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You probably accidentally found this page while in search for cool people to talk to, I can assure you, I'm easy to talk to and possible funny, but I'm not cool or anything special so don't get your hopes up!

I'm 16 and am in 12th grade of my High School (being a senior is not as good as I thought it'd be!), and since I've said things that don't matter, I'm pretty short, I like sweets and my favourite animals are cats and foxes! 

I began the quest of watching as many shows as possible before my untimely death, in 7th grade, just after entering high school and realising that I literally have no friends and sport definitely was not my thing and I had nothing to do but laze about my room and pretend to be a hobo, that kind of thing, but then I was introduced to this glorious thing called anime which now kinda controls my life. I've gained and lost a lot of friends (and pounds, ohoho so funny) but anime has always stuck by me, maybe because it isn't alive and doesn't realise how lame I am... anyway, so I've been watching it for the past 4-5 years, probably the best years of my life, it used to take me ages to finish a series though, but now, I like you (maybe) am able to waste my entire free days watching anime!

I used to have a top three but I think I've changed my mind and I just can't even think to compare all the anime to each other.. so if you wanna know what I like or whatever ask me, or silently stalk through my watched lists, I'm fine with either way! 

You probably think I'm really amazing and awesome from this reallu fantastic introduction of myself, but don't be shy, leave me a comment and I'm sure that we can become friends! 

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KonaIzumi says...

Aww ~ for ages? Like for how long? >o< haha ~ anyway ... hi! :P

Dec 13, 2014
LetsGetCherryPie says...

I'm the same! Talking to people is really hard so I always feel bad for the people I have to sit beside in class! There's lots of times when I've sat beside people who are really cool and whenever they try to talk to me I get super nervous and end up messing up >.<

How do people even get boyfriends?! How do people talk to boys?! I don't understand it at all :/ 

Dec 4, 2014
Madoka says...

Oh you are too kind Hime-sama, i never expected one to forgive my wicked deeds, even the frog at the pond turned away from me but you have truly a divine blessing to forgive my wrong doings! Well i lied, the pigeon on the bench forgave me this morning... i think, i mean i think it was hurt as it wasn't moving much and couldn't fly far and just kept sitting around but it probably just wanted to be around me... of course that's it! Your punishment of no more mooing would be quite extreme after all. Hmm i was seriously half concerned you didn't infact know what a squirrel was, not to worry i wasn't planning to use underwater space suite squirrels to ambush you or anything... not at all D: Well i did have a fancy one on recently and was told i look like a butler, but everyone says a i look like a butler when in formal wear... maybe this is a life calling to stop mooing and become a butler?... nah i'll have to pass. You forgot? well the orange didn't kill me so im sure you forgot to poison it anyway, i guess all's well that ends well. Ahhh a teenybopper ninja mutant turle, i see how your divine powers dodged copyright there by being a "Ninja mutant turtle" instead of a "Mutant Ninja Turtle", i would expect no less from Hime-chan, not that i can argue your more often than not the cause of crime in the first place, but that can be our secret for now. Peoples grass is the true way to threaten then, once you announce such a dangerous threat to the health and safety of grass, well im afraid almost anyone will give in to your demands.

Hmm i probably don't understand what i just explained as well, so for now we will assume i was both laughing with and at you, seems a fair compromise. As for the emo fish, well they was tasty and yummy... i can't help the fact cows (aka myself) eat fishies!!!

Well your damn lucky this isn't no game of barbie, i couldn't stand you not mooing, it's like being offensive to all the moos in the universe. From such harsh words i have further upped the moo count to 305 o.o yes i infact have added a whole ONE more moo, see how smug you are now madam moo. Ahh i see, your a maths genius who plans to use her vast knowledge of numbers to conquer the world, so that game of barbie was infact your method of simulation to see just how powerfully effective your plans are, i must say, i didn't suspect a thing, and now... now i have been played for a fool.

Hmm i understand your concern, i must admit the day that everyone has died and I'm here all alone does sound rather unpleasant, i will have no friends to moo with, no family mooing at me and of all things, i will be alone with random strangers, un-aged by time. Your plan for the after life does sound appealing, we did agree we would find the code, in life or death so i will be sad to know i have left you to hunt alone, but above all, i will miss out on them tsunderes </3 Life is cruel, being immortal has had it's moments, like when i sat in a volcano using it as a hot spring or the time i had people place bets on if they could kill me with a gun (good money making scheme to fund my army there) and even that time i decided to eat nuclear waste because it looks fun to touch... i wonder if these memories was really worth it :(

... Though my after life was clearly aimed to a world alike Angel Beats, i would of course play the role of random background student >:D

Hmm i was able to read this joke, of course you couldn't delete because it's me after all, my mind control compels you to keep it and let me laugh... *Laughs like a evil genius* yes i quite approve! Not that i like people invading my shower though, i mean people might discover that secret duck i have been training for my army there... we don't want that secret getting out... I'm sure i probably just leaked it right now but im sure you will mistake if for me being crazy and all.... the normal :) Of course i have tried to moo out the shower, sadly what im about to share it top secret but.... moo's main weakness is infact water!!!! i know it's hard to take in but that is infact the case, meaning i am unable to moo away from the shower situation, my neighbour would have beaten me before i could think of jumping garden gnomes D: God knows what will happen to me then, i might even become a pie for his dinner... i don't like being eaten (well i assume i wont like it, i mean when i bite myself it doesn't feel all too great so yeah).

Ahh i see you spent them 21 seconds to find your love very well xD No joke though, when i wrote that i knew you would reply with a joke about a mirror, i have no idea why but something in my mind told me it was coming, i see that voice was infact correct... and best of all, im not 1 bit disappointed, i love a good laugh after all :D I wouldn't call the 21 seconds a waste though, i mean the mirror might have been your true love, it just the image of yourself to portray it's affection to you? Who knows. I approve of your true love being Japanese, a teacher non the less, Well either way i must question some loose elements of your plan to force your parents to force him to pretend to get married... if they are only pretending to force him doesn't this infact mean he will openly marry you, or alternatively openly reject you? (of course he wont because he is a Japanese teacher and all, and you are, YOU!). Hmm you don't think im being open minded about love? How come, i thought i was being rather generous about love if im completely honest... but i will listen to your reasoning if you think otherwise as you know me, always here to please.

Tsundere moo's might cause chaos, but the sound of one is almost as amazing as a kuudere moo, and THAT Hime-sama sounds amazing, imagine kuudere moo! Ahem my weird fantasy aside for now i did need to question your love for Japan, mr moocrackerdineinthebarnat7pmwhenheneedsthetoilet was beginning to get worried... yes that is infact his true name...

Well, i was always aware that i was creepy so that doesn't come as much of a shock if im honest, Well honestly the thought of wearing my invisible enemies clothes is rather appealing to me, especially if they invisible clothes!! (more a reason i can stay safe in my bed then!!!). As for it being a plot for a horror anime... honestly im not feeling it, sure it's scary as heck but it isn't a anime if it isn't.. anime? I forgot what i was saying as i decided to have a typing break and thus consumed a passion fruit to prove who is in charge around here... that and i just like them >.<

Well of course Hime suites you, i did choose the name after all, and we all know my word is absolute... well except the times it isn't but this isn't one of them times...probably

oh i totally understand your objective to find and rescue the 5c coins, i was once tempted to save a out of print coin but sadly my plan just so happened to have crossed paths with "sleep all day" day so as you might imagine, i failed due to sleeping ._. Yes shiny coins are great, BUT shiny coins with windmills on them?!!! for real? im super jealous now, though i laughed imagining your American friend actually believing you all worship the windmills, that i must say is so cool it's blowing my hair off my head!! (well turns out that is actually just the wind due to this open window i think i might close... but it could be a invisible Windmill for all i know o.o ).

oh i just hate most people, simple as xD i would say most people who hate me but it's just easier to hate most people over all, this way means i can kill anyone without concern of feeling sad. See i must agree, Yandere really is the ideal relationship with anyone, they remove the bad and well... they just might, maybe, possibly kill a few others is they feel it's needed to keep you but it's true love... if you can look beyond all the murder and blood anyway

Well i do apologise but i did infact murder some of your fan club, i wrapped one in bread and made them into a sandwich (they could probably easily escape as all i did was get two massive pieces of buttered bread and put them in it and leave...), and the other, well lets just say they have been eating 20 tubs of jelly a day for 2 weeks now!!! i know brutal right (kind of sounds yummy actually) but this is the path that you must face when you cross me... hear that page stalkers!!! I got a fresh batch of broccoli ready for the next person... which i really would rather just eat D:

i see *goes cries in a corner*. I just wanted to have friends... what are infact real cows... and smell bad... was it so much to ask? D: I figured Mr farmer clearly wasn't giving them the attention and love they deserved so i would swoop in and sweep them cute little (big) cows of their feet D: was it really so wrong of me? D: As much as your magical power scares me, i will not stand down! i love these cows as much as i love... something!!! and i really love something!!!

Well not to brag or anything but... well i sure have seen some crappy tv in my life, and well ye know, im kind of a master of watching the stuff so it comes as no shock as skilled in the lazy methods of defeating crappy tv... you might just ask why i watch crappy tv... well that is a good question... a good question indeed...

i know i know, came as a real surprise to me when i realised i could in fact speak english, you may now let your eyes rest from the strain of thinking i was infact speaking a foreign language... which i probably still am speaking!!! Ohh mighty Hime, i do, i do, i envy everything there is about you, even your pet caterpillars make me feel envious!!! I must admit you correct again, i am infact in love with all the cows, though honestly... i thought you would expose my secret crush i have, which is in fact on nothing more obvious than... *drumroll* THE GRASS!!!! i know i kind of have a thing for the butterfly and seals, and maybe that tree on my garden (i named it gordon... because i don't like it!!!) but yes the grass is also on the list of my love.

LOL, now i admit that made me laugh a little too much, sure i questioned if that story of your cat being stolen is true (seriously, is that a true story? o.o) but the part about connecting to printers, even for me that was unexpectedly random :3

Though i do honestly enjoy the sound of printer communication, sure it will probably be more expensive than the traditional methods of communication but how many people in the world can seriously brag they communicate using printers. Well either way, we must first convince your neighbours to sell their house to me, then we can start thinking about the jelly bean farm i plan to turn it's garden into and the giant windmill which of course i will need.

Gomen nee, onee-chan D: Though actually by rights i am in fact a Onii-chan... well kind of so yeah :D Your hug deprived? ohh this isn't good, not good at all, i guess i might sell a hug to you, im thinking it will cost 4 jelly babies and a bonus of a lollipop o.o Though to be fair i don't hug my family much to speak off, parents sure but brothers and sisters... err no don't think that happens... like ever, well besides me sister (she just randomly runs and hugs you and then runs off)...

Challenge me, the man who is immune to death anytime and i assure you i will win... except in chess, and scrabble... and probably any board game which doesn't consist of rules which are such as "i should always win" (i referring to myself of course).I considered taking over the world but sometimes i wonder if it's just better to destroy the world with my new found evil dolphins... hmmm decision decisions.

As scared and confused as we are, and though neither of us are infact aware of what was was, we are still the only two who know this information we aren't aware of, so we should savour it and guard it from the invading evil sheep with multi coloured eyes... just to be safe.

Actually as weird as it sounds i hit hard so probably not wise for me (well i don't with hands, i could punch you and you probably would think someone was prodding you xD). I used to have a few (okay lots) of fights when i was in primary school (i know that's sometime back) which in turn i almost broke someones ribs but ever since apparently my kicks hurt like hell so ahem... not a wise thing (don't get me wrong, i wasn't a bully or nothing, quite the opposite, i was more a protector from bullies... not trying to make myself sound good there just i hated bullies as my little brother was picked on a lot so i stood to them... i should stop talking).Anyway back on topic, i think it's not all bad being told you look young, okay for me it just means i look young (which is fine because i am mentally 12 years old) not so sure i would want to be called 10 though D: I never gave anyone Jellybeans or Jellybabies anyway, im quite selfish myself xD

muahaha i know you would really love to hear me mooing louder, even if you can hear me now! They? They are the masterminds behind moles and the underground ant network, never question "they" too much D: Of course you want to hear moo's, if i don't moo, who else will </3

Well there we have it, my long essay has ended again, and now im up to date i can respond to your other (more recent) commenting D:

Well as you can see im still here living it up... by ironicly not having a life... i kind of like how that one works out :D

Im glad you understood my pain (wait, that doesn't sound nice now does it :/) Well, either way, we can just laugh at ourselves and one another about how much we failed xD

does seem to be a thing that i turn 3 lines into a never ending story, im honestly surprised you can deal with it xD Well Mimi does kind of suite a Piano (Mimi's definition is Ear, Hense Nekomimi = Cat ears... yeah Mimi was one of the first words i learned in JP because i like the name .__.). Anyway love the tree naming, i also named trees in my garden, i named one Gordon and one Gilbert... as you probably guessed i don't like the trees... hence that naming (i apologise to all the Gilberts/Gordons in your family/reading this message!).

Well now i have replied know i will go back to being Yandere now, now where was your fans who complained about my overgrown lettuce in the field .__.

Until next time, Matane Hime-sama!

*Begins waving hand like some spazzy fork in a draw of knifes with a label with "spoon" written on it*(i just got confused on the tick box which says "im not a robot" because... i am a robot o.o)

Nov 26, 2014
LetsGetCherryPie says...


Well done! I'm so proud T^T I'm sure that you passed the others too! 

II just watched it and it made me really happy! That guy with the funky earing is really creepy though...I'm kind of excited but worried now >.< I couldn't stop thinking about how Kyoya seems like the kind of person who has really soft hair..and I started reading the manga! :D

I love the Care Bears! You think I'm adorable? Thank you! 

My favourite food used to be spaghetti but I don't really like it anymore :/ I really like sweet things though! Favourite animal? I really like foxes and dogs and stuff :D I have a brother who is four years younger than me! He's quite annoying but I used to hang around with him when I was younger :/ my favourite genre of movie is probably comedy but I quite like action and thriller ^-^ I'm not good with horror but every time I read about one I feel like I need to watch it! I don't watch them unless I'm at a sleepover or something though! I watch any genre of anime but I don't really like mecha so I usually avoid it! Me? Popular? *hysterical laughter* I do have a few friends, I wouldn't say we're close or anything though ;-; I always get super jealous when I see anime characters with their best friends and stuff! T^T Sorry if that was a really weird thing to say! >.< B-boyfriend?! >///< I've never had anything like that! Boys are scary and hard to talk to and things like holding hands and kissing are really really scary :s Even thinking about those things freaks me out! Anime and manga make it look really nice though...

You have to tell me lots now! I wanna know everything about Miki-chan!

Nov 24, 2014
Madoka says...

no worries Hime, i haven't gotten a life at all!!! don't you worry.

My monitor is broke so i can't reply unless i use my Laptop or phone, which is fine but i wrote about 80% of my reply on my computer so it means re-writing to use my adorable friend laptop-chan (or Mi-chan as i named her... yes i name my computers and their drives... i know, i have issues :D). Anyway i ordered a new one so i will reply some time in the next few days... when ever that evil post man brings it... until then all you can do is wait (like you always do) thinking about how cool my hard drives was named:

(i know i know, juu-chan and inami need new names but life is too cruel to let me decide of them for now >.<)

anyway i will reply when i get my new screen, should only be 3-5days unless that post people steal it D:  until then, gomen Hime-sama, i must go into hiding

Nov 23, 2014