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Azrael89 says...

Hi and thanx for the welcoming!!

The header of TTGL it's because that's my favorite series :)

PD: sorry for the time

Feb 9, 2016
Halibut says...

Yeah i get what you mean, but in England i have got massive comic shops and most of them have big manga sections, because of how much more popular manga is then superheros in England. 

Feb 7, 2016
Halibut says...

Hi following you just wanted to know did they use to sell mana in the Uk and Ireland?

Feb 6, 2016
amali says...

Yes i do follow Haikyuu as a manga too,it`s the best,i have to admit the same thing,i just love the sports anime and manga.Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket are my favorite ones :D

Feb 3, 2016
amali says...

Hi trottolina,yeah this site is actually great,it`s such a shame i only found out about it recently.I am also happy to meet someone who is  tracking Manga :D

Feb 1, 2016