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Cowboy Bebop

Nov 27, 2011

Cowboy Bebop has been around for a long time but I only just got around to watching it. I remember a little bit of it playing on cartoon network when I was little but it didn't really make much sense to me at the time. Now that I've watched it all the way through I think it is spectacular. The Story follows a group of characters around the universe as they hunt bountys. Remnants of the characters past get mixed in from time to time and sort of take over the story. One thing that is strange about this anime is that it really shines in the epidoes that aren't connected, which many many animes try to do and fail, they lack the meanings that Bebop infuses into each and every episode.

The sound/music is really very excellent. I watched this dubbed which is rare for me but all of the voices were spot on, really well done. Spike and Jet I think are both perfect for their parts. The soundtrack mixes many different genres of music, relying heavily on jazz for the majority.

The animation is surprisingly well done. I'm amazed at how well the voices match with the mouths considering this was originally japanese. Everything else still holds up very well against the stuff that comes out nowdays. It looks good and the environments usually have a lot going on.

The characters are the best. Each person gets their own respective episode periodically. These let in you into the character smoothly, not revealing everything about them at once but making you feel in tune with the character and where they've come from, leading you to understand more why they do what they do. Also name symbolism all over this place! I positively love it!

Overall this is not an anime to be missed. I recommend this to not only anime watchers but also to people who don't watch much anime, espically if they are artistic or have a taste for jazz since Bebop pulls inspiration from so many different places. This anime really is a piece of art. In my eyes it has achieved what very few others have and that is being unique enough to take a borrow concept (tracking down bounties) and inject it with enough passion and creative influences to create meanings and powerful symbols. This anime has spectacular amounts meanings hidden within it, it is not just "what you see is what you get" and that is truly what is great about this anime.


9/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9.6/10 sound
9.7/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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