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My name is (not really) Tsumiki, I'm super cute and lots of fun so if you're looking for someone to talk about the greatness of a cute character, epic anime, or even just anything in general you my friend have come to the right place! 

I like all kinds of anime but my favourites are Comedy and School Life, I like cutesy anime with moe characters, and a loli or two!

I like meeting new people so please leave me a message so we can talk! I get so lonely all on my own!

I'm terrible at keeping up with airing anime, and my watching and stalled lists are so long BUT I STILL TAKE RECOMMENDATIONS!!! It'll just take me a while to watch some shows


I also really like vocaloids, my favourites are Hatsune Miku, Rana, Yukari Yuzuki, IA SeeU and Nekomura Iroha! 

That's about all I have to share! Thanks for sticking around to read this, and don't forget to talk to me!



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Madoka Jun 17, 2015

Haha yeah it has been a while, the same has been happening here though, I am either held down by all the work i have to do (my poor night times =[ ) or as you say... we just forget sometimes xD

Life is good over here, i discovered i have a obsessed love for Australian slang (seriously i spend nights just looking up random slang terms and words... which apprently aren't used so much now days but still sound awesome), i even started following random Australian youtubes because how cool they sound... I am always so busy as you can see xD

You got a rabbit? D: no  no you got TWO rabbits? D: I'm kind of jealous, i like rabbits, they aren't mean to me, are nice to hug and are cute :3

Oh you donated blood? Such a thing never has crossed my mind (i guess i am selfish by nature, hogging my blood >.<), sounds like bribing though... i mean FREE cake (was it free? i am just guessing), it sounds like a trick to make people give into their evil plans xD

Well i hope you enjoyed your concert on that Saturday... i was of course to late to attend... which i planned on doing, of course xD Now you just made me realise (remember), you yourself are infact... AUSTRALIAN!!! I love you and your people, tell everyone you meet i want to marry them all D: Oh god am i envious right now, i mean something in my mind said your Australian but then my head thought you was from somewhere else (don't ask why!!!)... But yeah how cool is that, i speak to a real Australian <3 Life is good :D

haha you only just realised they can be added to comments? It's no different from putting them in your profile, but i don't mind, i like them, they lively up posts a lot, and honestly when used right look... plain awesome (that Menma Jintan hug moment, no better way to start a comment :D). I would like to spam them myself this message but i wrote this from my phone whilst on the bus... see, i went out my way to reply to you ^.^

Anyway, i will ensure to reply quicker next time, until next message, good leader!

Megabox Jun 15, 2015

Nice bio! and cute avatar!:D

Sianeka Jun 11, 2015

Hi, just checking in with you as you've missed some of your recent assignments.  Just checking in with you as I haven’t heard from you in a while - I sincerely hope you are ok and nothing bad has happened… 

I've put you on Hiatus status until I hear back from you.  

If you need time away from doing greetings for a while, just let me know approximately how long you want off and I will keep you on Hiatus status until your return time.

If you wish to stop doing greetings indefinitely, I can change your status from Greeter to Club Supporter, and you will no longer need to worry about doing any greetings.  (Note that if you change to Supporter, it doesn't have to be permanent - you can change back to Greeter in future if you want to greet new members again. It just means that you have no plans to do any assignments anytime in the near future.)

Either way, please get back to me to confirm you are ok? - Sia

MrTripStack Jun 7, 2015

I'll be sure to watch the second season of Chuunibyou soon! I watched the first season so long ago and I really enjoyed it, but I decided to take a break from it and watch something else, but I never got back to it. I'll never know why I waited so long.

I've been trying to be a little more strict with my own ratings, but I do still base them primarily on my own enjoyment. I also haven't used any half-star ratings yet and that makes it a little more difficult on me. I try not to be too harsh with that sort of stuff, though.

Everybody gets enjoyment from things in different ways, so I won't judge somebody for being critical, but they shouldn't judge me for being more laid back.

Really? Well, no worries. That sort of stuff doesn't really bother me.

KonaIzumi Jun 5, 2015

Tsumiki-chaaaan ~~~ 

Don't worry about the late reply :3 is finally friday! Hope you feel less stressed and enjoy it! :D

I don't remember if this was in the last episode, or in the Live House episode but ... when Ritsu gets that note in her mailbox thinking it was a love letter, didn't you felt like a sad aura in almost the whole episode? >_< Azu-nya was taking care of the kitty's friend, Mio was trying to compose new songs, Mugi working and Ritsu worried about the letter.

It was better when you get to know what they were actually doing, and funny enough when Mio tells Ritsu 'what do you think about the lyrics I let in your mailbox?' xDD But jeez ... I was in the edge of crying in that episode.

Yeeeeees !!! I saw that video of Lucky Star so many times ~~ The first time I though they were singing in playback, but then I realized they were not :O which was more impressive for the difficult song and long time they're dancing.

Summer is so near ~~ Are you planning to do something after school? :3 Would so awesome to have a funny happy day at the beach or pool like you see in animes ~~