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So, guess I really should fill something out here since I've been here over two years lol.

My name is Adam, and I go by that or Touya (depends on usually who I'm talking to/where they're from) and I'm fine with either.

I'm currently going to the local college in my area of residence and I'm taking Buisness Administration - Accounting. Yes, it sounds boring, but it's honestly something I'd enjoy doing :). Once I'm finished my degree I am hoping to work internationally, and yes, it would be in Japan as my eventual hopes.

I don't read too much anymore, but the last book I read was the third Mass Effect book (honestly, I can't remember the name of it for the life of me, and yes, I'm too lazy to google the name right now lol).

I love pizza....LOVE IT!!! But I do make sure to exercise so I don't become a pizza! lol.

Hmm, sadly this feels like a lot of typing right now, so I'll come back to this again eventually lol. Anything else anyone needs to know, just ask :). I like honesty!

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HikaruTenshi Sep 3, 2012

Hi hi!

How have you been doing?

What have you been up to?

My classes have been going okay I suppose. I got an A and a B two sessions ago and an A last session. I am only allowed to take one class each session for now due to Financial Aid. This class I am really not going to like. It's Scientifice Writing and Research. I hate writing research papers, and I definitely hate writing literature reviews that is due at the end of the term. x.x

Did Drake enjoy Medabots?

I have heard some good things about Hikaru no Go. ^_^ I am glad you enjoyed it. I will look into maybe watching it in a couple months.. (I have lots of shows I want to finish and watch)

My dad's car has been in the shop for quite a long time now. I have been taking him to and from the park and ride every weekday. It's very tiring. I like.. go to sleep at like 1 wake up at 4 to take him, go back to sleep at 5:30 to wake up at 9.. It's harder when I have to keep getting up and going back to sleep. Haha. I am weird. So he sometimes looks at new cars.. or the truck he could buy.. but he wants to get his truck fixed. He says he doesn't like waking me up in the morning.

Have you found a car you like?

I wanted to try my hand at tennis. It seems like fun. ^_^ In high school I did a season of Golf.. I was no good at it at all, but it was still fun and I liked meeting the girls from the other schools.

Hmmm.. nothing else has really been going on over here. I did finally get a new phone after like two years or something. I had the same phone for like four years. x.x

I don't know if I told you, that my purse was stolen out of my car a while back, that was sucky. I looked all over to see if they at least would leave the unimportant stuff behind.. but no.. and I went to all the pawn shops in hopes that I would find my ring... but that didn't work out either. Haha. I tried at least. ^_^

Hmmm.. what else.. I think that's it. What about you?


HikaruTenshi May 5, 2012

Oh gosh, math for hours? That's crazy. x.x My head would hurt.

Oh, and I sometimes say "back in my day" and I am totally like 7 years younger than you or somthing.

Why thank you. I actually got an A last session when I had Child Development. I was so happy.

I was not doing well in that online class I had. For some strange reason she was soooooo freaking harsh, she kept failing everything I turned in. I passed like 4 assignments the whole class. I tried to withdraw but I was passed the deadline and only had two weeks left. Everyone was just as confused as I. A classmate I had before even said to the people at school that there was just no way I could be failing assignments. She was like "I know her, and she's really good, there is no way she can be failing."

In the end I got a B-. Not an A unfortunately, but way better than an F.

Now I am taking Intro to Counseling (on-campus) and Human Development (online). We'll see how that goes. x.x

No worries. I won't pry. ^_^ I was just being nosy. Bad me.

I am slowly watching Black and White. ^_^ I'm glad that you are teaching him wonderful things. I think it is kinda rare nowadays. I am hoping to teach my child(ren) things like that. I am pretty big on those kinds of things. (I really want to facilitate a parenting class. I am weird)

Haha, he is definitely too cute. ^_^

I was going to get one of those games once. My brother has a Wii and a DS.

Haha. True my car is near me. x.x I forgot. Well.. I could use a better car. Haha.

Ah, lots of factors into your moving plans. ^_^

I think you should go into teaching. Haha. But I am a random person on the internets so my vote shouldn't really count. Though, since your so good with numbers, accounting seems good too. @_@ I dunno. Haha.

Anything new happen these past like.. two months? Haha. Sorry it took so long.


SpiritDragon Apr 9, 2012

Hello Touya

I'm sorry to hear you are ill and I wish you the very best and hope that it gets better soon!

I don't mind it if you don't reply right away, because I usually tend to respond when I'm in the mood for it, which can take days as well xD

I'm glad to hear that you interested, but I sure hope I can keep our conversation(s) interesting for you ;P



SpiritDragon Apr 7, 2012

Hello Touya-san

I've seen some of your comments on Hikaru's Page and they looked like you are a interesting person to talk with, so here I am :P

If you are interested in a little conversation with me, please respond~



HikaruTenshi Mar 14, 2012

I try to put my school work before anime but it's sooooooooo hard. >.<

Ew, I hate math. >.< I suck at it like no one else can. My mind goes blank when I see numbers. x.x

I am majoring in Psychology. ^_^

I hate online classes. When I see all the assignments due that week I feel a little overwhelmed when I also think about my other class which is fairly easy. I think the trouble I am having right now, is trying to decide on paper topics. I am worried that if I pick a topic, I won't gather enough references to finish my paper and then I have to start from scratch.

Wow, I am sorry to hear that. I am trying not to be nosy and ask how that happened. >.<

How cute, kids are adorable. I have two dogs. One that is like the family dog, and then one that is more attached to my brother. I love the family dog even though she is sometimes bad. I watched CardCaptors when I was younger. I was 7 or something like that though.. Haha. As for Dragonball Z. I was not able to watch that till I was older. I watched a few episodes when I was young and my mother saw it and deemed it too violent. Which I totally understand. OoOoOo Pokemon, Digimon and Monster Rancher. I watched those when I was younger as well. Those are some good choices. Drake has a really great Daddy. ^_^

I am not good with games so I don't really play them. My brother does. I do like... Grand Theft Auto... but when I get stuck or the bad guys are attacking back in games, I give up or pass it on to someone till they do it.I am very weird. x.x

I am hoping to get back to IS eventually.. x.x Someday... along with everything else.

A new car and apartment... that sounds awesome. I have an older car. 1991. But I have had it for a few years. Well, since I could drive with a permit. Is the apartment going to be bigger or smaller than where you live now?

>.< I am getting hungry, I am gonna go eat.