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Paranoia Agent

Oct 24, 2013


Warning, this anime is different. It is very different. It is not for everybody. It is slow and thought out and complex. It may be a bumpy ride if you are prepared to zone out and not use your brain. This anime is best to not watch alone, talking it out can help plus this is so crazy you'll want to share the experience with a friend. That being said, The real review begins now.


It looks pretty good, it really does. It is terribly honest in its style and has older folks actually looking wrinkly and saggy. Sometimes the animation shows some flaws but that doesn't happen too often and there are even a few rare moments where the entire animation style will change (to enhance the story). Minor spoiler, if you want to know why this is called Paranoia Agent, that is because it is a description of what Lil slugger/ Shounin bat is. 


Interesting, that is for sure. At times it can feel very surprising and maybe wacky but those that each track has an intended purpose


This is where Paranoia Agent begins to show how beautiful it really is. There are so many characters in this story it is ridiculous. Some characters get a lot of exposure and are bursting with personality, few others have nearly no personality at all. All of these characters bring unique perspectives and show the legend of Shounin bat or lil slugger in a different light each time. Everybody in this tale is important. Each person is another piece of the overarching story being told here. These characters and the stories of their lives will bring you back to this anime, just so you can try and understand them a little more. Truly excellent storytelling at work in these characters. The characters in the intro are not the only characters, there are many more. Those characters are simply the beginning, the summoners, if you will. 


Yes, it is confusing. As long as you think and make it to the end it will make sense. Try to realize that there is more going on than just what you are seeing. It is complex but that is because of all the connections it has constantly and infinitely going on. Scenes will be slow and the story will play out in slow movements. It is kind of like watching the Matrix, know that there is more going on. In terms of storytelling, this anime is a masterpiece, and even though it has a few flaws, it adds to the depth and personality of the tale being told.


Amazing, truly. This anime does take dedication and somewhat of an open mind, people are going crazy here, don't doubt that, but there is still sense within each bit of nonsense. Remember to watch the dream confessions at the end of each episode after the outro. 9.4/10

9.8/10 story
9/10 animation
9.2/10 sound
9.8/10 characters
9.4/10 overall
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