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Oh my!


I haven't written for so long!

I haven't started a new anime but I have read Koko ni Iru yo! and some chapters from ongoing series.


Wait! I have a problem.. Well, Its not really a problem...

At my school in The Netherlands, there aren't many people who watch anime or read manga. There was only one that I knew. But when I was reading our 'school paper' (some weird paper with text about our school) "Het Rondje" I saw a comic in manga style!

First I couldn't find who wrote it but now I kow his/her name. but I still dont know who Michel H. is!? He is in the final year of our school and his name (I think its a him) is Michel H. Thats all I know xD

Its not that I want to stalk him, Im just interessed in what kind of manga he reads or anime he watches. Its fun knowing there are more than 2 people fimiliar with manga/anime.


That was kind of useless, saying that to you guys xD

By the way, I dont know wich anime I should look first from my 'Want to Watch' list.

Could someone look and give me his/her opinion?


Thanks! Im going to bed now


~~ Bye Bye!

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Verokomo avatar Verokomo
Dec 12, 2010

Hi Timbertje!

...I know how that feels. Im always delighted to meet other people who like anime. :)
If there was one i would recommend from your list it would be Claymore. I personally really enjoyed it and based on some your favs i think you would too.


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