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My name is (not really) Tsumiki

I like all kinds of anime but my favourites are Romance and School Life, I like cutesy anime with moe characters, and a loli or two!

I like meeting new people so please leave me a message so we can talk! I get so lonely all on my own!

I really really really like Yuri and Yaoi (nothing too explicit), if you like it too we can talk about that!! :D 

I'm terrible at keeping up with airing anime, and my watching and stalled lists are so long BUT I STILL TAKE RECOMMENDATIONS!!! It'll just take me a while to watch some shows


I also really like vocaloids, my favourites are Hatsune Miku, Rana, Yukari Yuzuki, IA SeeU and Nekomura Iroha! 

That's about all I have to share! Thanks for sticking around to read this, and don't forget to talk to me!



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Travi says...

hehe! Thank You so much for the reply 

I'm a bit slow when it comes to things like this :P

I guess some people call it lazyness 

Speaking of lazyness I would like to apologize for my late reply... gomen!

Seeing ur reply really made me smile ありがとう!

Thanks Again (this is my first time trying to use it in msg form hope it worked and i'm not making a fool of myself)

Well if all went well this would be a pretty cool looking msg! if I do say so myself.

I hope we can be good friends

May 31, 2015
050901 says...

Hello again, :D

No no! I didn't mean that I don't watch anime anymore, I still do. Just before I was a bit too busy with school but now summer's here and I can watch all the anime I want :) yayyy. Yeah I hope that clears that up I still watch anime don't worry :P

Yeah maybe I will visit Australia soon, well not soon but eventually, maybe next year. :D

(btw have you watched any good anime lately?)

May 27, 2015
Travi says...

Heya first off sorry for the lame comment below 

you easily have the coolest profile I have seen so fair! and

I was just wondering how do you send a gif or a picture in a comment? 

I have seen a few that you sent to others and there are a few on your profile.

May 27, 2015
MrTripStack says...

I'm a huge cry baby! Often, just seeing a character cry is enough to get me teary-eyed, whether I like that particular character or not. I can definitely appreciate a sad ending, but who doesn't enjoy a good tear-jerker from time to time? It can feel good to feel.

I've been thinking about turning my own Top 10 into a Top 20. Ten is a good number when it comes to a "favorites" list, but as I watch more and more anime, it's becoming difficult to choose only ten.

I actually haven't seen either of those, actually. I still consider myself to be relatively new to anime as a whole (I've only been actively watching anime since around October 2013), so there's plenty of "must watch" anime that I haven't gotten to. I mean, I only just finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and I finally started Death Note, so I have a lot of ground to cover.

However, No. 6 seems to be right up my alley! I thought you were talking about Blue Submarine No. 6 until I looked it up, but No. 6 sounds interesting. I'm definitely going to check that out soon!

May 26, 2015
LetsGetCherryPie says...

Hello! I like what you've done with the place :D

You're in quite a few clubs...I really wanna join some but the forum makes me really nervous >.< I have an extreme case of forumphobia...

Anyway! Maybe I forgot to reply, I'll just check...

*a few moments later*

I couldn't see anything, so I guess you were the one at fault here! I hope that didn't sound too mean...I've always wanted to say that...

Don't worry about it! How have you been?

May 26, 2015