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Ok People / Potential Buddies/Friends:

I'm starting my Great Scientific Knowledge Gleaning Program (a li'lle overboard with the hyperboles :D) beginning tomorrow. And sadly, I'll be leaving my laptop behind and rely on my mobile phone for internet. Hence, I won't log on to Anime-Planet till summer. Feel Free to read on and know about me, if you wish to. You can also send in messages, but sadly, I'll only be able to reply during Summer. Any other queries / suggestions can be sent as a message. For those who feel they need any assistance, you can always e-mail me at [email protected] . If you don't know me, I only request that you attach a small intro, so I can identify you. Please mention Anime-Planet, so I'll recognize the source. If anyone needs any help at all, I'll try my best to help out. Don't hesitate to ask.

Well, enough of the lectures; you guys probably have more fruitful things to attend to. Till I see you guys again,






I'm Sriram, Indian in Origin, studying in Sweden. I'm an exchange student from India, and will be back in India in Summer.

About Me:

I'm studying 4 courses at a  time - 1 full-time and 3 through distance-education programs.

I've learned vocal music of two styles of music. I play 5 instruments spanning three genres - Classical (Carnatic, Hindustani and Western).

I know the oldest dance form on the planet - Bharathanatyam, and have been learning 4 styles of Martial Arts for the past two-and-half years. I am also a full-fledged practitioner of Iyengar Yoga.

I speak 5 languages fluently - Sanskrit, Tamil (both classical languages), English, Hindi and Marathi. I also speak, read and write basic Japanese, which I am currently studying at college. In addition, I speak intermediate level Telugu.

More importantly - I am highly independent and self-sufficient. I fund my own education and interests by working two or more jobs part-time in addition to education. Apart from this. . .

It would be one hell of an understatement to say "I LOVE ANIME".

I am not the typical he-who-loves-anime guy. I normally tend to relate anime and real life; kind of "sink in" to the anime world.

In extension, I think it would be fair to say that there are many anime characters whom I have "fallen in love with".


Cheers to ANIME!!!


Feel free to add me or send in any queries/suggestions/comments. I'll surely reply to any questions. :-)

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CeZaS93 says...

Happy birthday =^.^=

Nov 29, 2012
Kari5 says...

Thanks for your submission to the character database. We appreciate it when new users are interested in helping out the site ^-^ Unfortuatly, we could not use the description or photo you provided :(

All pictures must be between 130x180 and 130x200 pixels in size to fit he character's page correctly. We suggest taking a screenshot from the anime (must be good quality; not stretched or blurry) and then crop it to the correct size.

As for the description, it should be about a paragraph in length with full sentences and proper grammar. It should focus on the character's personality and not what happens in the show :)

If you have any questions, just leave me a message or review the Guidelines for Adding Characters. :D

Jan 6, 2011
Termia says...

seems like you found out lol :)


anyway: if you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask ^^

Jan 6, 2011
Termia says...

ehm... could be tht i;m on facebook... signed up for MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANY sites in the past, never visiting them after the first time.


and that seems nice :) but why is the piano bad (soz, not really known with budism :/ )

Jan 5, 2011
Termia says...

think so lol.

i;m from Nijmegen, near the border with Germany. Oldest city of the netherlands in fact ^^


and you?

Jan 5, 2011