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watching anime for some time now :) very obsessively.



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sothis May 26, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that Navia Dratp is now up in the database :)

Tyranid5 Mar 14, 2011

Yeah it's gotten really bad/scary in some parts. I keep pretty up to date through a friend over here who he and his family are trying to get some of his relatvies out of Japan.

Tyranid5 Mar 12, 2011

Hey if you don't check the forums. One of the mods who add Anime to the database picked through the shows I submitted from your list. I posted the reply in your blog post so that it wouldn't take up a ton of space here.

chii Mar 8, 2011

I can't say I really feel guilty about any anime I watch honestly. I watch so much of every genre it's all just anime XD Maybe Queen's Blade would count along with Seikon no Qwaser perhaps. The Hinako ova's are pretty darn hilariously awesome in a bad kind of way XD I can't stand that Oniichan show honestly. I almost dropped it about 5 seconds into the first episode haha but well I'm a trooper I guess when it comes to making myself watch terrible anime. I still dunno why I do that to myself honestly XD

And yeah the badges can be like x-box achievements so i'm told. i don't have an x-box so i dunno what those are but getting little award perks makes watching some anime more fun for a lot of people. I can't wait till even more are going to be added soon enough :D

Tyranid5 Mar 8, 2011

Hopefully nobody reads this... I currently import my MAL list here every Week-2 weeks. Although that's just out of ease for me currently. :P

Yeah there are a lot of features here that I like a ton better. I didn't even start reading manga until I came over here so I just base my manga from here. I submit characters for a lot of stuff when I can and started adding staff for anime series about a month ago. The databases may seem a bit behind here (manga database is ~1+ years old, Character Database ~7-9 months old, People database is ~3-5 months old). So there isn't as much as MAL's years worth of submission content.