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Fire Emblem

18 MAY

Lets start off with the biggest issue here, it's two episodes long, and is really the start of something that never was given a true opportunity, SO, we take the game Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and make a two-part anime series about it, which means you must cram all the introductions and endings of whats happening into two episodes, and because that can't be accomplished with something as colossal as Fire Emblem, it just...kinda sits there...

I watched this as of 2011, and it was born in 1996, so its pretty dated, the animation is a little shotty but that is to be expected from that time, I do however think it stands up pretty well in terms of combat if compared with other stuff from this or similar years, its not too shabby, but really not a whole lot.


The music is neat! It is crafted to give you that childish adventure and nostalgia that brings a wonky little smily to your dorky anime lovin face, but at the same time can seem cheesy, still it is fairly neat!


Characters don't get an oppotunity, no development, little relation, its just too short to accomplish anything truly significant.


If you like Fire Emblem, (which I do) and you have 45 minutes spare time, (which apparently I did) it's not a bad little thing to watch.(side note, this was before marth had his name translated properly to english so instead of saying marth, everyone says mars)

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User Review Scores

  • Story 6.5/10
  • Animation 6.5/10
  • Sound 7.5/10
  • Characters 7.5/10
  • Overall 6/10


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