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22 NOV

So... What did i do these days.. Hmm.. Im thinking! I'm thinking!

*Pling*(This is the moment where a lightbulb appears right above my head)

I have watched Akane-Iro ni somaru Saka and currently I'm wachting Akikan!

I've read some manga like 0x0 memories and uhm... watched some AMVs?


I dont know why but I kind of dislike Akikan. Some people dont agree with me...

I dont know why I kind of dislike it. Maybe too much gag? I dont know Dx


I started listening to the band 'Abingdon Boys School' and I love them. They are second place right now in my top 2 favorite bands. Right underneath 'High and Mighty Color'


Maybe I should start learning for my tests tommorrow...

I have a 'testweek' A whole week full of tests!

Im bored already and it is only Monday!


I hope to survive this week..


~~ Later guys!


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