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Konnichiwa minna!


I'm 16 years old, and I adore anime, as most people on this site do! 

I love all genres, if it's a good show and I like it then that's that, whether it's horror, sport, fantasy or whatever, if there's an anime you love please share it with me so I can watch it too, maybe I'll like it as well :)

I began watching anime, as most people do, at a young age, mostly just Pokemon, Astory Boy, Power Puff Girls Z, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, and, well you get the drift, I was a pretty cool kid! (lying)

If I had to pick my top 3 shows I have ever seen, they would definitely, with out a doubt be:

1. Kobato 

2. DN Angel

3. Clannad (and Afterstory)

I love those three so much because they are the first shows I watched a 2-3 years back that got me back into liking anime, not to mention they all have amazing storylines and the character are beautiful, and the shows are filled with laughs and tears and happiness and pain and I love that kind of a show!

Well that's all for now I guess.

Please leave me a comment :)

I-it's not like I l-like you or anything, b-b-baka!!  (total tsundere or what?! )

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Madoka says...

I'm totally going to assume your making a postmaster pun there (if not it was a awesome setup for one) xD Come to think of it, who is this postmaster, he seems to always fails in delivering his mail, he sucks at his job if im blunt about it D:

I like how you essentially turned that into a speech xD Well it sounded like a speech in my head anyway, kind of pictured you (clearly i know what you look like... anime style xD) standing at a podium thing giving a speech (as prime minister of course) to your whole country whilst giving thanks to your mum, dad and siblings for their abuse xD Of course i could try to construct the lucky star dance with an image of you failing at it but somehow i can't bring myself to picture that to well xD No worries, in the future i will come with my army of... people i found on the street and we shall all re-create the lucky star dance at it's best! And it's good to hear your sister is upgrading to JP so quick (Nagi no Asukara.. i will leave my bias love for the series aside... this time (*hugs Miuna*)), and yeah i argue that fact to people who ever speak ill of watching subs, it increases reading skills AND speed (you don't really need to be fast at reading but meh) and some JP words if you want to learn the awesome language :D (Japanese does sound fricken adorable, makes me want to hug every Japanese person i come across... i figure i best not due to probably being accused of some kind of stalker or perv or something).

Which show was she reffering to as stupid and boring? D: I cannot stand by if it is something awesome, i will call in the umpa lumpa's and we will demand such words be retracked... or something like that :3

lmao so im like dogs fighting... but im actually watching the other dogs fight and just sitting there laughing? xD unique :3 Then again, i wonder how many people said im like a fighting dog :3 Though being i dog lover i have no issue with such thoughts, i love dogs :3 Hmm your wasting my life? god dammit, why the heck do i do this, that means essentially my message is wasting your life, see the seconds ticking by, tick tock and bam your now another second closer to death, im probably draining between 30-60mins of your life a week, i should applogise, im sorry i didn't intend you to have such a painful death, but know you wont be forgotten D:

Haha for real? Didn't think anyone else was as weird as me to assign voices to others in their heads, either we are super awesome... or alternitively we are very strange people, i like to believe the former though xD Deep voice? xD well it's new i guess, in reality being a quiet person i have a low voice... and my sister has taken to calling me a "mumbler" because i mumble... mumbler reminds me of a mole for some reason so i can only assume she isn't insulting me (... right?). Well i figure in reality you was a more quiet person, maybe not really quiet though but yeah, quiet who maybe just talks fast, i decided your image of fast talking will merge from my head into reality making fiction reality D: preapre to talk fast in three... two...one...moo D: wait moo? i messed up the countdown, now it might not work :(

Of course you take back the Hitler thing, everyone wants cake :3 Hmm i like this plan, having tea thrown on us by the heshe (i decided it's both o.o) who turned us against one another actually sounds kind of fun, though i would have to throw grass and empty shoe boxes at them as they flee, it only makes sense of course. Though i actually just imagine anyone trying to read our messages and make sence of them, they probably thing we have completly lost it with half the stuff on here, i mean of course they will be jealous when they understand it all and wish they was joining but alas, tea cups just don't have room for 3... ... ... wait tea cups? i keep picturing the person throwing tea at us .__. <_ WHALE!!!!

3 weeks and still waiting on your homework? you think they would get the hint you haven't done it xD see you haven't told me you haven't done it but anyone can tell, teachers have no life if they still waiting on the impossible xD Well, guess they got some more weeks of waiting then? Hmm "accidentally" sign a contract (which isn't so accidental), you kind of remind me of Maou (Sadao MAOU) in a way, Demon king (Queen in your case) who is anything but demon D: sorry your too kind to be a demon *prepares for incoming sticks*

Hmm im to be imprissoned for 20years + from being offended? hmm things don't look good for me, guess i should be globally offended? does that excuse me because im not being offended, im being globally offended, completly different you see o.o Hmm can't say i have faith in my winning a fight to the death either, im not really the fighting type, even if i had a weapon or gun or something i couldn't bring myself to kill someone, goodbye to my life D: Hmm i know what you mean though, i never really understood why "cute" offended some and upset them but i guess it does, maybe it's who says it to you? like if a slug come to me and said "hey you, boy, your cute, now come to slug land" i probably would be offended and grabbing some salt behind my back, wait why do i keep thinking about slug land now ._. (i wonder if they eat lettuce and cakes there? weird).  Hmmm anyway i dunno, i see nothing wrong with liking cute things though, i mean, probably like 70% of anime i watch are cute slice of life things (Acchi kocchi... now i want to watch it... and A-channle... and Yuyushiki... good god your gonna send me to my grave with cute anime overload... wait it was me who brought these series up? you must be imagining things, i got off track again). I still have no idea how one is to write cutely though D: so it's a art but i have no idea how to use it, i wish to express cute writing with knowledge i don't posses, ahhh the world is confusing me D:

well it applies to all emoticons actually o.o i was told o.o is a suprised or curious whale, .___. is a unimpressed whale, ^____^ is a happy whale, they all are whales xD everyone face which involves a dot or line is a whale it seems D: Anyway tell your sister i send her a thumps up and a chocolate (you will provide xD) from knowing they was whales, she along with yourself now know of of the 10 secrets of this planet D:

haha so you and the teacher had coffee all over you? i think that calls for a day at home if im honest xD But wait the teacher chased them and grabbed them and for him to applogise? basass teacher xD yeah it is unreal, such high security to stop kids getting out of school, but god you would think it's some kind of private school or real high class place when you see the security, it was just another school, nothing special, if anything i think it sucked xD Actually i recently learned a story about my school though, apprently like 5 or 7 years a kid blow his head of on the sports field with a shotgun, something to do with his girlfriend leaving him or something, sounds messed up though, imagine being the one finding that :/ Anyway back on topic after completly destroying the mood (xD), PE i think everyone sees as useless, worst thing is you learn how creepy teachers are, in ours a simple overdraft of our PE staff, the head of the subject was fairly normal i guess but the athletics/gym/whatever teacher was weird, she was like 50-65 and wore a miniskirt and just kept doing kartwheels and rolls... really not something people want to see, i think i need not go further into detail, sad thing is everyone of course looked the other way and it annoyed her so she would force you to stand watch her (messed up or what? :/) then one the other staff members was arrested apprently because he tried kissing one his students... yeah this is the high class amazing school with high secruitys staff... thrilling right? wait i forgot my point? damn i was kind of having fun mentioning the creeps in PE D: oh and one the other guy teachers would come into the guys changing rooms and demand we strip down and shower (which is illegal in our country now due to well yeah) and when no one would he would go completly off his top, seriously what a messed up group of PE teachers xD There was 2 or 3 others which was normal but still. Deffinetly didn't need PE with that list of staff, not like i would of done it if they had more normal ones anyway xD

Well i don't mind being the Monkey, i admit i would like the dog in name but i don't really know the meaning attached to them all anyway so to me it's just a year, kind of like star signs and birth stones ect. I was happy i didn't have to deal with being the rat though, it just sounds like someone is insulting you rather than anything else xD (i don't like rats... i mean real rats that is xD). I loved that Tiger girl though, Kisa, she was so so so cute, i hated the sheep kid so it did bug me a bit she liked him but meh, i can't control that, still, she was adorable ^_____^

*goes to look up tiger zodiac after writing this reply*

I agree, humans are way to worked up, they are ready to hit the roof with old err cake (which is expired), if they tried watching some slow paced slice of life comedy D: They could stare at anime and like if they cross dress after, at least do it in the process of cosplaying, it will make them more cool if nothing else XD

Hitler with a creme mustach (or iceing... wait it all depends what cake hitler orders, he could even get sticky jam in the thing!) sounds quite awesome actually, i would just laugh at him so much (though then i might feel bad if he cries o.o). Though it does make sense, he steals our cakes to get us to come after him, then we can talk things out and share cake and he will be so sorry he will buy us more cake another time getting us to come back for a chat again and become firends, hitler is one sneaky guy i give him that. Hitler is a sheep in a wolfs clothing, he isn't really bad, he is just a lonely man who probably cries himself to sleep. IM SORRY HITLER!!!! (see i used the power of CAPS)

Oh yes, i love Minami-Ke, i never found anyone much who seen it before (it's one of them hidden gems) but damn it's great, i would have to label Kana as my favourite because.... well i said before how them types of characters are usually up top for me, but honestly i loved all the characters on it, Chiaki probably my second favourite though i did love Uchida and Housaka (that guy who has a crush on Haruka and randomly keeps unbuttoning his shirt xD). Phew i really do love Minami-ke and am just so happy i finally know others who appreciates it's awesomeness, you shall lead the world into a new era of greatness, i am sure of that your highness! If i was your sister, i would of totally taken it as a compliment, though i suppose she lacked the knowledge of the awsome series at the time? pshh poor humans who haven't yet opened their eyes to the great world of anime ^.^

hahahahaha your family mirror mine i see. I never really see my cousins or nothing, like ever, i think last time i saw half of them was at a wedding a couple years back (6 years or so?). But yeah my parents used to try and battle out who's kids was best (whilst we all laughed at 'em behind their back for being so sad to actually compare children...), good god what is wrong with parents now days xD I would clearly need to re-shape them when you are in power... but it sounds like too much work so i can't be bothered, just stick them infront of a computer with anime on and be done with xD

hehe i hope im safe in the smell catagory *sniff...* hmm seems i must be in the smelly half, i smell like pear drops... i myself don't find it a bad thing but all them people who are alergic to pear drops and stuff (they are some weird people) must be running from me when im not looking. hmm maybe your right though, 21.34% does seem more accurate, that or 85.675%, but really it's not THAT much of a difference between 21.34% and 85.675% now is it o.o

Hmm is it okay if im totally jealous? I wish i had a certificate saying i am a super qualified genius (especially when anime is involved)... i kind of just picture you with a certificate and it's making me want to go all hitler on you, steal it whilst your eating cheesecake (it's a trap >:]) and then stick my name over yours and pretend it's mine, hohoho (SANTA laugh?) i totally have created the ultimate evil crime right here, see something only a genius could do. I agree though, Japanese voices are awesome, they sound adorable compared to english ones, it's actually impressive because if you check some males in anime they are actually commonly voiced by females, impressive they can even cross their voice over gender barriers without us noticing xD That in my eyes is real talent, english ones 90% of the time can't even put emotion into their lines :/

Haha trust me there is less than you think, shopping to girls is some kinda of haven... for some unknown reason (don't worry im working on finding out the cause right after i have revived Hitler). Minotaur... am i the only one thinking that name for a shop sounds a little... imtimidating? D: haha the joy of window shopping, well all i can say in join the club on figuring that one out, seriously i can't figure out whats fun at looking at stuff you either have no intention to buy or you can't afford to buy, it's kind of like rubbing it in your own face... at least normal shopping you have intent to purchase but window... urgh people are very very strange now days xD i should test out my "super moo'tastical moo'er" on people, i named it after my friend who moo's a lot o.o what does it do? what does it do indeed O_O

Hmm sorry but i can't approve of that method of invention, something is wrong it seems :/ See that doesn't describe the idiot who made the word to be all that annoying enough, they probably speak in a dumb voice, likely to be one them stupid deleinquent types who looks like moldy eggs (? don't ask xD) and smell like all gone wrong cookie mix, or something like that xD I imagine it was a slip of the tongue word, like they was responding in a dumb way to someone and somehow said that dumb word instead of what they was meant to, because i don't like them they decided to use the word because they should die and everyone lives happy ever after... no wait, why did mine turn into a story? D: Well you made yourself mad with your own post and i made a story that makes no sence with mine, these are some damn good theories, we should submit them to some err greatest minds thing and become famous only to complain we don't want to be famous D:

I think she could of been cute, like for starters stop doing everything she is doing, especially looking on the net, bad influence on her xD When she was shy and all alone it did give her a air of being cute xD Maybe i just sympathise with the lonely people though, i have a bad habbit of doing that, i just feel so bad for people like her when you see them alone and no one notices them (and they want people). Though i think her brother was totally mean, she should of just hugged her... okay yeah can't see that happening xD Imagine being her parents though, uncomfertable much? Walk in and your daughter seems to live for "that" style of gaming, she makes creepy things out of some voice clips and well... your daughter just is who she is xD Must be kind of fun to parent her xD (Anyone else thinking my way of thinking is completly messed up? xD).

Well Cheesecakes have been on my mind recently, i kind of like them it seems. I had one the other day but right now im questioning my desk, i have a coaster full of cream eggs (not sure where they came from xD) and random packs of pear drops... what a strange layout, i blame not having enough cheesecake. My goal was accomplished it seems, i got you in the mood for cheesecakes, feel happy now? :D actually i have spent 2 days on this, yes 2, well i was writing, then had to go moo outside at people, so i continued the next day, and god damn the time, i had to continue moo'ing at passing people, so before you know it i moo'd away and it took longer o.oHmm i had something i wanted to say at the end of the message, but i can't remember what, i seem to be going senile i guess :/

And thus, i declare the end of some what large message version moo.2.moo, once again, i am sorry for killing your time away D:

May 16, 2014
4nime4ddict says...

I never thought I'd make friends on here either but now I have and I'm super glad it's you! MAHOU SHOUJO UNITE! Hehe :P xo

May 15, 2014
4nime4ddict says...

I'm super duper happy with you as my friend! *mahou shoujo immense cuddle* 

We will stick together no matter what! And if you wrote that book I would read it a lot, you're not a Freak at all you're my friend and you have my upmost respect ^~^ 

I'm getting sleepy :( it's 20:44 here, I need to sleep soon D: but I wanna read bleach ^^

May 14, 2014
4nime4ddict says...

I know how you feel. I was diagnosed about four years ago, along with severe depression, PTSD, aspergers syndrome and it sucks:( but at least we have our mahou shoujo team and anime to get us through it! I'll never give up on you, Miki-Chan!! ^~^ xo

May 14, 2014
4nime4ddict says...

Yeah I'm really shy, I've been diagnosed with social anxiety, I'm really timid haha im confident on here because we share interests and you're really awesome!! :)

I'm glad you got what you wanted ^~^

May 14, 2014