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Shining Tears X Wind

25 JAN

Before we start... one of the worst titles I have ever encountered. OK, characters, paper thin, no depth no emotion, its like this for our main character, "I'm a good guy and don't do bad things." Actually at one point the main character changes and trys to show everyone they can be mature and solve problems when working together, this is good, but he kinda shows it off like, "look at me, i'm better, so hurry up and change." The person most relatible was a robot (however they did her relationship really well!)

When i started this i had high expectations, the first half of the first episode was really neat! Music worked really well to portray an emotion and the camera angels added with the sense of mystery surronding campus, but as soon as they left school story went way downhill IMMEDIATLY.

Cliche's EVERYWHERE! It became difficult to watch because I knew what would happen in terms of story, (I never knew what would happen with enemies or weapons because they kept adding crazy rules (minor spoilers) this sword can shoot lazers and this one grants super armor!).

It was drawn well, characters looked great, even strange cat people and bird dudes look just fine. However the battles were horrible. Freeze frame of this person attacking, different angle freeze frame of partner attacking, battle over. (Minor Spoilers) the last battle took less than two minutes!

Minor problems everywhere, zombies aren't undead, the recap at the begining of the episode couldn't even deliver a normal intro, "And souma said that he couldn't agree with that sort of thing."...another example, no way to beat these enemies, oh i'll just shoot them with special arrow, but why didn't I do that from the start?...

Does this have comedy? no not really. Action? its horrible. Very cliche, i love RPG's and it makes me very sad.


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