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Hello :)  こにちは

I'm a biology student in the UK.  I'm also taking a course in basic Japanese at the moment.

I'm new (to anime as a whole, not just here) so any reccommendations are appriciated!  

Go ahead and talk to me, I'd love to chat with you ^_^

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December 27, 2011

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January 15, 2012

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GoBusto avatar GoBusto


Dec 28, 2011


If you're just starting out, perhaps you would like to try one or more of the following options:

If the idea of Schoolgirls Talk About Nothing And You Watch sounds like your cup of tea, then I am legally required to mention Azumanga Daioh at this juncture. However, you may also wish to look at Hidamari Sketch (AKA Sunshine Sketch), Lucky Star, or K-On, depending on personal taste.

If instead you are thinking I Want Giant Robots... then please choose how you would like to conclude that sentence:

(A) ...And Every Character Should Be Really Depressed = Neon Genesis Evangelion

(B) ...Because It Will Be Awesome = Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

In the Better Than It Sounds category, we have Rozen Maiden, a show about a boy and his magical dolls, and Death Note, a show about a young boy who kills people with his diary. Personally, I reckon it's worth giving the first three episodes a go, at least.

Finally, I should probably mention Cowboy Bebop, lest I be accused of overlooking a True Classic™, and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex because, although it may not be your thing if you don't like Sci-Fi, it's undeniably one of the more highly-regarded series out there.

Sorry if this has ended up being a bit long, but  hope that you'll find something to interest you, buried somewhere in the wall of text above...

GoBusto avatar GoBusto


Dec 27, 2011

Hi, welcome to the site!

> I'm new so any reccommendations are appriciated!

I'd love to help you with recommendations, but without knowing which kinds of anime/manga you like, that might be difficult... :)

> I am also taking a course in basic Japanese at the moment.


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