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i love anime but keep this in mind i dont like that pervy crap. i go for the supernatural/ people with powers/demons type deal, well that and a few types i cant put a word on . if you would like to talk anime im wide open i dont get to talk about anime much cuz we are hard to find and if i do find some one they watch that pervy crap lol heres my list at

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EnigmaticAffliction Mar 21, 2013

I like MAL better. They have more anime on that site and they update the inofrmation on the anime quicker than Anime-Planet.

EnigmaticAffliction Feb 23, 2013

MAL is MyAnimeList ( In my opinion it's the better version of this site. I still use both though.

EnigmaticAffliction Feb 17, 2013

Yep. I also use MAL, but I use A-P for their cool sigs. I figure if one site were to get shutdown for some reason at least I would have a backup. Also MyDramaList is good for dramas if you watch those.