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Lets see, a bit about me.... I'm 19 years old, male, and I live in Florida and am currently attending college to get a degree in Computer Engineering.I'm still pretty much a "newb" at anime ;P as I havn't watched NEARLY as many different series as most have here XD. Only started watching it about 3 or so years ago. Before then I had occasionally watched some of the anime's on adult swim and such, catching an episode here and there. But the first anime that I really watched and started to follow was Naruto. (Well...besides may pokemon when i was little...but I don't count that one ^^)

After Naruto I started watching Bleach, and immediately fell in love with it. However my favorite would definitely have to be Trigun, that anime was amazing. The rest is history!Besides anime, I love video games :P Specifically FPSs and RPGs, though I play about everything. Currently I'm spending most of my time between Halo 3, Team Fortress 2, and Guitar Hero 3 -nods-. I also occasianally play Vanguard MMO.

Oh and my gamertag for Xbox live is TMan3257 if anyone wants to play a few games!

Anything else ya wanna know, just ask!

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dgmikep Oct 17, 2010

Nice introduction :) Don't be ashamed you watched pokemon... all of us saw it :P So make it as watched :)

wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

wolfangel87 Feb 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

1010rikku Jan 3, 2008

Wishing you a totally amazing awesome New Year!! Miss you!!!

I have been a little holiday crazy lately myself, I actually look forward to falling back into the routine...and my bestest friends at Anime Planet!!! *hugs tman333*

1010rikku Dec 12, 2007

*misses tman*

Where is your awesome self??