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Hey everyone! 

Welcome to my bio! I change this thing so much and 

reply to comments pretty late but I hope we can be friends!

I like all kinds of anime, but my favourite genres are Daily Life:

And Romance:



Me right now: 


I'll probably change this again soon, I can never get it the way I want it T^T

Anyways, leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP... well.... whenever I feel like it, but I will get back to you! :D 


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GotenMadDog says...

it is very hard, I have electro tehnicks exam in 2 days and i am learning it but, i always keep failing it don t know why :D

Jan 26, 2015
Madoka says...

Well, here is the long awaited reply which will take about 3hours to write and 213 hours to read, it wasn’t long awaited you say? i see, well here is that slightly larger than expected reply which makes people so happy to read it gives them grass… still not making sense? eh whatever.

hmm youtube adds seem to have you in a pinch… I'm confused as i don’t think i get youtube adds or if i do they aren’t to common, maybe add blocker blocks them? That or I'm so amazing they don’t wish to disturb me with such trivial things, every 30seconds of my life loves them adds,,, and by love i mean that kind of love a lion gives to a bird which can’t fly (and now i see how mean this sounds :’( )

Well if I'm honest, i like to dress as a magical girl when watching TV, it makes me feel like something special, i dress as either Kaname Madoka or Takamachi Nanoha because they clearly are my style of clothing (white frilly dress? heck yeah!!!, me and Hitler can pull this look of). I do have a passion for animals, just not ALL animals, i personally like things… you like things and things, but i am a fan of the dog family (dog, wolf, fox ect). Actually Fox’s scare me, you ever heard one outside your house late at night… yeah kind of creepy when it comes from the darkness. Well sounds like your principle is a kind person if I'm honest, he saved them and you laugh, well i hope he gives you 17 grains of rice for dinner now… why he would come to your house for dinner is probably the issue here but yeah xD

I’m currently not getting distracted by music D: intact i probably shouldn't even be online where i am now but shhh no one needs to know. Music music music, well like music and more music. Other than that i also. no wait sorry “The type of music i like is stuff”… actually i like a lot of genres of music, well aside Rap and R&B and street… you get the picture xD (i really hate them >.<)

Well i understand your plan for that reverse harem, sadly they don’t include myself due to my lack of being present in a boyband… but I'm too good for them anyway. I once considered a harem of the worlds most strangest women but i was sad to find only myself applied to such a thing… clearly my popularity exceeds myself. Yes this typing disease is quite the issue, i seem to have been born with this disorder and such it now controls my lack of speech abilities and dominated it by writing.

Dwaaaah you should of played Chess with your brother, he sounds adorable xD “you never talk to me anymore” xD you owe that boy two games of chess now missy xD All the panda’s in the world wont excuse this! Of course give him around 3-4 more years and you will probably never wish to interact with him anymore as he will become a pain in your sides but that is besides the point xD

Ahh good point, i guess if you put it that way i wouldn't mind being a butler, one with some character who wont do everything someone ask unless feels like it, ‘do it yourself’ or ‘do i have to’ type attitude, well, i think your on to something here… i would essentially be, well myself but dressed as a butler and paid for it… cool, I'm applying at a butler cafe now!

I remember everything and anything people discuss… except the things i forget, i usually forget them things. Well it’s good to know I'm welcome outside your house, see i found that i would rather wait it out before moving outside your house, the weather been a little cold recently and i can’t say me and cold go together all too well. And yes i am trying to capture Audio of your voice, as you said, it’s uncommon you speak thus i am thinking of selling your voice on ebay o.o i will make millions

The hobo has moved away? WHAT!!!! b-b-but he was going to be my friend </3

Well my device which turns me into a girl doesn't count as cross dressing, simply because it turns me into a girl so i would be cross dressing if i was still dressed as a guy xD Needless to say i thought all levels of this through, some old guy hitting on me would be a problem but i have a defense against such things, see i would whisper into his ear “I’m really a guy, so you either are into dudes or you might want to question your sexuality” i am more than confident this should repel him, should he tell anyone, deny it like the sweet person i am (will be). Well youtube adds… hmm i must interrupt my reply to you to find some youtube adds *leaves*. And I'm back, i failed to find some but got one on my phone, starting talking about something… all i know is some people got into a car and was talking about something, i got bored >.<.

WHAT!!! You mean i really get to be a background guy who doesn't get eyes and is usually quite cheaply designed and only purpose is to just show people in the background do actually exist. I admit i do prefer this over the role of the homosexual role, though honestly i can’t deny that role was a sad tragic loss to my work history.

Fly kick, does sound painful but i am having a hard time picturing it in use, i keep picturing someone fly tipping or otherwise kicking a fly with some kind of flying karate kick D: That might hurt, but i imagine it’s easy to dodge, hmmm i will research this Fly kick… okay i wont but i will pretend to. Anyway my cake plan to laugh at them without cake wasn’t meant to be a nice gesture regardless, it was to show supremacy and how much i love cake despite if i eat to much it makes me ill xD

Well the mosquito had it coming then, shouldn't leave you itchy, that’s just rude and bad manners if you ask me. Personally we don’t Mosquito’s over here so i can’t say i understand you pain but i have been bitten by many nasty things which leave a uncomfortable enough feeling to know you did nothing wrong (and we might not have them but we are aware of how mean and nasty Mosquito can be!!). Feel not the guilt of murder but the joy of vengeance.

Your brother bit not out of love for his loving Onee-chan but in malice? WHAT!!! Such a development. the biting immunity might be something you need if he bites then, i mean biters are always dangerous. I used to bite, but it was usually my own arm, them my mum decided to tell me i wasn't a zombie, so i stopped… kind of embarrassing to eat ones arm under false belief, she is lucky I'm not a zombie D:

Anyway, why relocate this person to Neptune, i love Neptune :( send them somewhere no one cares about like Mars. or the moon, i mean, no one likes the moon, it’s a dull colourless barren rock as far as I'm concerned. Got to admit though, that joke of yours is great, Australia is hot but voting for you will make it that bit cooler xD I admit, i am sitting here right now thinking how envious i am of such a great campaign slogan, with that with have already won my vote. and i can’t even vote in Australia o.o

Well Mirror-kun is tempting, whenever he doesn’t show my adorable face (don’t worry I'm not serious, i would have to have brain damage to say and mean that) he always shows reflections of them people i desire, like the… oh and err… hmmm… my desires don’t extend much more than wanting to go back to bed .__. guess mirror-kin might have found his match with me, though i am curious about mirror-kun children, are they small pieces of glass, or maybe a bottle.. ohoh or portable mirrors? They sound cute, i want one!!! I hear Santa-san fell victim to the evil Mirror-kun, now lets just say he has some explaining to do with Mrs Clause and lets say his liver has seen better days. I took your advise and avoided his dashing charms and amazing looks!! I can’t afford to raise baby mirrors </3

Ohoho i am kind of mysterious aren't i? Well it’s good to pretend, i once pretended i was a 15 year old girl so i could get a child's ticket to watch a movie (you might question why i was a girl… good question, it’s not like i was watching some girlie movie or anything) sadly though, long story short i found 15 doesn't count as a child and i was then devastated, my life was over!!! Anyway back on topic, i might have just laughed at your fear of Ronald McDonald, not to be mean but it was great “I’m not normally scared of clown but this one was happy but crazily terrifying” -My thoughts exactly xD Though I'm concerned why a guy is wearing make up ._. I wonder if he wasn't even meant to be a clown but people just assumed he was a clown because his addiction to make up being on his face. Of course he wasn't a actor though, no one can act Ronald-chan, he is one of a kind who is magic and can teleport between McDonalds around the world (his power only can take him to other McDonalds though), no way someone can act THAT.

Well…yeah…but…like….the…cool kind… you know? Ohoho one of my friends does that, it kind of annoys me but i can’t say that to them (sorry if they ever read this!) because… they are one of my friends so… like… you know? Sorry for not putting a # between my words, i honestly thought you would like it more how i did it so figured because i am so kind, i would do it that way just for you… i didn’t know you would not like it, my life is a failure, i am unworthy of mooing for the next entire 4.3 seconds…. … … … … … moo

Well i can’t deny you and Mirror-kun are cool as chips (which have gone cold of course), funny enough i did notice mirrors are cold when you touch them, i once rubbed my face on one in winter… that wasn't a nice day. Hey if that is weird then I'm weird as i just admitted to doing the same thing myself! well personally i don’t mean this to sound bad but your sister scares me, with her evil blonde-blue dip hair Emoness who says things like yolo and lol out loud, that is scaring me more than half price sales which turn out not to be half price when you go through the checkout.

What do you mean ‘actual penguins’ are you somehow implying I'm not actually a penguin? D:

Turkey in july is epic xD you are winning this election hands down :3

But i eat Pineapples quite a lot, in fact i love it, does this mean I'm going to get this highly deadly disease? Well i do agree they can be a handful to eat if you eat a lot, it’s not just you they make my tongue go all… weird as well xD Personally i just have to say your cool here, whilst i’m not sure on your opinion of Pineapple, i hate coconut and coconut flavoured anything, so you saying you don’t like it makes my approval rating shoot up (because everyone always looks at me gone out when i say i dislike them).

Well i am sure i could also pull of being a creepy stalker type, i will start by stalking myself home everyday, i will take the top care in ensuring i don't discover myself going home whilst trying to expose my secrets of going home. See that is the issue with me being Yandere, i require a second person to be a part of my plans, being a creepy stalker i just follow people for fun at random, i don't need no consent to be a freak :3

ohhh a genius plan, i could  get on board with burning beds and mattresses, in fact i like burning stuff, fire is warm (just in case you didn't know) and i really enjoy being warm! lets burn that bed, she can sleep on her burnt bed after i have enjoyed it's warmth.

Well yes i agree i didn't wish my little brother to turn out like that but i can't really control him, it was his weird desire to be a idiot like that, so be it is all i can say. Though yeah your sisters sound like they are in a similar boat. Well no one in mine watched anime but i dragged them to the lighter side of life... by them i mean my older brother and sister xD

Well thanks for the life story, i love learning about peoples living conditions :3 It proves to help my research of how houses do infact need more pet cows in modern society. Though i question is that hair colour difference a bad thing? I mean... brown > Blonde, right? (or is that just me and my opinions xD)

So if you was randomly hugged tomorrow on your way to school you would block that person from your life? Good thing i have hugged you yet then (unless you have been hugged by a random person who is actually me). Personally i find it embarrassing to hug random people... but sometimes, people just need a good hug (i determine this of course in my own head... so regardless if they think they need a hug or not they will get one if i think they need one), but someone has to embarrass themselves to help these poor souls.

I must agree, annoying people is in fact fun, especially when they are not aware of you doing it. Yes it does sound fun what you like to do to your sister, moving stuff round to confuse them sounds fun, though in my family they would just accuse me of using their stuff .__. I don't consider this harassment though, i think of it as "helping improve their coordination skills..." -that might not make sense but that is unimportant as of the moment.

I liked my sand paper machine idea </3 are you saying it was a unworthy plan? *cries like a giant rock from Jupiter.*


So are you telling me, Gilbert kills penguins for fun? Oh god do i feel betrayed, i mean i never really liked him anyway because his name (i don't know him though but i am sure i wouldn't like him) but to learn he hunts penguins for fun... honestly i could just die right now... which would be a bad case of irony i guess but still :'( *breaks into tears quicker than a llama eats grass*

eh you worked for £ 3 (£ 3 ($5))k a day D: i need whatever job you had over xmas .__.

Well i was thinking of writing a new book, 543 ways to be friends with chickens, im sure it will be a top seller if im honest because... who doesn't want a chicken friend? I decided it would be 543 because ending 01 or 00 (501/500) is so mainstream xD

Huh you approved of my avatar change? i liked my old one but no worries, i found a adorable one which is still someone crying but... it's cute as well, sad and cute, can't complain there right? Not sure if too set it or not though. Then again, you changed yours to a Yui-chan (i know her name through my secret channels of endless spies around the world... or from watching K-on... choose whichever is more interesting :3).

Nati-ON!!!! hehe i love it! I would say i can't understand why the people you show it do don't see how it's funny but then again, only a few people i show it to liked it, the rest just questioned why i found something like that, which is a secret.

Anyway, this was long Hime-sama, im sorry, it was late again, later twice actually but i am so tired recently, my body really hurts as well, i have a dead arm, two dead legs, a acing angle, 5 paper cuts on my fingers which makes typing feel funny (the haha funny), yes my body has seen better days it would seem. I blame the running from them polar bears if i am honest though.

Now to lie once again and say i am not a Robot despite infact being a robot, *sighs* life is tough

Jan 26, 2015
KonaIzumi says...

Probably, there would be some episodes where we will feel sad for the one who goes to the void =/ ... But this episode was really nice, the story was beautiful and turned out to be a story with a happy ending (if we can call it that way) :P

Today, a new episode of Yuri Kuma Arashi comes out. Would it finally be any better?? >__<

Jan 26, 2015
KonaIzumi says...

Hi Tsumiki-san!

As we could see with the first couple in the first episode, the girl was send to the void and the boy to heaven (to reincarnate). In the up part of the elevator there are two different mask, one red demon mask to represent the void and one white mask to represent the heaven. 

In this episode we got to see that the girl, was not the one in Shigeru memories from when he was small, but he still knew she was the other girl he used to be with as well. Even so, he wanted a date with her and both acted friendly and lovely :3 Since Decim is the one to choose and has all their memories and knows the truth since the very beginning, this time, both of them were sent to heaven ^^ 

So ~~ yeah, they both go to be reincarnated. As you can see, in both elevators is the white mask :3

Jan 26, 2015
MagicalGirlJodi says...

Oh yes totally! Q.Q the babies deserve so much better!

Ah I know what you mean. I hate my current job due to in work bullying  plus I generally just hate what I'm doing in general. I wouldn't mind so much if I could get a different job within the same area but chances of that happening are low but I'd feel so bad leaving because I am so attached to our residents and certain staff members.

Aw don't say that I'm sure your parents tried their hardest!

Jan 26, 2015