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I dunno what to say about myself but I'm just your average 18 year old I guess.  I'm heading to college this fall and I'm pretty nervous and excited about it. Other than that, I really love anime...lol

Sports: Well I play lacrosse, but I also play tennis and volleyball casually. I also enjoy watching a lot of different sports as well. I'm a fan of most Colorado sports, though I don't particularly watch soccor or baseball, I watch the Mammoth, Avs, and Nuggets.

Music: I listen to a lot of different types of music. I would say my favorite genre is alternative, but i can listen to almost anything. My favorite artists are Linkin Park, Dashboard Confessional, Nickelback, Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Lifehouse, and Evanescence. But like I said, I listen to a lot of other stuff too.

Books: I LOVE to read, especially fantasy novels. I've read the LOTR novels and will probably never read them again as it took me a LONG time to read them all. I also read a lot of romance novels, most of them by Nora Roberts.  My favorite books are the Harry Potter series, His Dark Materials trilogy, the Twilight Saga and the Inheritance Cycle so far.

Movies: Well, I'm a big fan of movies as well. To list a few of the ones I enjoyed: THE DARK KINGHT! the LOTR series, Pirates 1, Batman Begins, 10 Things I Hate About You, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Ironman, The Forbidden Kingdom, Pride & Prejudice, Underworld, Disney Movies, Transformers, Hitch, Forrest Gump, King Kong...and the list just goes on....

TV: ADDICTED to Grey's Anatomy! It's pretty much the only TV show I watch ever since Friends ended.

Well that's all I can think of to say about myself right now...

If you need anything or have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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Arisen Jul 8, 2008

I've seen the movies (assuming there is only two) and i've read the first.. three books, i think. That doesn't say much though, i'm discovering that there is A LOT of books that ive totally forgotten the plot too. Like when I borrowed 'Piratica 2', i started reading and realized i didn't remember anything that happened in the first book.

I think I might be going senile. I have the shortest short-time-memory ever. Or maybe i'm just sidetracked real easy. Like, I can be upstairs and think that i need my mobile phone downstairs, go down and not have a clue what i were supposed to do there. -____-'''

Quitting a book is.. a sin. Sort of. I like to think i've only put them on hold a while.

His name is .. *searching my bookcase* JRR Tolkien. MAH xD Yeah, they're kind of slow. I mean, there's alot of war and great stuff (one of my favourites is when legolas and grimli counts how many they have killed) but .. Or maybe it is the fasted paced book in the worlds history, my memory cant be trusted.

 320 days?! wooh. that's like .. *counts on fingers* 45 days of rain! You should really do a calender with 45 spaces in it, and every day it rains you should check one of them. Then you could see if it's even remotely true xD Hm... I got to find out the same thing for sweden. Ofc I live in Gothenburg, the days it doesn't rain anything is rare XD

Hm. I think i might be more fun in writing than in real life, at least in english, because i think a lot of stuff at the same time and talks really fast to get it all out, but in english i have to think before i say anything and thats just bad (HAHAHAH - i should talk english more often).

Arisen Jul 6, 2008

Part 2. omg O_O 

I'd like to read the Speak book (GAAH, oh no, i had a Tokio Hotel-moment - my brain went like "oh, speak, speak = reden, ah, Reden is a song" and started to play it in my head. It's actually quite a good song. But still, tokio hotel. I feel bad for them.) and the Where the Red Fern Grows too.

The Speak book somehow reminds me of Read Tears. I dont know if it's a great book, but it made me cry:]

OHHH - if you havn't already, read the Princess Bride book! It's hilarious and there's a lot of great stuff that isn't in the movie and ... like, the movie is so great, the book should be even greater.

Ey, that's what I thought about the Lord of the Ring-books. I made myself read them before i watched the movie - granted, i only got as far as one and a half book before i gave up, but still. It feels like i SHOULD read them.

OH COLORADO! that's like.. gaah. i want to live in colorado to. i think. I've come to see that sweden isn't that bad. For example, it doesn't get dark before.. 11.30, which was enough to impress The Used when they played here a week ago. :3

And you though you talked a lot. MOWAHAHAHAHA xD

Arisen Jul 6, 2008

Gaah, I hate that you cant see the comment you're responding to. I copied your message into word so i'd not forget anything xD

Well, sometimes when i get inspired i read books like the picture of dorian gray (since english is not my main languish, old books takes more effort to read),  but mostly i read mindless books, like.. I dont know, the ones who's about teen love or something. I've learned that going for the pink ones in the library is usually a safe card xD

Hm. I guess I must read the Dark Materials series soon, my friend is telling me to do so too. I've actually read atleast the first one already, but i dont remember much more than that she hid in a closet or someting and overheard her uncle and.. oh well. And that was in swedish too, so i suspect the english version is better.

Oh, i want to read jane austen! We had a classics-assignment in "swedish" in school, and i wanted to read like.. Austen and Brontë (i loved Jane Eyre,btw) and so, but i kind of got dis-encouraged because i wasn't allowed to read them in english. So i got stuck with Hjalmar Södergren. Jippie.

I've read some of the Georgia Nicholson books, not all though. Maybe.

And you thought you talked alot. My message got to long for me to send :O

so.. i guess this is part 1.

Arisen Jul 4, 2008

woo. I had no idea that lax = lacrosse. You learn something new every day! xD

When i first saw your name, i just thought of (sorry) the swedish meaning of lax, = salmon. OH, hey, you learned something new too! 

Okey, so I'm re-re-reading the Twilightbooks, and I sort of came to the conclusion that OK, they are not the greatest piece of litterateur (so, i should stop making ppl read them), but they DO make me happy. And everything that make me happy for a longer time deserves to be put on a pedestal.

 (although, they also made tons of other people happy, so read them. now. just do it. gaaah)

OH, i'm in for a long summer of doing nothing. Do you have any good reading tips?

My plan is to re-read all twilight and harry potter books. But.. we'll see. Oh, and read the fellowship-of-the-ring books properly.

I was reading Alex Sanchez, but i only like the rainbow boys - books.

 Oh, i got to finnish the picture of dorian gray! :O

Maaah. This turned out like my "note-to-self"s usually do. Anyway. OH, is it hot where you are? Where do you live btw? I know it says where on your profile, but .. well.. i cant check now, can i? xD Here the weather has got mood swings, but i think it settled for heat/thunderstormes. oh well. :]

Arisen Jun 27, 2008

Aww, thank you! (now i've got you to:])

 In our movie nights we somehow always ends up watching the princess bride. "AAAaaaaaaaaaaas yooooooooou wiiiiiiiiiiiiiish" is a standing joke xD

It was the very first English movie i saw, my dad had recorded it for me. I think it was a very good choice:D

How come you're called tinalax? Everybody seems to have some kind of story behind their names. I dont, though. Not for 'Arisen'. I dont really know why i chose that name here, i'm usually called 'KUFiSK' everywhere. Kufisk means weird, or strange (technically "strange because we dont understand it") in Swedish, but it's quite old, so few actually understands it:/

One of my friends asked me what it meant and i explained it to her, and she responded by asking "in what languish?"  O.o''' xD