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Hello there!

I'm trzr23 (or TRazor). I love watching anime and I enjoy reviewing them. I don't read a lot of manga for the same reason I don't read e-books - it just ain't the same as flipping the pages with a paperbook in your hand.

I used to be a video game reviewer and recently made the switch to anime. It's always great to recieve feedback, be it positive or negative, so please feel free to comment on my reviews.

I'm also the blog owner at trzr23 ~ Anime news, reviews and previews with a dash of cynicism.







So, yeah, just leave a comment or send a message if you wanna chat.

Ciao and peace

trzr23 out

~Note: All my reviews are ported from my blog. You can also find them on MAL.

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LilMayar Mar 14, 2011

Psychological anime is so grossly underrated xD

I wish they'd make more animes that were as thought provoking as psychological anime.

sothis Mar 5, 2011

We do have 400k unique users a month here so I dont know if I'd call it inactive :|

Archaeon Mar 4, 2011

Oh I'm happy about the numbers on the NGE review as they justify my point. Not only that, it also encouraged others not to be afraid of the faceless morons who perpetuate stupidity.

I've actually set aside tomorrow so I can have a good look at your reviews. I should warn you that I don't pull any punches when it comes to writing. I may rip one or more of your reviews to pieces, but that doesn't mean you're a poor writer or reviewer. From what I've read, your heart and mind are in the right place, all that's required are refinement and the right words.

Archaeon Mar 4, 2011


Have you read my original review of NGE? I basically decided to pick a fight with all the fanboys and girls because I was sick of them trying to tell me that I didn't understand the series (I rated it a 5). At the time there was no mediocre or bad review of the show, although I have been told that someone did post one before mine, but it was removed because they were being harassed by idiots.

So I decided to insult them as much as possible. Even now I get people complaining about that review and asking me to change it, but given that 271/528 people liked it those complaints have been dying down.

As for your Naruto review, I never saw anything wrong with what you were saying. I totally agree with after all. It's just another fight of the week show, the only difference between it and Bleach being the orange jumpsuit. I mean seriously. A ninja in an orange jumpsuit who runs around screaming Dattebayo? What happened to stealth, silence, the shadows of the night?

And people wonder why I think the industry is letting itself down.

Archaeon Mar 4, 2011


I've seen a fair number of collective user sites like AP, AniDB, etc, but MAL continues to be the most active, mainly because of the way it's set up. The other sites aren't really social networks, but are instead databases that have been modified to allow users to talk directly to each other.

The problem with the voting is one we all know about. I have at least one hater, and I can be guaranteed that any review I write that appears on the "best voted" page will undoubtedly get at around 8 to 15 not helpful votes in a very short space of time.

It's a shame that people are like that, but then again, we signed up for that when we decided to write reviews.