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Konnichiwa minna!


I'm 16 years old, and I adore anime, as most people on this site do! 

I love all genres, if it's a good show and I like it then that's that, whether it's horror, sport, fantasy or whatever, if there's an anime you love please share it with me so I can watch it too, maybe I'll like it as well :)

I began watching anime, as most people do, at a young age, mostly just Pokemon, Astory Boy, Power Puff Girls Z, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, and, well you get the drift, I was a pretty cool kid! (lying)

If I had to pick my top 3 shows I have ever seen, they would definitely, with out a doubt be:

1. Kobato 

2. DN Angel

3. Clannad (and Afterstory)

I love those three so much because they are the first shows I watched a 2-3 years back that got me back into liking anime, not to mention they all have amazing storylines and the character are beautiful, and the shows are filled with laughs and tears and happiness and pain and I love that kind of a show!

Well that's all for now I guess.

Please leave me a comment :)

I-it's not like I l-like you or anything, b-b-baka!!  (total tsundere or what?! )

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DreamMonster says...

Ah, I'm a bit late with my reply. I'm sorry about that ... I took a small break from anime and therefore also didn't visit this site.  

Oh ?  A fellow Tiger, eh ?  That's nice !  ^_^

Thank you for your kind words about my profile. :)  

Ignoring isn't really an option for me.  I only ignore those who are treating me bad for no good reason.  I don't think you'd ever belong into that group of people, so I'd say you have nothing to be afraid of. :) 

Jul 7, 2014
wolfbankai says...

Days late reply. ;__; /Sorry.

LOL , This scrolling down. xD I know , right? Nekomimi. ;3

Aaandd are you alright? Did cuteness killed you? xD 

I'm .. good. Fixed my keyboard so I can finally reply. (I smashed it accidentaly , I wanted to kill mosquito on my keyboard , lol , I know. I'm stupid xDD)

Well , How about you? Enjoying summer so far? 

Jul 7, 2014
luluchan says...

im sorry.. i had to say that after i saw the 'welcome' option

;;;;; why dont u talk to me on here but u talk to eeryone else

Jul 6, 2014
luluchan says...

welcome to animal planet~~~~~~

Jul 6, 2014
Madoka says...

Hmmm if you kill me, at least do it by being that stick throwing moo mooing monster, sounds kind of awesome xD But i know you would come around, the post master is and always will be one tempting career but we have to ensure safety of the people you swore to protect, or they power as prime minster you swore to abuse, you know how it goes XD

You know, i was thinking something similar myself, i thought about if we should apply spoiler tags to our posts like i do in the forum... then i realised i can't xD But yeah i thought we must have destroyed several plots already for our secret ghost stalkers, well i guess that's their fault from stalking us and our amazing messages! Ahem anyway Meiko is a odd name, it could be because i have only heard it used once but it doesn't sound so much like a name, i still think it's a cute name and love it but it is kind of a odd one xD Aww i admit when her mum was around it was kind of sad, i kept putting myself in her shoes as a mother (wait... i keep thinking im a mother... right, moving on) who lost her daughter so young, that must been heart-breaking, then when she gets upset :'( on come the tears x.x Menma to me sounds like a nickname (as it is) but a common one everyone would use xD I love childish Menma, though i always love childish characters as long as they aren't annoying (she is most certainly not annoying) :)

As awesome as a story it might be, i can't just show you the secrets of this story. Im serious it's a dangerous book, once you read it the owls will be out to get you, and don't even get me started on the ants plot to steal your prime ministers position, if that's not enough even the crows will be hungry... a dangerous book indeed. It's just too dangerous for me to unload that upon you, you must stay living safe for now, i can carry this books burden by myself... i did write it after all, it's the secret of the world!

Well of course, i think it's a given rule regardless of fiction or non-fiction, small people are adorable, just the JP know how to capture that adorable side to them in their characters xD. Hmm so your a 3D hologram eh? hmm i never would of guessed, so like, your to guide me onto the my journey of greatness? if there fear i might fail this journey so they sent you? xD Well, no worries, what concerns me is a Hologram is fated to become a Prime Minister D:

Well i guess it depends on how she was crying, like when they graduating and stuff in the series, they can cry then, because that its self-made the scene even more sad for us the viewers D: Otherwise of course it would be traumatic o.o Hentai? errm can't say that's my cup of tea... no wait, no im like a master hentai... err person(?) who will... err lead... people(?) into the the age of hentai moo cows D: i lead like the err local meetings? (clearly we can tell this is my most knowledgeable topic, well i probably got something in there right .__.).

 eh? you really never seen a hamster? Well anyway regardless i would request you don't turn me into a hamster over a dog... see im not a big fan of the rodent family... and my sister used to always have a hamster... living in a house in which i was attacked morning and night by evil rat things was mean, she had a ball for it to run the house in... just picked on my dog all day (which was amusing but mean xD). I wanna be a dog >.< inu!!! inu! inu!

 hohoho i see you didn't approve of my waving death in the fridge... pfft i thought it was a good idea, i mean that sight xD Well i guess i might not do that then... might, i guess it all depends if i die eating some food which is actually hamster food and turns me into the hulk... just you know. more skiiny and err with the shirt being left on xD

well if im completely honest, Penguin place made me think clearly of overgrown monkey spider cat people, guess i might of been a bit of there. Panda's, i figure there is more going of with them, i think they might be up to something sneaky, that's why they try to bore people away from them, so we don't click onto what is truly happening in their secret underground liars. For all i know they have plans to steal the worlds supply of banana’s and actually have no intention of continuing to eat bamboo, maybe the whole thing was just a trap.

how could being a tree be embarrassing, i think it's clearly the most best and amazing role you could be given D: Well im probably like branch level of the tree, but im telling you, one day you will be walking down the street and BAM, this tree, aka myself will be standing there mooing and being all tree like as if there was no more tomorrow for the tree people, im telling you that this will happen.

Well it's not like im used to being told im weird, but it's totally the way things are, you simply cannot have too many he(s) in your sentence or else it will not be nothing more some creepy witch laugh. Of course i would think this way, i think you would be weird if you didn't think like this.

hmm we spell and say paedophile different you say? well kick me and call me moo cow, i was just thinking about tree's myself... wait that was the other section? huh oh yeah i see now ._. Got to get tree's out my mind. So if i was to say, moderate your cake intake i will be punished? Do these punishments include being a cow in the fields or eating cake, because if so, im in ._. They don't really smell gross, you confused them with Hitlers personal home brand bogies o.o

can i have my memory back, or at least the parts about making allies with the mighty goldfish, because that matter has been troubling me recently, why is a goldish at my house suddenly asking me all these things o.o

attitude, and attitude that i don't need you say? Good god i hope that is some positive attitude o.o So you insist your nee-chan can't join our whale missions? Or the mighty blessing of the blue whale which eats a little too much fish? well i see, i suppose it's understandable, if she smells to much like cake the whales might have some trouble understanding her, she should bath in fish so the whale can befriend her D: Im sure instinctively she knows how whales moan, i mean, who doesn't xD

Actually seal and dolphins are my favourite, then maybe the whale, though i don't trust whales, im sure they are secretly aliens and are prepping for a invasion any time, they are choosing their invasion time perfectly though. Hmm what if i teach people of the whale clan though, make them realise how minor their purpose is without whales and bring them to my loyal servants D: i could raise a army of children then, no one would know what to do then >:D

Hmm sounds too different to here, it rains a lot here and the hottest is probably 27 degrees C (which may i add, it’s very very uncommon to get so high) as for the other end of the scales, it's commonly around maybe 12 degrees by day, winter times falls to minus whatever and it too cold, oh and did i mention, it rains a lot xD i kind of would love a week of 30 degrees or something, i could stand out in the fields all day without a car in the world. Maybe your days are trying to wind you up just for the sake of having some fun on their own behalf, i can clearly understand why their evil plotting would annoy you, it makes me sick just thinking about them being cold one day and hot the next, who the heck do they think they are? D:

i clearly offended your chicken collection there, i should tread more carefully. Seems your stories might need to be archived though, i mean i know all about when she throws cats around but there is a limit to what she can get up to, wait, im follow your other story, oh moo. You blame my eyes and their awesome reading skills but what if you hands are just confused and actually was telling me about cows without realising, ever though how hands can do that, you probably wasn't even aware they was saying hello whilst you had your cake. My messages must become more harder to comprehend each day xD So you was finally made aware the harsh truth of textiles, sometimes reality really is harsh right? I see what you mean though, who in the right mind would think textiles would be anything like sewing ._. i agree though, why not call it sewing class o.o Im glad to see you have put Animal class on your agenda of goals to complete as prime minister! Though i had a awesome idea, you might not approve though, so i was thinking, next year is apparently the elections for the next prime minister over here (i learned due to some guy telling me at my door about voting and something, i wasn't listening as her was quite boring and old, maybe he was lost and was telling me his life story? i should listen more), so anyway, my awesome plan was, you come take Prime minister of the UK until your time comes over there? D: im sorry if i offended your awesomeness here but it must be requested!

Hmm i see what your saying, so what if i turn my sister into a giraffe with you, she can also have a short neck and you can become short neck siblings. "The english definitions of the things you say are so funny" i just laughed at this line so much xD im curious of what i said now xD

haha your run thing sounds like what we had to do, we had a huge course at school and had to run a load of laps around it (each lap got slower but the first lap when you have energy took like 3-5mins going fast, last one took like 10-20 .__. anyway i disagree with you, running fast at the start is a awesome idea, sure you will loose but you totally look cool for like 30seconds or so xD Them 30seconds your like king (queen) of the race, then you totally fall behind but that doesn't matter. i used to do that though, run when everyone was around (the whole school was watching as each year group did it individually) and then walk when you get to the parts where no one much is xD The way a true sports pro runs if you ask me... im sure they would agree ._. Hmm you was you partners in crime? she faked asthma and you fake help so you both fail but look like you didn't xD

Oh well of course, who wouldn't listen to everything you say, your the next prime minister, it would be dangerous to be on your bad side... well not for me, im safe over here (for now). Pfft im sure he will do it though, tell him you will give him a cheesecake and moo 3 times for him if he does, how could anyone turn down such a offer... i sure know i wouldn't.

I was always super pro at being mean, actually a girl told me i was a mean *** often in science class in school... think that was justified though, i told her she was a tramp (she was, and im not talking about the homeless people, well you know what i mean anyway) but yeah she totally nailed the mean into me, so im like the worlds top villain now. You have been watching Hitler-chan eh? ohh daring, i think he is married though, he was telling me (at my house) about his new wife so sorry but i beat you to it... ahem i mean she beat you to it, no not me, not at all, i definitely haven't married hi-chan (his nickname) without you knowing. Well i couldn't turn the cow away from my house, it asked after all, what was i meant to do, say no and hurt it's moo feelings? D:

So you love tsundere characters who aren't full tsun tsun? Chiaki is clearly a tsundere and she of course loves her kana, but she isn't like Aisaka/Shana tsundere. Anyway i quite like the idea of becoming Housaka, i mean i could totally do the stuff he does, im sure it's called stalking, well maybe not for him as he is so blind anyway xD Ganbaru Housaka-san, im rooting for you. Yeah i probably would never remove my shirt in public... ever D: last time that happened, i was a baby and had no control over what i was wearing ._.

Okay okay fine, i guess i have been super evil, you can have hitler-san and Friday and Tuesday then, seem good enough? D:

Well i never understood favourite colours... no wait i do, i don't in that when questioned but like when talking clothes i do, i mean i favour black because.. im plain, though i prefer blues in other stuff... moo. I totally have favourite months/dates though, May is my favourite month, because it was the month earth was blessed with my evil presence, the day that is best is clearly the 22nd as that is the day the earth was blessed with my presence, otherwise i have no idea why anyone would like a month or day above others... unless it's may 22nd which is totally understandable xD errr not so sure on a favourite timetable though... that is kind of odd to have :') i guess mine will be 9 then, because it was easy to learn and took people around me when i was a kid sometime, but i was always a maths know it all anyway .__.

Hohoho your so evil im totally thinking of recruiting you into my evil businesses when you become 7months 22 days 6hours and 32 minutes 12 seconds older than you currently are from the current second you read this. Of course i recognised your evil talent!! Oh and yes, that was totally a Santa laugh i had going on there o.o

Well i guess i can google "it" now, but honestly, all im getting is boring stuff come up... it's getting a bit... well boring D: lets continue googling, i was google "cows" now because... i want to be one, this sounds fun :D Im no bully though, your bullying me D:

Well, that's why i save my messages in notepad as i write them, though i write mine on my desktop as i can type faster than my laptop but i guess the important thing is that you managed to save him/her, because it would be mean to let it die D: Hmm you don't even know your laptops gender... dares i ask if you even know it's name? D: the bond doesn't seem all to close from where i am.

I follow but i would still rather eat them, i mean that is the reason things are scented in the first place is to be consumed in my opinion, now im not so sure about death apple flavouring though, scent or taste it just (for some unknown reason) doesn't sound that appealing to me.

Hmm i totally didn't just spend 10minutes browsing google penguin cosplay outfits, no not at all o.o i think i should have quite a lot of money as well, to make it even and all, then ima buy a first class plane ticket one way to Japan!!! :D

Oi!!! what is wrong with making the dinosaurs fight to the death, if i had some dinosaurs i would totally be doing that now .__.

ima thinking it was a crazy cow if im honest, no cow would question me, im one of there own so it's weird to appose me don't ya think? see i knew you would see my side of the situation, the moo cow was just being a moo, plain and simple.

Simple, it would rock to be a girl just because i can! simple as, that and girls get much better clothes than guys and cosplay is so much more fun as a girl, considering 85% of anime characters are female, and the male ones are commonly plain/boring, or there is no distinctive traits to them even when they are good characters... see where im going with this D:

im that lost brother of yours!!! see im lost because someone lured me on a boat with sweets and cakes, before i knew it i was in jolly old England chewing gummy bears heads off in London, so after i decided London smelled like old people i moved north east because north east was a direction no one goes, and thus now im here... lost D:  makes sense, right? I would also make him (me) buy lots of presents as well, i should pretend some random moo i meet tomorrow is my long lost brother/sister and make them pay up D: -my evilness knows no bounds.

Well it's okay madam Christie-chan, see i have forever sworn secrecy over your name so it's in somewhat safe hands (probably). But im of course free to still call you Christ right? D: Well anyway i don't plan to ignore you so no worries... for now D:

So you approve of me being a creepy cow? D:

hmm not a fan of zombies o.o and i figured i might have created the worlds most awesome plan being a zombie penguin cow... i might need to rethink now. well not to worry, if i turn into a zombie just throw mouldy cheese at me, im sure that will scare me away in a flash.

Well, sometimes it's hard to cover up ones true self, i knew you was evil from day one, someone who throws sticks so casually, dreams of being tsundere and steals hitler from me is clearly pure evil D:

 i-it's not like i expected to messages anyway *hmph*. I totally just pulled of 2 messages again this time see xD

 hahaha okay i admit, i couldn't help laughing at the last segment xD ohh i will give you a perfect score on that tsundere moment xD Now i feel more obligated to applogise though. So sorry this one was late o.o Oh, btw, i wont be home next week... at all, so my next reply will probably be later than ever .___. blame the turtles, they plan to kidnapp me and torture me, so yeah seeya when im back o.o Have some fun in this whale-tastical week!

PS: MOO!!!!

Jul 4, 2014