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Hi every anime and manga lover!

It have been some time since i edited this bio, and I thought I might update it..
So my knowledge to manga and anime started with Naruto. My boyfriend was watching it and had asked for some time if I wanted to watch it... My first thought that came to mind was "No... I am not going to watch cartoons, if they haven't been a part of my childhood". I soon surrendered to him though and started to watch Naruto.
I am truly greatfull for him to letting me into this amazing world!
Because I began to love anime, and when I sort of was far ahead of my boyfriend in episodes (so I needed to wait for him..) I started to look for other animes. And so I found Bleach (which my boyfriend also wanted to watch with me...) and Nabari no ou. Not long after I started to watch several animes, and I figured to keep track on them, I needed something to let me do that. And so I found Anime planet...
Which have been a great source for discovering for new animes!

Not long after the anime fever hit me, I started to read manga as well.
It started with me watching "Fruits basket" which actually made me a little mad, because of the ending. I couldn't help but feel "There is so much missing to this story!" So I began to read manga as well.. 

Now I have taken a great interest for the art of manga. I simply love drawing, and so I started to learn to draw the manga art. Which have been a hugh challenge for me! Before I started I couldn't even draw a desent human being... It have been about 1½ year since I started and I have come far! So far, that my dream is to make a manga and publish it.

If want to see my drawing please visit:
my deviantart: http://tinaditte.deviantart.com/
My blog: http://artworkbytinaditte.blogspot.com/
My youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheButji 

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Bimpy avatar Bimpy


Apr 14, 2014

Hey, I just have to say that from that you couldn't even draw a desent human being, too where you are to day - woow, you have come a long way :D its good. And well,,, I just wantet to say that anyway :) Have a nice day..  :) 

Kairath avatar Kairath

Great Profile!

Jun 5, 2013

I love you <3

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