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Clannad After Story

(minor spoilers?) Part 2 of the Clannad lifetime, if you've made it this far you should live happily knowing something as special as Clannad exists.See my review for Clannad, not much in the terms of technical aspects has changed however the story has a lot. Prepare for an anime that actually continues outside of high school and travels through the real world. Story is similar to the first Clannad however it spends more time on stories of minor characters, these are totally awesome, outside experiences that wouldn't have made their way into the anime otherwise. Some of these are a lot of fun, some left me wondering to myself, lost in my own mind for days. WARNING This anime is more sad than the first 24 episodes, however it is more than deserving of your time, unless you don't like symbolism, deep feelings, honesty, stories that reflect life, and a sense of something deeper. The characters aren't around as much which is sad however more time is spent with the most important ones which is great. Character development like a mo fo! Sound is the same from the first 24 so if you don't like that sorry, the sounds are always spot on though because this anime is too legit to make silly mistakes like that. The animation is the best I've ever seen, smooth, so so so much attention to detail, so much subtle effects, great pan shots, well placed zooms. Also the voice acting is amazing (i watched this subbed). The emotion and feeling they put behind their words is spectacular, everone feels like they match so well with their voices.   My best praise goes to this anime for continuing a romance after high school, leaving the setting so many anime's are set in, for the real world, forcing each and every character to explore themselves as grown ups. It is done very well. No more cooking or quiet crush episode bullshit (go watch shuffle if you want to stay in high school forever). 9.5 excellent job to Clannad for making something so powerfully emotional and memorative. This one and the first 24 episodes are still funny as balls. Also you may cry.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.4/10 characters
9.4/10 overall
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