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My thoughts on winter 2012

29 JAN

At the moment I'm watching the following anime which I'lll give a quick review of:

Amagami SS+ - A sequel to Amagami SS (without the plus) which pretty much follows the same basic format, but instead the beginning of the relationsships its a few months later and it showcases certain problems. This anime really has no point, but for some reason its still entertaining. Its innocence might be the key.

Ano Natsu de Matteru - Somewhat like its predecessors "Onegai Teacher!" and "Onegai Twins!", but it doesn't have the same feel, since its still ongoing it might improve a little, but the predecessors held onto me  throughout, whereas it doesn't pull me in during the second and third episodes.
Another - Its a 'horror' show, the Japanese don't really make good horrors in my opinion, but the show is interesting enough to keep me watching it at the moment, but I can see myself dropping this like a rock if it messes much up.

Beelzebub - A great comedy with a basic story that continues  the timeline, but it mainly relies on comedy, you should honestly not take anything seriously in this anime, even when it makes you think you should.

Bleach - Bleach is bleach, I'm sure most people know about bleach, so I'll comment on its current arc. At the moment its in the fullbring arc which is ok, but as with all recent bleach arcs its not as good as a lot of shows, but it still entertains. That's not to say that I don't like the fullbring arc though, because I think its a lot better than the past few arcs, just not as good as the previous ones.

Brave10 - An interesting show that I don't know much about even though I'm watching it, Its about a ninja who comes across a girl who does something interesting which I'm not going to spoil for you, but anyway, she is the usual annoying but cute needy girl, that's about all that I got out of this show. I have high hopes for this, the character art is actually pretty good.

Chihayafuru - A show about a school clubs challenges in competing in tournaments for a card game called Karuta, its pretty good and its made me want to play Karuta as well, even though before this anime I had no idea that it existed.

Fairy Tail - Typical shounen battle anime with plot arcs, its pretty good actually and hasn't had a filler arc yet, only a few episodes here and there. I'd rate this as one of my favorites, possibly just above naruto and below bleach.

I wrote a quick review for these ones, but I exited out of my browser after I did so, so I'm not doing it again.  >:(
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Naruto Shippuden
Sket Dance    
Zero no Tsukaima F


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