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Favorite Anime OPs

14 MAR

Almost every anime has them. A quick, short song with something visually appealing to the eyes - meant to get your anus prepared for the hungry dick that is the oncoming anime. Ladies and gentlemen, these are my favorite anime OPs.

"Hacking the Gate" (Steins;Gate - 2011)

"To the Beginning" (Fate/Zero - 2012)


"Super☆Affection" (Carnival Phantasm - 2011)

"Shiver" (Kuroshitsuji II - 2010)

"Duvet" (Serial Experiments Lain - 1998)


oninosweeney avatar oninosweeney
Apr 6, 2013

nice list.... i'd forgotten how awesome Lain's opening was; i should watch that again.

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