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From the New World

Jul 11, 2013

WARNING: Do not watch this if you do not like to think while watching anime. This show has so much going on and has so much to teach that it can get confusing. Thinking and or reflection may be required.

To begin with, this is not your ordinary anime, do not expect something you've seen a hundred times. This story is colossal, brutal, and sensative in meaningful ways.

This review may have minor spoilers but that is due to the pacing of the show. Since each new development in the show is so important and constantly building off of a central plot line, in order for you to hear about anything past the first episode in this synopsis you might get a little spoiled.

Story: OK, wow. This story isn't contained. It is going to expand and teach the viewer about the world in the show and ours simultaniously, for the entire length of the show. Do you like being led to an answer? Given enough information so that things may seem confusing yet you've already been given the truth? Colossal. This story is colossal in so many ways. Complex and beautiful but ready to hold your hand if too many complexities stack up. 

Animation: Interesting. Some great colors and creative movement! Symbolism is present in shape and color. At times may seem slightly limited as to what it can achieve, but usally still achieves.

Sound: So much atmosphere here. The mood can vary to all different types and the music is a big component of this. Also, no opening. The first outro is very interesting blend of multipule vocal tracks playing together with violens, guitar solos, and of course drums. I loved it.

Characters: Don't be fooled at first, the amount of depth and growth of characters is truly reminiscent of real life over mamy years. 

Synopsis/Teaser Intro: Humans can influence the world around them with their minds. What does this mean for a society and a young woman named Saki? Secrets will be hidden, morals will be questioned, life will be pondered. 

Overall: Spectaular, truly so. Not too many animes try to point out majorly ethically problems in our mainstream societies. Not many animes can adapt to the mood and effectively make you feel like you are suddenly watching a horror film. Sometimes leaps in time may happen, try to remember that this story is huge and it may be necessary for things to happen without them having been 100% expressed to the viewer.

9.9/10 story
9/10 animation
9.3/10 sound
9.9/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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metallicmeltdown Sep 1, 2013

I agree with you entirely, and after watching so many animes with a typical and predictable storyline, this really really hit the mark. Towards the end of shin sekai yori, i kept replaying the theme of George Orwell's book "Animal Farm" in my head. I love things that have depth, and leave you thinking and questioning our society. 

Hands-down 10/10 overall

Austin1397 Aug 28, 2013

I paced myself though this anime because it was, as you said, very thought consuming. I could only watch 2-3 episodes at a time before needing a break because there was just so much to think about. 

A perfect ending explaining the whole situation. I wasn't sure if I was going to finish it because I was annoyed with having to wait for the answers. Not to mention that unlike other animes, you cant jump 2-3 minutes of the "boring parts" because there is always important information being given.

I rate it a good 9.5