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Time flies, I want to fly too Dx

20 DEC

Hi guys!


Another Blog by me!

It suprised me that I actually got reactions.. (No, Im not like girl from Koko ni Iru yo!)


Sometime ago I told you guys I was going to Japan sometime...

Well that time is tommorrow. And Im so nervous!But the snow is blocking the planes so I hope we can leave by tommorrow.

But now the big, BIG problem.


We go to Tokyo for 2 and a half day. And we are going to visit Akihabara. After those days we take the plane to New Zealand (To my family) and we are going to stay there about 4 weeks. On the way back e are going to visit Osaka.

BUT WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO ThERE? Has anyone been to Osaka, what can we do there?

We were planning on visiting the aquarium there but what do we have to do after or before that?


I really need tips.


For the peeps who want to go with me. Come visit me when you are 20 kilos and than you will fit in my suitcase thingy..




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DeDaan avatar DeDaan
Dec 21, 2010

Hopelijk is je vlucht door gegaan. Hier is een link van een site die ik veel gebruik voor mijn reis naar japan. Moet je maar ff kijken wat je leukt lijkt ^_^ http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2157.html

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