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I never really know what to put in a bio so I usually just fill it with a large amount if gifs 

My name is (not really) Tsumiki

I like all kinds of anime but my favourites are Romance and School Life

The very first anime I watched was Ouran High School Host Club 

My forever changing top three anime are;

1. Kobato

     2. Minami-ke

3. K-On! 

I 100% reccomend Kobato, it's very underrated and probably my most rewatched show! And the story line is pretty unique I am yet to find a similar anime (although I haven't really looked that hard) 

I'm pretty bad at keeping up with what's currently airing due to being in my FINAL YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

 I would still love to hear what you guys are watching or any recommendation I just might be slow at actually watching the series... or replying...

Hopefully this has convinced you to leave a comment, I get so lonely

I'll be waiting


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Madoka says...

sorry about the week delay, i had the flu and well... to cut the gorey details and keep it short, i had some several infections and big medical illnesses i don't quite want to recall... needless to say, it wasn't my most favourite of weeks :( Anyway i am here and alive now, and though not perfect health, im getting there.Now ---> the next message will have the real reply.

Apr 19, 2015
AcciesLad says...

Thanks i'll be sure to mark it down ^^

i get you, nothing wrong with that, so what anime has made you cry the most?

Apr 19, 2015
MariaTimeBomb says...

Well,they're kind of like exams. We take one each term near the end of it,but only for a couple of subjects that are considered more important (such as math or informatics).

It seems to me that this type of female characters has got more and more popular in the recent years,which is awesome in my opinion since most female characters are either useless like Sakura from Naruto or just plain annoying (from what anime I've seen so far and hear of,at least xD).

Never heard of that anime before xD I'm still not done yet with watching with all the mainstream ones lol. What genre is it?

Yes,Black Butler is exactly that kind of show haha. It's really good and I love how the funny moments blend perfectly with the serious and dark ones. 

I plan to watch Black Lagoon sometime in the near future since I heard of it from everywhere and everyone says it's incredible.Have you seen it?

From what clips from it I managed to watch, I think I'm going to watch it dubbed,which would be a first for me,since the sub always seem superior to me.But,I don't know,the English language seems to fit better with this one...I hope I won't be disappointed haha

Thanks for the luck as well :3

Apr 19, 2015
KonaIzumi says...

I'm fine! Just watching and really enjoying animes from this seson :3


Apr 19, 2015
Axelmoon says...

 tsumiki says...

Hi hi

Thank you :D

You have watched a lot of episodes of anime... I am very impressed! How can you keep up with Fairy Tail, Detective Conan AND One Piece, they're all so long! I've always wanted to watch Fairy Tail but I always feel like it's a chore watching a long series, or I start another anime so I can finish one sooner... I start watching waaaaay too many anime before actually finishing them... sorry I'm rambling XD

And yeah OHSHC is such a great show! Wish they'd make a second season, I've rewatched it quite a few times just because to me it its a "Classic" because it was the first show I watched XD 

Yeah I think the only two reasons for being able to watch all of these long animes is the loss of sleep and keeping track with sites like a-p. It's a proud achievement though! Have you watched any of these long ones? Excluding Fairy Tail? I wouldn't recommend FT unless you're into unbelievable (literally) friendship power ups and the miraculous situations in which bad guys turn good. 

My very first show was DetectiveConan, so it's there for me whenever I feel like rewatching something. (Not all the eps though no haha just the interesting ones) It's a very nice anime. I recommend it if you ever decide to watch a long anime lok :D

Apr 19, 2015