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Konnichiwa minna!


I'm 16 years old, and I adore anime, as most people on this site do! 

I love all genres, if it's a good show and I like it then that's that, whether it's horror, sport, fantasy or whatever, if there's an anime you love please share it with me so I can watch it too, maybe I'll like it as well :)

I began watching anime, as most people do, at a young age, mostly just Pokemon, Astory Boy, Power Puff Girls Z, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, and, well you get the drift, I was a pretty cool kid! (lying)

If I had to pick my top 3 shows I have ever seen, they would definitely, with out a doubt be:

1. Kobato 

2. DN Angel

3. Clannad (and Afterstory)

I love those three so much because they are the first shows I watched a 2-3 years back that got me back into liking anime, not to mention they all have amazing storylines and the character are beautiful, and the shows are filled with laughs and tears and happiness and pain and I love that kind of a show!

Well that's all for now I guess.

Please leave me a comment :)

I-it's not like I l-like you or anything, b-b-baka!!  (total tsundere or what?! )

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ItsumoHitori says...

Hahaha I can see what you mean on School Days, a lot of those characters did seem to have their minds a little off. However, when I first watched it, it was the first anime I'd ever come across (other than DBZ on Toonami). I went into it having no clue about it, and really got into it and all the characters, and was absolutely SHOCKED and it went on. That might explain somewhat why I'm partial to it, but I did find that though of course, it's a very extreme case, it did offer a deconstruction of the harem genre. In many of those types of shows, the protagonist flirts and such with many characters, and they all compete for him and the like. This offered, perhaps, a more "realistic" (not counting the end, though I bet it's happened somewhere at some point in time) take on how girls would view the protagonist in their "harem" situation. Kotonoha's been one of my favourite characters for a while, but as time passes and I watch more features, her persona might not be a favourite after all.

Sounds like we both didn't expect the events of the final episodes haha

On another note, what are some series that you actually enjoyed?

Sep 5, 2014
Madoka says...

FINALLY! The Epic reply i was craving for days has finally arrived, and not a second too late… okay maybe it was 56 seconds late but i can overlook it this time… Anyway it sounds you maybe in desperate need of my amazing help, we shall cure your inner Tsundere mode… wait does that mean we will make you more Tsundere or less Tsundere… Confusing. Need not worry, i appreciate all levels of thought… even that much which you give to ants, that’s why all my messages are full of great levels of thoughtfulness! (i laugh at myself sometimes…)

Im sorry but that is the number of moo’s i require you to do, i mean i fully understand it is a harsh punishment but that’s how these things go at times. Hehehe the funny thing is, i was actually thinking the same thing and you put it! Made cow disease, i did want to make the joke myself but i suppose your awesome comical mode kicked in before me and beat me to that epic joke, Not to worry, i lost this time but next time the cows will moo in my favour. Yes i have become rather evil recently, heck it was only yesterday i had this girl telling me how horrible i was… until i shared my fruit gums/skittles/Milkybar, all of a sudden i became a angel, funny how that works >.< Not to worry, it means my body screams evil now, heck I'm so evil i moo’d at some cow in the field and THEN i even went so far as to leave a door open what said to close behind, muhahaha… i of course went back to close it 20seconds later, i didn’t want it to let a draft in and make people cold after all, but you can sure see the evil aura coming from me now o.o Though i must disagree a bit there, if someone was discussing the beauty of trees and someone randomly just said “the brownness of my shoes is strong today” i would probably cry of laughter on how randomly awesome that comment was xD In fact i would become best friends with that person there and then! As your school Policy, i have no issues there with black shoes only, actually my school has the same rules, but i like black, i like black clothes and shoes… I'm not a goth or nothing but i just think it’s the only colour which suits me and looks great with anything/everything!

So your saying if i choose to believe what you just told me, you plan and mission will become a failure? interesting indeed, i shall think this through… but i wont believe you because… i decided not to, so you can continue fooling me as a spy (just as i planned… yes I'm triple crossing you, and you have no idea, even now with me writing this you think I'm a moo cow when I'm just a simple minded penguin!). BUT!!! I still choose to believe your weird… all the time, forever and always!

You don’t use the dollar over there, huh, i always thought you used the dollar in that country you will soon be in control of o.o Not to worry, I'm a magical girl anyway so i don’t need to worry too much on this case. Like a bird Neglects cars… I'm so sorry, i didn’t realise what i was doing to you! i really from the middle of my heart am slightly sorry.  Well no i can’t say i don’t think my living arrangements have come up in conversation before, weird how that works isn’t it, I didn’t realise this information was needed for you, but don’t worry, if you so desire it, i shall do my best as a person who moo’s to full fill it… Now that i laughed at, so you only talk to me because you know I'm so lonely i might just die of loneliness, well i should be upset now but… i will take to mind your consideration level ^.^ Hmm do not mock my MI6 HQ, at least i didn’t build it under a school! I built mine under the farm, so i can steal cows when i please and have them moo like there is no tomorrow! Not sure if i can view that show outside Australia or not but… you said it was crappy, then you said you would watch it daily… sounds interesting D: It’s crap enough not to watch but good enough to watch every day… hmm. though i totally approve of that evil bunny!

It was a declaration? of what? i must know, my sensitive power to moo depends on this information! please! Madam Christie… Christ i need your help now!!! But. not to worry, as said my 2houses will just be the end of you, after raiding my home and realising I'm not home you surely wouldn’t wish to invade others, all the while I'm hiding far far away in the house next door. Not to worry, i will sneak on your plane as you go home, and raid your HQ when your eating moo cake and before you know it i will have control over your government! My true evil is just beginning, i will leave every door in your house open when you go to sleep, then well i will even open your window, and your bedroom will be so cold, of you will regret crossing me then D:

Hmm i see. i see indeed, seems like we are on the same page… well besides staring at it all night deciding if to change it… i just thought “hmm, that looks pretty damn awesome/adorable, nice work madam moo” but yeah sure why not D: as long as you decided to keep it, that is what truly matters in life.

i would fricken peck the face of them tech people, you can’t just delete peoples stuff. Who knows what sort of fish you had hidden there which you needed for your evil work? they just erased it like it was a salmon swimming down a cornfield in july! I feel for you, i really do, i hope this loss wont affect your mental state in any way, because i understand truly how tough it is to loose fish like that.

What’s your over all storage space? I myself am running low but mines more of a issue, as i have over 6TB storage… so though i can keep shoving stuff on it it weirdly enough isn’t growing… i think hard drives should do that in my opinion, i would love if when they was almost full they expanded automatically in size by 100GB, i would probably have like 523TB in mine xD hmm i forgot about your stalkers reading our messages, this is a interesting form of bribery your using now isn’t it o.o well i hope you appear with a HDD in the post in the next 121 days o.o

Well sir madam (lol sir madam xD) have a good week and don’t forget them moo’s or else the tuna will not be happy! Oh my applogies for the spelling mistakes which probably cover this message, writing it whilst on a secret mission which involves... being a spy o.o

Sep 2, 2014
ItsumoHitori says...

haha as I passed through your page, I laughed pretty hard when I saw all three main School Days characters featured on your hate list preview

lol Were they all that bad?

Aug 29, 2014
jaja03 says...

Heeeeey !!!

Sorry for late reply again :/

hahaha xD good you find somebody at school ;) 

But going to watch anime :3 

Bye :3

Aug 28, 2014
Madoka says...

well i mean you should be in my debt!!! And let me tell you now, it’s now easy to pay back what you owe, i charge unreal things which make men cry and women scream, that’s right i demand you moo 11 times and then moo a 12th time 10 seconds after the 11th! Harsh right? i know i know, I'm not evil for nothing you know. It’s good though to know my poor soul can finally come to rest in peace, it was mooing like a wolf at a christmas party. The storm in my can finally calm now young lass, be not worries, for thou super power err laser guns are mooing… i seriously have no idea why i just typed this last line (or 2) but ohwell xD

Hmm yes i seem to have gone into a real weird world on that one as well, though honestly i have a suspicion that your always just weird, now it could just be my lack of logic and ability to judge people (due to being a penguin) but i just have that feeling at times.

Hmm i didn’t know you wanted to know, I'm so so so sorry D: Well mistress christ have no worries, for your sleepless nights can come to end to know, i was infact *drum rolls* NOT alone on holiday ._. i would get lonely and never enjoy it if i was alone, but not to worry, i had my trust moo cow friend, penguin friend and even mr bob from down the road with me… okay i lied there was only me and my friend, but that’s because he was lonely himself… probably, i-it’s not like i feel bored with no one to talk with or anything :( Well now, I'm sure your real happy to have learned this vital piece of information, of course you must be careful not to share this worldwide, this is top secret information, I'm talking MI6 secret right now…

hahaha that was a threat, I'm more than sure that, though now I'm in fear trembling, i can’t have a future world leader (sounds fancy xD) after my head, I'm going to have to go into hiding… considering you know where i live i think i might be safe hiding next door now, you will never figure that one out D: Of course now i just told you so you do know… well no worries, i have 2 neighbours, good luck figuring which one I'm hiding in >:D

On a completely random unrelated note… i love your cover thing you have for your page (im guessing they calling them covers like FB does?). Either way, looks nice ^.^ i should one day soon actually sort mine out considering i just uploaded the first image in my pictures folder… out of about 531,000 (no joke) images, i don’t feel i put effort into choosing it. Well anyway have a good day old bean (heheh i love saying that xD).

Aug 26, 2014