chan) in the last episode!

Hm ... I think I would be a mix between Mio-chan and Ritsu-chan. I'm a shy person when it comes to do things in public or talk with people I just met, but after a while and when I know them better, I'm active and crazy as Ritsu-chan x) Plus, I always use to scare friends/family (^^u)

By the way, have you seen this video? I found it the other day while looking for the full conversion of K-On! ED/OP. Looks so cool!! But the girl who gives voice to Mio-chan, looks so different from her ... I mean, she has that mad/be afraid of look on her face, like you won't like messing out with her @_@

And the Yui girl has the same guitar!! She has Geeta!! *______* haha ~

Travi May 31, 2015

hehe! Thank You so much for the reply 

I'm a bit slow when it comes to things like this :P

I guess some people call it lazyness 

Speaking of lazyness I would like to apologize for my late reply... gomen!

Seeing ur reply really made me smile ありがとう!

Thanks Again (this is my first time trying to use it in msg form hope it worked and i'm not making a fool of myself)

Well if all went well this would be a pretty cool looking msg! if I do say so myself.

I hope we can be good friends

050901 May 27, 2015

Hello again, :D

No no! I didn't mean that I don't watch anime anymore, I still do. Just before I was a bit too busy with school but now summer's here and I can watch all the anime I want :) yayyy. Yeah I hope that clears that up I still watch anime don't worry :P

Yeah maybe I will visit Australia soon, well not soon but eventually, maybe next year. :D

(btw have you watched any good anime lately?)

Travi May 27, 2015

Heya first off sorry for the lame comment below 

you easily have the coolest profile I have seen so fair! and

I was just wondering how do you send a gif or a picture in a comment? 

I have seen a few that you sent to others and there are a few on your profile.