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tmic09 says...

My Grading Scale (personal reference)

5 Star: Animes that I will remember for the rest of my LIFE! And would highly recommend to everyone. I have to really try to find things I dislike about them if anything. Will watch over and over and never get sick of them

4 Star: This is for an anime that I really enjoyed and would recommend to almost everyone. They have a few noticeable flaws but the big picture is still great and would watch these animes more than once.

3 Star: An anime I enjoyed watching, but would only recommend to certain people. These animes might have flaws, but for the most part I can look past them.

2 Star: Just your average anime. Probably won't recommend to most. "OK"

1 Star: An anime that I feel is poorly done and probably won’t even mention that I have seen.

Dec 7, 2012