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Hey everyone! 

Welcome to my bio! I change this thing so much and 

reply to comments pretty late but I hope we can be friends!

I like all kinds of anime, but my favourite genres are Daily Life:

And Romance:



Me right now: 


I'll probably change this again soon, I can never get it the way I want it T^T

Anyways, leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP... well.... whenever I feel like it, but I will get back to you! :D 


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LetsGetCherryPie says...

*knocks down the last enemy* It's...finally over...*turns around* ...Manager-san?! Is it really you? I thought you were killed in the battle back there! I'm so happy *starts crying* you're okay! (Dramatic?! Pfffffftttt)

That's definitely a terrible idea! I still can't believe they killed Yoshiki in the anime! It was in such a horrible way ;~; There was such a beautiful moment in the latest chapter! I was gonna start talking about it but I don't want to spoil anything! The only thing I hate about the manga is that the translation takes ages, so by the time the next chapter is out you can't remember what happened before >.< Don't worry, I definitely won't do the Sachiko charm! You have my word *bends on one knee and puts arm across chest like a true gentleman*

Ukuleles are really cool! I might get one because guitar just isn't working out for me...but a ukulele is basically a small guitar...what if I have problems with that?! I think I'll just stay away from instruments...Yes! We must start campaigning right away!

Giant...Haru-chan?...That's terrifying! >.< Thank you so much, Manager-san! I can be a normal girl again T^T I only have like 7 more episodes to watch so I might finish it at the weekend :D I'm kind of excited now!

A pre-proposal?! Of course I'll marry you! As long as you promise me that you aren't in love with yourself anymore!

Are you feeling okay?! Australians have awesome accents and I won't listen to your arguments anymore *puts hands over ears and sings loudly*

Really?! I understand that would be scary but you shouldn't be skipping class! I have a lot of weird teachers in my school...it's pretty weird...There's a maths teacher that throws calculators at people (I might have him next year and I know he's gonna pick on me >.<), A PE teacher who was off for a while for accidently hitting someone with a pen, a teacher who gave us a huuuuge lecture about respect without introducing himself so we had no idea who he was (he also admitted to watching boys from his car), a history teacher who called me "Baloo" for the whole time I was in his class, an art teacher who said some really mean things to me because I was laughing and two teachers who I swear are having an affair! Now that I'm telling someone else...I realise how weird my school is...maybe I should move...

Stupid computer! The baron? I kind of shipped them too :3

It was so much fun! I want to be a biologist even more now! Biology is so fun :D I was learning about how plants grow and stuff today and the teacher said you can take a cutting and grow a whole new plant and I was like "Why haven't people been talking about this?! It's amazing?!" No one likes learning about plants though and I don't understand why! I don't think we do the points thingy here, it sounds a bit confusing to me :/

It was so sad when they were all talking about the stuff they were gonna do but they couldn't because they were leaving and they were all crying and Ricchan was like "lycopene" and I need to rewatch it T^T I have the first two volumes of the manga and the first one has a mini lesson on playing guitar! It's so cool :D I'll definitely watch it sometime because it looks adorable!

That's so warm! It's freezing here and the weather can't make up it's mind! I always leave the house thinking "my hair looks really nice today" but the wind ruins it! >.<  I just want my hair to look pretty! Is that too much to ask?!

I can't stop thinking about Ao Haru Ride and I've even started daydreaming about it in class! I'm really annoyed with Kou though, he was getting along great with Futaba-chan and then he just goes and starts acting weird and I don't understand what he's doing! God dammit Kou, I don't understand you at all! I really feel sorry for Futaba-chan T^T It is really cute though >.< It made me start thinking about the shampoo I use and I realised that I can never smell my shampoo...it doesn't smell that nice anyway so I'm kind of glad!

Another thing I don't understand is cats! I came home from school and played with my cats for ages, then they just decided they didn't like me anymore and started ignoring me ;~; God dammit cats, I don't understand you at all!

Did you know 28 is in the 4 times table?! Yeah, it's 7 x 4! It's weird right? First of all, it doesn't seem right that you can times 4 by 7 or 7 by 4. Secondly, 28?! That just doesn't fit! God dammit maths, I don't understand you at all!

I don't know why I decided to write this part here...Anyway, when I said the teacher (We call him Respect Guy or Callum because all the cool kids call teachers by their first names) was watching boys from a car I don't think he meant it, he's not a stalker! Well I don't think he is...I should really move...

Oh! One more thing (this has just became a really long list of randomness xD) Do you say "no worries" a lot? I've started saying it more than usual and I Googled it (I get curious over the weirdest things) and it said that people say it's the motto of Australia and Australians say it a lot. Do other people you know say it often?

Mar 5, 2015
KonaIzumi says...

Hi Tsumiki-chan! :3 

Don't worry about the late reply ^^ Hope your exams goes good and you can have free time soon to caught up with all the anime! I miss sharing out comments as we have been doing till not so long ago :P

As you said, I hope you can watch some next Monday ^^ If you do, feel free to write me back to tell me about it !!! This is for you! hope you like it :D SURPRISE!!

Mar 5, 2015
Kyononaplane says...

Not to worry! ^_^

Yeah, I haven't been watching much anime lately either, I've been reading a lot of manga though. :O

Good luck with your exams. ^^

Mar 5, 2015
veramatos says...

It's okay! I was going to apologize for replying pretty late too, I think it's been almost 2 weeks since your last reply, oops! :P

Oh I'm so sorry! Sorry if I gave away any spoilers in any way!

It's understandable! But I have to say, watch it as soon as you have a chance because I just watched episode 8 and we find something out in that episode hehe :P

Mar 4, 2015
4nime4ddict says...

Of course I remember you!! I am so sorry for replying like two months late.. 

I hope you're well! I had a super Christmas and New year, how was yours? Xx

Feb 28, 2015