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sothis says...

Thanks for adding cross recommendations! I'm hoping more people add these anime/manga pairs because there's tons of good ideas to go around :)

Jul 25, 2014
Purplebeard says...

That I am. Thanks. x3

Jul 23, 2014
JohnWatchAnime says...

I dont really remember exactly why i didnt like gon, since havent watched hunter x hunter for a long time xD. But i think i disliked him because of his high pitched voice and ocer the top attitude.

However when i watched an episode this week it didnt annoy me :I 

Aa for WECO, i might be back after summer break. I didnt have motivation and timeto continue doing greeting, so I decided to take a break and come back later when university starts again.

Jul 21, 2014
transparently says...

Hey, Thanks for initiating that welcoming feeling! Stay great! //.

Jul 21, 2014
VersusVes says...

Hello trottolina!:) thanks for your comment. how did you find and interested in my profile? sorry but right now I don't get a little bit how anime-planet structure is wokring ( I mean: meeting new people, having conversations with them, etc.). have a nice day, cheers.

Jul 20, 2014