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Konnichiwa minna!


I'm 16 years old, and I adore anime, as most people on this site do! 

I love all genres, if it's a good show and I like it then that's that, whether it's horror, sport, fantasy or whatever, if there's an anime you love please share it with me so I can watch it too, maybe I'll like it as well :)

I began watching anime, as most people do, at a young age, mostly just Pokemon, Astory Boy, Power Puff Girls Z, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, and, well you get the drift, I was a pretty cool kid! (lying)

If I had to pick my top 3 shows I have ever seen, they would definitely, with out a doubt be:

1. Kobato 

2. DN Angel

3. Clannad (and Afterstory)

I love those three so much because they are the first shows I watched a 2-3 years back that got me back into liking anime, not to mention they all have amazing storylines and the character are beautiful, and the shows are filled with laughs and tears and happiness and pain and I love that kind of a show!

Well that's all for now I guess.

Please leave me a comment :)

I-it's not like I l-like you or anything, b-b-baka!!  (total tsundere or what?! )

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GotenMadDog says...

hey it s ok :D how are you

May 31, 2014
Madoka says...

One shouldn't question the power and influence of the postmaster, i imagine he secretly rules this world from the shadows, betray the most postmater and well... we all know what happens then, not mail for you D: he can be a sneaky fellow for sure.

Ohh scandal in school, anohana class >:D i approve. Anyways umm i changed it cuz like, the day before i changed it, watched Anohana's movie (finally, been waiting years. Essentially it's just a retelling of the series but it cuts the stuff short and focuses on characters individual feelings and such, more perspectives anyway) and well i kind of love it so much i figured i needed a avatar from it, but trying to find a good pic of Meiko which also expresses the shows awesomeness wasn't easy... i kind of liked this one, then i realised it doesn't look "as" good as it should of, i never got around to changing it, and there my friend is the amazing (not so amazing) story of my avatar, next time the story of the fairy which made me eat trees.. or not D:

Hmm well now i can't help but add the short trait to your image ._. you can't basically admit to being short and expect me not to use it... especially because you said not to add the image, when someone says not to do something, you obviously only hear "do it" or whatever to match the situation D; Well i admit i fear if i was let loose in Japan, i would be hugging them from one to the next, only issue is, they might not be happy, Japanese aren't so into touchy feely stuff outside close acquaintances (there is part of the lesson behind bowing) so i would probably end up arrested by the end of the day for hugging people .__.

WHAT!!! but why, how could one not like K-on ._. I imagine Yui might cry, it will be like watching the ending to Anohana just with Yui instead of Menma, the tears will roll :( oh god now all i see is crying Yui :(

Well im never offended, i know we too cool and what not to ever be offended, besides, dogs rock! Im sure my dog wouldn't mind me being a dog, would give him a friend o.o Yes theory says (avoiding health/other things) i shall see the grave first, i will come say hi after i die i suppose... though people will probably run, that could be a issue i guess. hmm i will bring a copy of anime to let you know i come in peace... all this ghost requires is a seat and a TV, of course anime playin :D im one selfish ghost i guess. Shush it's the law to please ghosts or ima throw sticks in your fridge one day o.o Im very dangerous see.

Hmm i just read that "I'm just thinking of Penguins" and blanked the rest for a second, hehe so your thinking of penguins xD Now all i can picture is penguins sliding around on ice. Anyway getting the image of penguins away and back to my message, i have no issue being a penguin, infact i like this plan, TURN ME TO A PENGUIN please D: It's not like i want to be one or anything *tsundere mode activates*. Hmm Dog,Penguin,Mole... oh oh oh can i be a Panda next? They look kind of fluffy and cute, totally want to be one to hug myself. . . even if that will look a bit odd xD. Don't worry, you could become a panda as well, pandas don't talk fast... or no wait, damn i don't know what im saying, all i can see is a panda eating bamboo whilst talking really posh now ._. talking padas!!

hmmm relevant is the word you are confused by, see i spelt irrelevant like my life depends on it (it does, a duck comes to my house threatening me if i spell it wrong my life will end). Anyway seems alice in wonderland has become my new world... i guess i can get on board with this, i have no issue with the move anyway. Wait.. does that mean im a little... you know... crazy? D: Oh yeah people been reading in, im telling you it's obvious, i know for sure, who wouldn't want to, i mean... if you was them, you would read this wouldn't you? D:

See, your demon side would of thrown them regardless if you was indeed evil. Thus my point of you being too nice is proven, and so im sorry but im going to have to confiscate your sticks until you become more evil or accept infact your actually nice D: it's a hard choice i know, but im evil like this >:D

hahaha i admit, i laughed at that one, well err paedophiles/stalkers using anime planet and casually perving in on my profile just got some juicy gossip, they might be on a world mission to find you now, stay sharp D: you should avoid taking cakes from strangers for some time, i know it's painful but it's the safest bet, in the mean time feel free to send them my way D: I'm sure the worlds biggest creeps would run from me, leaving me with cakes! It's like not im trying to gain cake out of this or anything. Slug world though... don't hide there, i imagine it's gross and slimy, and like, slugs my eat you or crawl on your body, the thought of a slug touching my skins is giving my shivers all over.

so your saying if you or mr moo cow down the road says something cute it was infact accidental and just talent shining through... hmmm should i make these people/cows aware of their talent, because well i kind of want to moo right now, i mean i think i should inform them but they might be offended if they was secretly developing this talent in... well secret and didn't want the world to find out.

Hmm i see, i sort of figured this might happen, partly because i would of done the same thing, infact even if there was several left i still probably would of ended up eating them and not sharing with her D: But as long as the message about whales reaches her and she understands my secret code i sent her. Soon us whale believers shall reunite D:

haha well honestly speaking i felt sorry for the kid but i can't deny i still think that was rash action to take over something like that.

I wonder if it's a requirement to be messed up for PE teachers? And why oh why is there always at least 1 who has to dress really lets say inappropriately which is only going to make people sick .__. Yeah our school hit pretty similar there, except the female PE teachers had no issue walking in the guys changing room, the guy teachers used to just walk into the girls as well but that became a issue when it was made public so it stopped but females still walk into males changing room and she just stood watching people .__. If i was a girl i would never change, i think if i had to i would A, not bother doing PE (though that's what i did anyway as a guy xD) or alternatively B, change prior to the PE class and just leaves the clothes on under uniform... hot in summer i guess but better than people knocking door open cuz teachers are creeps D:

Well some teachers could be scary anyway. Cooking in our school had a teacher no one messed with, she didn't look mean but she would stand yelling at people with knifes in her hand, she broke tables in half (no kidding) several times when she was angry by slamming her fists into them, she threatened people and everything, if she said silence i assure you, the room would only have the sound of a clock ticking. Not bad though, at least the annoying kids had something to fear, and we didn't have to do cooking much as it was a subject you could drop in your last 2/3 years if you wanted to do something else instead (choices was like cooking, wood work, electronics and child care) so most didn't have to fear the devil forever xD

hmm a monkey to the list D: i forgot that, i could go up and edit but i am so brave i will rebel by not doing so. Though doesn't that add the tiger thing to your pallet? D: see your joining me in developing yourself in the animal kingdom, before you know it you can become like a giraffe and errr a sheep D: oh oh oh maybe a ostrich or flamingo? mhmm interesting choices o.o

hehe actually i only been writing this about 15mins, my fingers been flying oddly enough. Though they are beginning to feel pain in them, fast typing is like self destructive mode at these speeds.

I can't do no Mahou Shoujo dance... well i could but the shoujo part kind of might not work with me (girl>Boy) hmm, well i could just throw on a dress and join you but i dunno, dresses aren't my thing as we said with crossdresses, though i guess Ayumu managed to pull it off .__.

muhahahahahahaha that was great, i know your of course not (are) Hitler’s friend, and people here misreading with not need to worry, now they should know your not (are) Hitler’s friend. But Hitler-kun, i still have tears coming from my eyes reading that one. I imagine walking up to Hitler, "Gomen ne Hitler-kun" xD can't stop laughing xD ahem anyway Hitler is of course a good guy, he gave me some skittles yesterday, he probably stole them from someone else but heck he gave them to me, how kind of him. And he just looks adorable cosplaying a wolf, so fluffy. I guess me and Hitler-san will just be over here ordering cakes then D: (Hitler-kun said he would pay)

I was confused what the heck was going on with Housaka when he first started becoming more of a character and kept removing his shirt, i just kept laughing though because... well what the heck xD He was creepy but in a fun way, awww i think he was a nice guy at heart though, his creepy weird fantasies was adorable, well except the ones about Haruka wiping sweat from his forehead with a towel... that was weird xD). Ohhhhh same here, my favourite was when they thought Kana had run away, i was half crying myself o.o imagine how it felt to be them, and all the stuff they was coming out with... now i kind of want to watch that episode again just because... well as said that part was just the best (in a odd way i guess, so sad but amazing). It's a shame how few have actually seen the series, i love it and always feel so bad when there are lots of things like tha which people haven't seen.

Your Pet Whale Kujira-chan is amazing! I see you have joined us in the whale club, good wise choice, people don't question your amazing logic where, just release a unhappy or a not so impressed whale into the world and people just understand like snapping fingers D: ... I actually don't understand half the stuff i say sometimes xD

yeah i know right, 21.34% and 85.675 are right besides one another, clearly! I actually commonly get them mixed up like ALL the time they are just so close D:

Though when you put "ne ne, what's a pear drop" i just imagined the most adorable voice ever D: on a game a played once you had this pet thing and i had the JP voices on and it was so cute and said things like "ne ne, ne teba~" and loads of stuff starting ne ne, i just imagined that voice and it was amazing  D: Ahem, anyway adorable stuff aside, Pear drops are a really nice Boiled sweet... and err i don't know what more to say xD they are lovely anyway .__. Just google image search "Pear drop", you probably know what they are anyway xD (can't stop imagining awesome voice). Okay im re-doing your voice in my head to the one i got stuck there now, so sorry if this whole message in my head is interpreted cutely from now on instead our obvious all so serious tones xD).

hmm wait you already googles the picture... poo my amazing plan of google failed D: hmm you should try finding some locally then... (or through the net xD), they are nice, one of few things in this world i love D: (i lie, i love lots .__.). I guess pictures really do have troubles showing how i smell... hmmm i was sure this was a amazing plan D: Im going to invent it so pictures to transfer smell, it shall be the world top invention ever (aside from anime and related topics of course).

hohoho i could totally make my Santa laugh perfect, hohohoho Merry give my Hitler’s cakes/your certificates... ahem i mean merry Christmas, it's not like im going to take them or anything when you not looking or when i have you distracted when you think im the real Santa, because i mean, Santa clearly has the best laugh/outfit ever (and Japan is better, Santa-san sounds amazing xD).

I dunno, if you voice acting with the voice i got in mind from above, there is no fricken way you wouldn't be a good voice actor D: i mean that voice... seriously .__. this is going to be like when them people who smoke stop smoking, probably not easy for 'em, me getting this voice out my head will be like that D: does that not make sense? i dunno i shouldn't use examples about smoking when i don't really know how them people get on with their thing D: I just figured they have issues stopping... oh i give up with this example, you probably know what i mean (or not x.x).

Actually i totally see where your coming from with that one, i could kind of expect dinosaurs or something of the like if i saw a name like that... actually i would love a shop selling dinosaurs if im honest.

Well i do in fact moo a lot, i have yet to master being a cow, i am currently getting used to standing in fields eating grass, it gets a bit boring though so as you can see i am having troubles mastering it, but soon, soon i will be mooing more than anyone else in the field having the time of my life eating grass xD yes this whole message i kept wanting to write "moo" on random bits but thought you might think i have gone completely loopy and become a cow, i can't spread lies until i am infact a cow. what does it do? well that's a secret only the lord of cows can know, that's another reason im getting in real good with the cows right now o.o

Hehe well her brother was probably just like that anyway, i mean some are. Also the fact she was how she was would play massive roles in it, nothing like draws full of pics of your (creepy) sister cramped into them xD And her obsession with trying to appeal to people so much she essentially tries appealing to him .__. Yeah that would of been real creepy i admit, her dad just walking’s in and her leaves her games on and her massager things around, can't say i envy him really, i have to say i would be impressed he managed to casually brush it off o.o Ohhh what a life it would be to have her as a daughter, one thing im sure many are quite thankful they don't have to think about xD im telling you though, she would be a amazing friend, i would just love to be her friend... as long as she isn't calling me behind my back (or err... i probably might want to be a girl because err i wouldn't feel comfortable being male around "her" :/

Hmm well im sorry but i have ate my cheesecake... i guess i could try making one as well D: though if im honest the chances of it coming out good aren't high, i wont say im a bad cook but im no errr chef person... im no Housaka (he can cook quite well from what i gather xD). Though when you said it would be entertaining to make yourself one and followed it up with your good at cooking im confused... the first part totally makes me think it would be entertaining as in kitchen disaster but the second part tells me all is well D:

ohhh Penguin-sama doesn't sound to shabby actually, but i don't mind sharing my name, it's not like it's going to be used as your new secret identity (or is it? o.o) or anything. Unfortunately i wasn't born into the world with a amazing one of a kind name or anything, and i can tell you right now as much as i would love to be a Makoto-kun or something (i can't think of many male Japanese names which i like) i'm sadly not Japanese (yet), So as much as Chihiro might suit me as a name or Haruka or something, im just not that person D: Real name is *drumroll* (well that wasn't so dramatic), Matthew, unsuited i know xD Anyone on the net who ever asked my real name has only commented as "i never pictured you for a Matthew type person" or "oh right", but im simply that xD I have no issue, i don't dislike my name and well if it suits me or not it is who i am, doesn't change my creepy ways xD And thus that is the story of my name, i like stories so i figured it needed telling in one, didn't feel like a story? yeah i know :(

your watching Kana and Fujioka amv's eh?, well... *goes to watch some because i want to see some*

that moo'ing... is probably me yes :') if you are in bed at night and hear a "moo" in the street or from the field or something, it's probably just me training to be a cow.

that last line! xD i laughed, i read it in a spiteful voice first time if im honest xD it just sounded so funny, so then after reading you saying to re-read it more sad like i decided to use the old cute voice... to be rebellious and all of course, i know right now you will be throwing stick rallying a army to bring about my end. Seems my life might end sooner than we anticipated :')

Well as always, my message was delayed, you know the postmaster is to blame so i wont say much more on that matter. Well to be fair, i did type it out like 4 days ago, then i forgot to send it... and forgot some more until i thought today "did i send it" turns out... i did not, until now o.o

May 30, 2014
LetsGetCherryPie says...

I actually have no idea how long summer break is! It's a long time though!

6 is a lot! I have none ;-;

May 30, 2014
LetsGetCherryPie says...

Woah! That sounds and awesome! I really need to get some anime DVDS!

There's hundreds I want to watch (No Game No Life is one of them) but I'm having trouble because of school and stuff -_-

But only 4 weeks until the summer break so I'm gonna try and catch up then! ^-^

May 29, 2014
Shivichan says...

My email is  [email protected]

Ah, btw, you can send me your deviantart id if you have one! ^^ It would be much easy then! :D

May 29, 2014