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I dunno what to say about myself but I'm just your average 18 year old I guess.  I'm heading to college this fall and I'm pretty nervous and excited about it. Other than that, I really love anime...lol

Sports: Well I play lacrosse, but I also play tennis and volleyball casually. I also enjoy watching a lot of different sports as well. I'm a fan of most Colorado sports, though I don't particularly watch soccor or baseball, I watch the Mammoth, Avs, and Nuggets.

Music: I listen to a lot of different types of music. I would say my favorite genre is alternative, but i can listen to almost anything. My favorite artists are Linkin Park, Dashboard Confessional, Nickelback, Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Lifehouse, and Evanescence. But like I said, I listen to a lot of other stuff too.

Books: I LOVE to read, especially fantasy novels. I've read the LOTR novels and will probably never read them again as it took me a LONG time to read them all. I also read a lot of romance novels, most of them by Nora Roberts.  My favorite books are the Harry Potter series, His Dark Materials trilogy, the Twilight Saga and the Inheritance Cycle so far.

Movies: Well, I'm a big fan of movies as well. To list a few of the ones I enjoyed: THE DARK KINGHT! the LOTR series, Pirates 1, Batman Begins, 10 Things I Hate About You, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Ironman, The Forbidden Kingdom, Pride & Prejudice, Underworld, Disney Movies, Transformers, Hitch, Forrest Gump, King Kong...and the list just goes on....

TV: ADDICTED to Grey's Anatomy! It's pretty much the only TV show I watch ever since Friends ended.

Well that's all I can think of to say about myself right now...

If you need anything or have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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justgettingby says...

If someone says to me that they hate anime, I get mad. Some of my friends says "oh my god, you watch THAT?! anime sucks", but they haven't watched anime. Oh well, perhaps ten minutes of Pokémon and Sailor Moon when they were kids, but that doesn't really count. And if you ask them why they doesn't like it, they simple don't know. It pisses me off.

Jun 20, 2008
Arisen says...

Well, it's not the greatest movie of all times, but it's Johnny Depp and blood and singing and humor and darkness and victorian (?) clothes. And it's probably better to not know the ending before you see the movie xD

Well, I don't go to the movies to often either, I only see the ones i've set out to see, as the Harry Potter movies and Twilight. I might go se the Narnia movie.. might. hm. OH, i want to see the drunk-superhero-movie-with-Will-Smith-movie!

Ok, perhaps i do go to the movies alot. Atleast a avrage amount of times. I think it's because lately people have started giving me gift certificates to the movies. There's a good present. Beats all the scented candles and ugly earrings. xD

Jun 19, 2008
Arisen says...

I KNOW! the movie companies are totally idiotic. If they have the premiere at the same time all over the world, no one (well, not so many, at least) would download it! stupid idiotic loserish .... *goes away muttering*

It's like with the Sweeney Todd movie. I knew all the songs way before i saw the movie in the cinema. :/ Of course i still enjoyed seeing J.Depp slice throats:3

Jun 17, 2008
justgettingby says...

Almost all of my friends think that I'm weird because I'm watching anime x'D Lucky then I didn't tell them that I watch shounen ai, then they would think that I'm even weirder x'''D

Jun 16, 2008
Arisen says...

Good doesn't quite cover it, it's the greatest lovestory... EVER! And yeah, the movies coming out in december. Atleast in the states, here in (retaded) sweden it'll probably take them about three months to translate it -___________-'''

Now that i think about it, it has been an awful long time since i re-read them o.O And the harry potters series too. AWW, the whole anime-addict-stuff is taking up my book-nerdiness :/

Jun 16, 2008