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Howl's Moving Castle

Aug 22, 2012

The story develops and changes as the movie goes on. I won't spoil anything but the stroy progresses along with the characters through a sense of harmonization that binds the two aspects together.

It looks a tiny bit old but with the style of the castle and the environments around them you can't complain.

The theme is so unforgettable and moving. It feels as though it comes from the characters themselves and matches with them exactly as a song should.

The characters grow quickly and always have more to them than meets the eye. Learning more about each character shows the depth hidden within them that you as a view will still not fully understand even after the story is over.

This movie is great for essentially all ages! I would show this movie to nearly everyone who would watch it! Non-anime watchers, old folks, children, everybody. This movie is so magical and delightful that it doesn't need any of the adult themes many of the pieces of production within the media have.

9.6/10 My favorite anime movie that I'm sure I'll watch many more times as I grow older!

9/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.3/10 characters
9.6/10 overall
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