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i have been waching anime for almost 3 years now i have been spending all the money i can get on anime and video games.

i like to wach movies play alot of video games and anime.

it all started when my friend told me to wach fullmetal alchemist and i got hooked on anime.

i have been to 2 cons tekkoshocon in 2007 i met vic mignogna the voice of ed in the dub of fullmetal alchemist im part of his fan club the risemboolrangers so we had a ranger dinner with vic it was alot of fun.

and i whent to ohayocon it was fun but i got the flu on the second day the con o well it was still fun.

i have a xbox live account its rvb fan13

i have a myspace its trinity_blood_fan13

and a red vs blue account at its churchboy13

if you want to join the risembool ranger go to

RED DAWN!!!!!!!!

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sothis Sep 23, 2007

FMA is indeed amazing! Anyways, come back and see us again sometime! Just added custom signatures and some other features... at minimum you should fill out your anime list so random people like me can see what you've watched and what you rated it. :D ttys!

OneiChan Aug 30, 2007

I am a FMA fan... it's my #1 anime in my top 5 ^__^ That is awesome that you got to meet Ed's dub actor! I actually have only watched an episode or two in dub's because I really do prefer to watch subbed. What is your avatar from? (I find myself asking this ? a lot of people, maybe that means I really need to be watching more anime, hehehe) And... WELCOME to anime-planet! The site is great, and the community is wonderful. Please join us in the forum or IRC chat if you feel like being social!