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School Days

School days. Very lighthearted title. This anime however isn't so lighthearted. What's great about this anime is the way it breaks foundations. It begins as a fairly ordinary anime and will proceed not as you expect it, WHICH WILL UPSET MANY PEOPLE. Not everybody is used to such strange turn of events, main characters the audience may not find appealing and events happening as they would in real life, not as you'd expect them to in all the other happy animes that are out there.

Animation looks good and sound is fine, opening theme is fairly nice. The music has good moods that occompany it but you'll begin to notice them due to how often they're used/

This anime has rather adult themes. Prepare for that. It is very interesting but doesn't play out the way most animes do. IT IS WORTH WATCHING. overall 8.4

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.4/10 overall
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Elmogamer says...

I think i hate this anime cause of the anime characters all seem to suffer from a sickness that is called stupid, that leads them in every critical moment of the anime to make idiotic decisions witch only serves to add up to the drama and the burl up ending. 

overall School Days is just a new take on the Harem jonra that try to stand out by the shocking ending alone and that is why i hate this anime. so this anime in my opinion is just a typical harem anime with a dark story and it's only standout point is the ending... and the stupidity of the characters ofc.

Jul 20, 2012